When we last left Sara Poe...

"What's a henway?" ~Emily Graves

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I went and scooched up to Lora t'other morning.

Woke her doing so.

She said, almost sarcastically, "Thought you'd end up sleeping next to Graves."
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"Didn't want to without you there," I told her as I scooched close.

Emily has slept in her own bed every night since moving in with us.

Just under thirty seconds pass before she says, "Wanna go?"

So we both jumped up and ran upstairs.

Emily was sleeping right in the middle of our bed.Image hosting by Photobucket

I crawled up behind her into the spoon position and Lora moved up to face her and wrapped her legs up with Emily's.

Lora brushed the hair out of Emily's face and she opened her eyes and smiled.

She turned back and looked at me so I kissed her.
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The first French Kiss since she moved in, too.

When I pulled away she reached forward and kissed Lora.

This was a very special and emotional moment that I can't really put into words.
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If we all hadn't been so sleepy and mostly drunk we probably wouldn't have fallen asleep right away.

If we hadn't had guests we might have woke up this evening, showered together, and made love for the rest of the day.

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After we woke, Emily insisted that I was, and kept calling me, a wicked, WICKED witch!

Since I absolutely ADORE the word "wicked," I found this to be very cool.Image hosting by Photobucket

No one came by to fuss at me.

Annalara came by with BIG news!

We're getting a carisol!!!


The community center right across the street is getting it.

For the kids.

In time for the Samhain festival.

I will ride it and ride it.
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Spinning round and round and round.

I am Sara Poe.

I love Lora Riley.Image hosting by Photobucket

I have a new Emily that I share with Lora Riley.

I taught my new Emily about the SPORT we call wrestling tonight.

She asked if it was fake. :(
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It's realer than "Passions," I said.

Lora watched it with us and impressed me with her knowledge of the current storylines.

We all agreed that the best thing of the night was the pressence of Trish Stratis.
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Then we watched Trish Stratis videos on my comp for a while.

I then introduced Emily to "Jesse and katie."

If you like watching teenage girls realize they're gay and fall in love ending with the SWEETEST tv kiss in history then go here and download all the parts of the "Once And Again" episode called, "The Gay/Straight Alliance." http://www.onceandagainfanfic.net/fiction/media.php

Emily cried at the end when Evan Rachael Wood and Mischa Burton...(Nevermind. Just watch it.)
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Earlier today, after school, we sat in Washington Park waiting for Lora to get off work and watched sKaTeRbOiZz.

We all three like sKaTeRbOiZz.Image hosting by Photobucket

Just not their evil penis monsters!Image hosting by Photobucket

One tried talking to Emily.

She ended up trying to skate but fell instead.

I shooed the sKaTeRbOi away with a, "Shoo! Shoo, sKaTeRbOi. This belongs to me!"Image hosting by Photobucket

Emily smiled and her nose crinkled.

She squints when she smiles, too.

We took her riding for the first time.

And impressed her MUCHLY with this.

All lesbians love horses.
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Or will once they ride one.

Haven't shown Emily the attic yet.

Monster head has been living up there.

Even Dead Grandma doesn't venture into the attic.

Only me.
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Moonspider would like my attic.Image hosting by Photobucket

Till he one day BRAVELY ventures up there alone whilst visiting and gets EATEN BY REAL MOONSPIDERS!!!

Emily is sleeping in her bed again.

Lora is sleeping behind me in our bed.

Sara wants to have three way lesbian sex NOW!Image hosting by Photobucket


School tomorrow.

Sleep now.

`nite nite.
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p.s. For more jessie and katie videos,
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And the Encyclopeadia of Lesbians in Film, http://www.clublez.com/movies/
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Laura May said...

You're creepy.

Moonspider said...

whadda yeh mean moonspider ill eat me.....im the only one
im like a tigger...but instead of jumping around i hug and pounce

and things dont give me diseases....i give them diseases

kinda like biting a snake and giving it yer own venom!


Agric said...

Your attic would be more scared of me than I of it. Rationally so.

That 1 comment comment of yours was unwarranted and ill-advised. If I was her I might smack you. At current apparent rates of growth she will be a foot taller than you pretty soon, lol.

I replied to your long list of Q's but somehow the post failed to take it seems, sad cos I'm not gonna waste another 20 minutes doing it again.