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Saw my therapist today. Decided to tell her about Emily. She doesn't seem to think adding THAT type of relationship into my life would be a good thing. I rattled on to her about our latest deliama. Emily has been unusually quiet lately and we found out that she heard Lora and me making love Monday night so she's been feeling left out.
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We three have decided to go Friday evening and pick out the biggest bed we can find and have it delivered Saturday so we can set it up. So as of Saturday Emily will be moving into...our ROOM!Image hosting by Photobucket
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Needless to say that I won't be online this weekend.Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyways, my therapist thinks that THIS GIRL needs more reflective time to focus on school (Noticing, I suppose, that I rarely talked about it during our session today or last week.) and perhaps to even get a job.

I shot down that ideal right away.
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No funny today just depression.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy sister is blogging. SHOUT OUT!!!

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Adopt a Squeeb @ the Squeeb Asylum!
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This is the song I like to listen to when I'm depressed. The theme to Casper (6th one down, far left. It's only a 10k midi file.) http://www.cavernsofblood.com/scarystuff.html#music

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QueerHorror.com is a site devoted to exploring the horror genre and its inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. It's a place where queer folk can explore their interests in, or connections with, the horror genre.

The connection between queers and horror is a very strong one. By many homophobes, we are seen as the villains in horror; corrupting families, spreading plagues and destroying the moral fabric of society. However, we know ourselves to be much more the heros in horror, trying to fight to overcome almost impossible odds while always knowing that there is an evil presence out there that wishes to destroy us, no matter what the cost.


Laura May said...

My sister is blogging is all your going to say?


DungeonMasterJim said...

So, Sara's 'Dawn' has entered Sunnydale?

Methinks only trouble and hijinks will ensue.

And who's this third Poe sister? I'm starting to think you guys are the Summers clan from X-Men!

DungeonMasterJim said...

Okay. here's something weird:


Do I need therapy?

Agric said...

No DMJ, you do not, unless you wish to fuck yourself up. I remember few dreams and all the ones I remember are much wierder than those - and I lucid dream (can control them hence change their direction and outcome). Your dreams should be more freaky, lol.

Have you ever watched "The Prisoner"? There could be dream synergy between that (Rover) and golf balls ;)

You've just heard of the second Poe-sis and want to know about the third already? A mite hasty.

Laura, be thankful of small mention, I think you're smart enough to know what I mean ;)

Agric said...

On the big bed etc (euphemism), the odds are that will end in tears, sorry. Better that Emily has her own room and space, and you and Lora yours'. By all means invite Emily in sometimes for any frolics you choose but I advise against a three way shared intimate space. Just my opinion, to take or leave, will not gratuitously mention again and no offense intended. There again I could be wrong, but that would be unusual - as both you and I know.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Jim; I thought you knew I had two sisters. My older sis, Analie Marie mcCullough, is 23 and runs the Fifth Street Resale shop that we own with Lora.

Then there's the OTHER sister...

Agric; Therapy does NOT mess you up. I'm much better with it than without it.

And Emily WILL be keeping her own room. At least for now. But her sleeping arrangements will change.

Trust me when I say that this isn't something we're rushing in to. We all three want to take it slowly, HOWEVER, the allure of each other's bodies is just TOO great to deny any longer.


Laura; ...


DungeonMasterJim said...

Lucid dreaming is awesome. When my favorite wrestler wasn't doing that great in my dream, I decided he needed to win! And it happened. LOL!

Forgot older sis ran the store.

Oh yeah, someone's got to say it - we need to read about lesbian sex!

On a bizarre note, it seems the new worker at work is a transvestite! I THOUGHT she looked like a tough chick! LOL!