I Stepped Into The Light...And It Suddenly Got Very, Very Dark

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"Some women can't say the word lesbian... even when their mouth is full of one.” ~Kate Clinton

My sister and I are speaking again. As sisters are wont to do after inflicting such transgressions upon one another.

I'm sitting here, middle of the night, can't sleep, watching what at first I thought was some BORING ASS second rate horror flick but then noticed girls making out with each other, a female vampire sucking another girl's neck, and blood dripping from something I can't describe, so maybe it's not so bad after all.
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I can't sleep. I hear the tick tick tock of the click click clock as time sloooooowly passes but there's just no sleepiness in me. Lora and Emily are sound asleep on the BIG BED behind me. All stretched out and, Lora pantiless as she likes to sleep, and Emily snuggled up to Smidge, my cat. (That RAT-BASTARD never sleeps with me like that.)

My girls look very sexy and even more adorable laying together that way.

All the lights are out with only the brightness of my computer screen lighting up the room. It makes the shadows dance behind me and every once in a while I jerk around, half expecting to see dead grandma standing there holding my cat and walking towards me.
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This, for you new readers, would be dead grandma ELSA and NOT the recently passed grandma Etta. Grandma ELSA comes to visit me often when I'm in the state I've been in lately. She hasn't showed up YET but I expect her soon if I don't start sleeping regurlarly.

It's cool tonight so the windows are open and the bats and nighthawks are flying and flapping outside my window. Catching insects in the streetlight. I can hear coyotes howl in the distance and all seems serene in the world. The insects are chirping in the grass, looking for love on this cool misty night.
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I saw Jessica today for the first time since the funeral. She said she misses me and gave me a hug. It felt really good. (Plus her PERFECT breasts pressed against mine so, BONUS!)

Oh, the movie I'm watching on my comp as I type this is called "Insecticide" and there are no vampires. I was mistaken. But, YAY, blood, right? I think I just saw Riley Finn on it.
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My sweet, soft (I imagine.) and oh SO sexy Internet girlfriend, Angelle, has just gotten her passport and is soon to be heading to France for the summer. She will NO DOUBT find romance with some hot little Parisian THANG and forget about us till the Autumn comes and she returns to me. I hope she does.
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I hope she finds a love so great that it stays with her the rest of her life. I hope that because I love her so and want nothing but happiness for her. I might be a weeeeeeee bit jealous but that's OK because she needs this in her life if just for the fact that she's SO special to me.

Well, it's nearly six in the morning. I have to be up at eight. I think I'm going to take next week off of work. I'll miss that $300 CASH but I'm really not the working type (LAZY BIATCH!) and plus it gets to me being at the center where grandma Etta came everyday.

Today, Thursday is her 100th birthday party. We decided to celebrate her life even tho she didn't make it.
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Sara's TOP TEN Favorite Scary Movies!

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10. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
9. The Hills Have Eyes
8. Night of the Living Dead
7. Carrie
6. The Howling
5. Silence of the Lambs
4. The Exorcist
3. Jaws
2. May
1. John Carpenter's Halloween
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And since ALL top tens should have an honerable mention section...

~My FIRST exposure to the WONDERFUL world of fright; Creature from the Black Lagoon
~The COOLEST movie to watch late at night when you're alone; Plan 9 from Outer Space
~The FUNNIEST, BAR NONE!; I Spit on Your Grave
~Don't watch. Just...don't; The Last House On The Left
~Just because; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No remakes. Just the original.

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That's right! Youtube can go to HELL! (Tho I'll still be using it for Buffy stuff.) Now we have somewhere to go for that not-so-tame LESBIAN ACTION! I, Sara Poe, have tested it and consider it TRIED AND TRUE! I've signed up, uploaded, and the video below is my FIRST forey into the HARDER side of lesbian love. ;p


Lesbian Theater now has a whole NEW meaning.

I planned to add a couple more here but they star automatically so I decided not to till I figured out how to stop that. If any of the regular posters are having a problem with this PLEASE let me know so I can fix it.

Heroes Lesbian Rumour! Plus *SPOILER ALERT*

Straight from tvsquad.com; Heroes season 2 spoilers

~A few high school characters living in California will be added to the recurring cast. They are: Gay cheerleader April; charming 18-year-old West, who doesn't fit in much; May, a mean cheerleader high schooler.

Sara says; WOOHOO! Lesbian AND a cheerleader!!! :p "Oh, Cllaaaaaiiiirrrreee..."

~Hayden Panettiere revealed that the first episode of Season 2 picks up four months after the finale. "A lot of things happened during those four months that people don't know about," she teased. "A lot of things changed and people will be like, 'Whoa!'" Hayden also hinted that someone did not survive the season-ending bloodbath, but check this out: NBC is holding a Heroes press conference tomorrow on the show's set and all primary cast members will be present and accounted for. That includes Santiago Cabrera, Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Leonard Roberts and Milo Ventimiglia.]. Hey, wait a second - someone is missing from that list!

And remember when Molly spoke of "someone she dare not locate..." because he could SEE her?

~The season premiere and the episode following will introduce Kane, a recurring character that may become a possible regular. This man in his late 20s is referred, in the info we were given, as an ageless American with an European feel. He is said to be a charming womanizer who as a soul that seems to be older than he appears to be.

More spoilers here,

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Clara's Summer

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And lastly, but CERTAINLY not least...ly, something dedicated to a certain someone who means a lot to me even tho we don't get to talk much; my friend Emerald Sundae! (Or as you know her, Sabs.)

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WWE Royal Rumble 2007 (Full Show, .wmv file, 472mb GREAT quality!)

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I was going to post links to download Fantastic Four; Rise of the Silver Surfer here but my friend, imaginary lover, and all around SEXY MAN, Brian Michael Bendis works at Marvel, Marvel owns the Fantastic Four, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I'm CENCORING myself Just. This. ONCE. (But you guys have my email so... Brian, you owe me nudies.)

So instead I give you...
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Imagine Me and You 2005 DVDRip xVID (Copy and paste.)

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DungeonMasterJim said...

If The Hills Have Eyes is as bad as the remake... (shakes head). The pet dogs were the only likeable characters I found.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre only an honorable mention?!?!?!!? GRRRR!!!!!

I will admit that the old guy from Phantasm use to creep me out as a kid.

We'll have to talk horror movies somewhere down the line.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Actually, it's the remake of Hills Have Eyes I was talking about. And as frightening as TCM is, it's not in MY top ten.

We definately have to talk horror movies sometime. :)


PUCK_Comic said...

Yeah, where the heck is Ando on that Heroes list? By cracky, he has to stay on the show. Him and Hiro are the best parts.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Kent, you have more user names than anyone I know.

I agree. Hiro and Ando RAWK! I'm sure Ando will be back.


Sabs said...

Awww, Sara, you're the bestest!

*hugs and kisses*

I wish we could talk more too.

Thanks for the vid! It's a shame it's not going to happen, though. *pouty face*

XSaraXPoeX said...

Just thinking of you. :)


PUCK_Comic said...

I know. For the record: Not my fault. It's the stupid blog/google intertwining that made me change it.

XSaraXPoeX said...

I'm just LOVING the google blogger. :) Have you checked out what it can do.