My Sister Is A Freak!

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Sara Jane Poe, 21, and Laura Maye Poe, 18, have never been NORMAL. I, the older sister, have detailed my life and exploits over the last few years HERE, at my blog. (And for a few years before I started blogging I would RANT about my life and post it at my message board, http://p203.ezboard.com/bsarasstuff.)

My sister, very quiet and often met with the phrase, "You're strange," has kept most of her life and the feelings she feels inside of her, not wanting to share herself with anyone much.

Since she moved in with us just under two months ago she's been a constant part of our lives. She and I have been growing a lot closer of late. (So close that I no longer wake in the middle of the night with the urge to sneak into her room and sufficate her with a pillow.)
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Saturday morning; Lora and Emily were both up at 8:00am and out the door by nine, off to work. I slept in. As soon as they left I felt Laura crawl into bed with me. Just as I was starting to doze back off I hear a CLICK and the sound of cartoon voices fill the room as the tv comes on.

At first it pisses me off because I can't sleep with the tv on, but as soon as I realize that she has good taste, re: that she's watching the new Batman cartoon, I decide to turn over and watch with her.

Before the show was over we had planned our day out together as if it were a natural thing. (Trust me, this was NOT a natural thing we do.)
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11:00 am; Brunch together.

11:30 am; Went to the community center to pester Lora and see what movie they were showing tonight.

1:pm; Visited next door with my older sister, Analie and her little VEENERSNITZLE, James Seymour McCullough, my first nephew.

2:15 pm; Went out the back door and to Annalara's house to see what she was doing. She wasn't home.

2:30 pm; hopped on my moped and rode around the corner to the community store to see what Emily was doing. She was sitting on the porch eating ice cream with Annalara.

2:45 pm; Got ice cream and ate it with Emily and Annalara.

3:30 pm; Hopped back on the moped, Laura wrapped tight around my waist, and rode off towards Adams Field, Emily making the comment, "Awwww, don't you two look sweet," as we pulled away.

3:40 pm; Rode thru the courtyard of the community apartments to show off my moped because the apartment people can't afford one. :)

4:00 pm; Laura saw her friend Kerri standing in her front yard so we pulled up to talk to her.
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While sitting there (BORED!) a girl I recently met came out of the house next door and started walking towards me.

Jessica is a cute little 17 year old blond that's barely five feet tall and looks like she hasn't spent more than an hour out in the sun. She moved here a month ago from the Wisconsin community and hasn't made any friends. When she saw me thru the window she came out to say hi.

After a few minutes of chit-chat I ask if I can buy her an ice cream. "Of course," she says with a smile.

Now, one of the things I have taken to judging is the GRIP my passenger uses. Like I said earlier, Laura grips TIGHT because, I think, of fear. (I ride FAST!)

Emily holds onto my sides, throws her arms in the air when we go REALLY fast, and likes to reach around and play with my breasts when no one is around.

Lora wraps both arms around my waist and puts her chin on my shoulder, kissing my neck to DISTRACT me sometimes.

Jessica, dainty little never-leaves-the-house looking thing that she is, climbed on, wrapped both arms around my waist the way Lora does, and pushed her breasts into my back. (REALLY cool because I was wearing a thin T, she had on a wife-beater, and neither of us were having a BRA day.)
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Instead of going all the way back to the store, and due to the fact that Emily would have FREAKED if I pulled up with Jessica glued to me, we went to Grandma Etta's just two blocks away and sat on her curb eating our cones.

The first mention of LESBIANISM between the two of us was when Jessica stated, "I heard you have two girlfriends."

"I'm a very sexual person," I said, licking my ice cream and giving her a flirty look. She smiled at me then got back into the EATING OF THE ICE CREAM without looking back at me.

"Does that freak you out?" I asked.

She just shook her head and said, "No." Then looked at me like she wanted to say something but didn't.

After a little more chit-chat we hopped back on my moped and I drove her home. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I got there. My little sister was still standing in front of Kerri's house, now alone, with a very angry look on her face.

I pulled up in front of her, Jessica jumped off, and Laura immediately HUFFED then started walking down Harrison Drive towards home.
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"Is that one of your girlfriends?" Jessica asked.

"Worse," I said. "It's an abandoned little sister."

Okay, normally I probably would have just ZOOMED past her and not cared what she thought of it, but for some reason my sister being mad bothered me WAY more than it should have.

"Get on," I said when I caught up with her.

"Bite me," was her reply, so I jerked around and cut her off. "I was only gone for a minute. Why are you so mad?" I asked.

"You were gone for over a half hour! And who was that girl?!"

"None of your business," I said. "Now GET...ON!"

She just stood there in the middle of the street with her arms crossed and a mad look on her face till I finally said...

"You're not my FRIGIN' girlfriend!"
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Which was met with that UNSPELLABLE sound people make when they're about to say something important out of anger and the words, "Other than the sex part I think I am!"

Her words made us both burst out laughing.

To finish up this looooooong and boring story; my sister and I are bonding moreso than ever before. Jessica's nipples started to get hard as she pressed against me. And eating ice cream is a BIG thing to do here in the community.
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Sabs said...

Sara, Sara, Sara... you amuse me forever and a day

I wuvs you! *kisses*

Moonspider said...

awwww, bonding...aint it grand

thanks for sharing this tale, yet again sweetheart

hope all is good with you

and ive seen gingersnaps......it's was decent, they made a sequel....oy vey, lol

Sara's Stuff! said...

SABS! I wonder what YOUR grip would be like. Hmmmmmmm, wuvvy. :p

Moonspider; Yeah, I've seen the second part. There's also a third part, Ginger Snaps; the Prequal, but I haven't seen it yet.


DungeonMasterJim said...

You've never bought ME an ice cream cone.

And I thought you were my friend. Pfft!

: P

Sara's Stuff! said...

You've never pushed your breasts into my back either, Jim. :p


Jon said...

Sara, I love this blog so much I want to have sex with it until it realizes I'm an inadequate lover and leaves me alone in my own filth while I'm crying.

um, boobs.

Moonspider said...

fuck ice cream cones...GIMMIE AN ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!

fucking with ice.....wait, ive seen that..nevermind, lol

now cookiepuss porn...that's be something,

man, re-reading this blog again...thank you so much---iv needed your blogs as a way to channel my anger/hatred/sadness.....these realy help me in my mental state

much hugs and crazy suplezes

Sara's Stuff! said...

JON!!! Where ya been, sweety? You still moving close to me? Oh, if you want to be a good lover you just need to have lots and lots of 3-way sex. Try it, it helps. :)

Moonspider, what is cookiepuss porn?


Sabs said...

I can hold on pretty tight. ;)

Ginger Snaps is uber nifty, the second is alright, the prequel has some very cool effects. It's very Canadian.

But that makes it better. ;)

Sara's Stuff! said...

I agree! The Canadian aspect of all three movies made them better.

How tight is REALLY tight? :p