The Lost Girls Saga

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I met Lora in the 8th grade at Quincy Jr High School. I was EIC of the school newspaper, a NERDY assignment for sure but one I loved, and she had joined the class at the end of first semester. It wasn't till two years later that I found out the reason she joined in the first place was not because of some undying love of the written word, but rather she joined to meet yours truly. (That would be me.)
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Lora and I became friends, kindasorta, but I, being the fReAk of the school, was too UNtrusting to let myself get close to her and when the school year ended, so did our slight friendship.

9th grade; My arch nemesis since as long as I can remember, Jeffrey Hammond, who teased and taunted me mercilessly since Intermediate School, thought of a GREAT prank to play on the school freak. Over the course of two weeks he put four "secret admirer" letters in my locker. When the time came to meet said admirer, I was pretty excited and hurriedly made my way to the back table of the cafeteria during lunch hour where he said he would be waiting.

Upon reaching said table I found not some handsome prince that would make all the hurt go away and people start liking me, but rather Emmit, the school CPR dummy, with a picture of Charles Manson taped to his face and a sign pinned on his chest that read, "WitchSara your (sic) the perfect girl for me!"

It was a good prank. Everybody laughed. :(
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10th grade; Just before Sam'Hain. I open my locked and this half crumpled piece of paper comes fluttering out and lands on the floor. I picked it us and started to read, "Dear Sara, I have wanted to tell you this for a long time..." at which time I immediately crumbled it up into a ball and tossed it over my shoulder. Fool me once...

Two days later there was another.

The next day...another.

I did the same with those as I did with the first. I didn't even read them fully, just crumbled and tossed.

Following Monday; my old friend whom I would see in passing between classes but rarely spoke to, Lorabelle Riley, showed up in journalism class asking if there were any spots open. Lora always wore one of those cheap blue Eskimo coats with the dog hair on the hood and reminded me of the basketcase from that movie "The Breakfast Club."
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There weren't any openings in journalism then, but after class I found her waiting for me at my locker. She asked if she could walk me home, a long walk indeed but everyone knew I could NOT stand riding the bus, because she had a problem and wanted my advice. It was pretty laughable that anyone would want my advice on anything but Lora had always been nice to me so I obliged.

We walked straight down Main Street planning to separate at 6th where Lora would turn left and go on to The Hills (Harrison Hills is the city's low income housing projects.) and I would go straight to my step-dad's restaurant where he would give me a ride the rest of the way home. Lora kept babbling about stuff that really had nothing to do with any problem she might have needed my help with.

Finally, as we neared 6th Street, I asked what she needed my advice on. She replied that she really liked someone but didn't know how to tell them. Confused, I replied with the standard, "Just tell them how you feel and be yourself," speech that you always get when people don't know how to answer THAT question.
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She was agreeable and as I told her that I had to go and would talk to her later she blurted out, "I put those letters in your locker."

It took about two seconds for me to realize what she was talking about and every quicker for me to start getting very angry.

"Why?" I asked, knowing that the anger was showing on my face. She got a really scared look on her face and said, "Because I like you."

Before I could reply she started trying to explain herself.

"I saw your profile at faceparty (http://faceparty.com/sarapoe) and it said that you were bi so I..."

"Fuck you!" I said interrupting her and then walked away fully disgusted.
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Okay, let me make something clear. I had already had a girlfriend. Her name was Nancy and we had one summer together. Plus, my best friend growing up Catherine and I had been DOING IT since we were 12, so her being a girl was no biggie.

What got me made was THE FACT that nobody really liked me and there was no way, NO. WAY., anyone could actually like me-like me. She was OBVIOUSLY part of some new prank by the COOL KIDS who had found my faceparty profile and were planning to screw with my head AGAIN!

It got me so mad that when I got home I could barely think of anything else. I knew that tomorrow at school everyone would know and they would all be laughing at me again. Lora would be right there with them. The NEW cool kid, accepted because she conspired to get the freak with them.

The next day came and there wasn't a word said about it by anyone. I didn't even see Lora in the halls that day. I half expected printouts of my faceparty page to be plastered all over the school but no such thing happened.
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The next day came and it was the same thing. Nothing. Then near the end of school as I was getting stuff from my locker I saw Lora walking towards me in the hallway. She didn't even look at me. And as she got closer she actually put her dog fur hood on and hid her face as she passed.

I was confused, to say the least.

That day when I got home Lora was still on my mind. I started to think that maybe she was serious and really did like me. That maybe her LOSERNESS and my LOSERNESS was somehow just right for each other. I decided to dig out my old yearbooks and look for pictures of her. I found only one in the 9th grade year book, and one in the 8th grade jr high yearbook. She looked pretty much the same in both.
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Same dog fur Eskimo coat, same hair in the eyes, same unsmiling face.

AHA! I remembered that there was at least one other pic of her. The class pic from 8th grade journalism. So I flipped thru the pages till I came to the pic. Lora's face was easy to spot. She was sitting right next to me, which I didn't remember that she had been, and had her head turned towards me. And she was smiling.

She was looking at me and smiling.

Can you just imagine how that made me feel. I honestly think I fell madly in love with her in that single instant.
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So the next day during lunch hour, (All 10th graders ate lunch at the same time.) I went outside in the courtyard looking for her. When I saw her I didn't hesitate, walking right up to where she was sitting, her nose in a book as usual, and said hi, hoping that she didn't hate me for what I had done.

She looked up at me and immediately there was that beautiful smile that I've been deeply in love with every since.
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For info on how Lora and I got with Emily read this,

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Sic = spelling in context; Square brackets are most commonly used around the word 'sic' (from the Latin 'sicut', meaning 'just as'), to explain the status of an apparent mistake. Generally, sic means the foregoing mistake (or apparent mistake) was made by the writer/speaker being quoting.


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High Art
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Syd, a newly appointed assistant editor of Frame magazine, discovers that the woman living above her flat is none other than the talented yet enigmatic photographer Lucy Berliner. When the two of them meet, Syd gets acquainted with both Lucy's past work and her circle of phlegmatic, junkie friends. Seeing a definite career opportunity, Syd encourages Lucy to shoot new pictures for her magazine. At the same time, a strong attraction starts to develop between them. As the photo assignment continues, both Syd and Lucy are forced to examine their own lives and loves.
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No more lesbian cheerleader on "Heroes"

The lesbian cheerleader named April, who was to have been played by Lyndsy Fonseca, has been dropped from the show. This SUX beyond reasoning! More info here, http://www.afterellen.com/blog/malinda/no-more-lesbian-cheerleader-on-heroes

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DC Comics Gets Rights To Publish "Heroes" Comic

USA Today reports that DC Comics, who just finalized a deal with NBC/Universal for their Wildstorm imprint to collect the comic book material that has been presented on the web into graphic novel form. To date, there have been 43 different stories presented online, with art by a variety of artists including Michael Turner, Marcus To, Mitch Gunnell, and Phil Jimenez. The book will feature new covers by Alex Ross and Jim Lee.

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House Votes to Ban Permanent Bases in Iraq
July 25th, 2007

Today, the House passed H.R. 2929, Banning Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq. This bill states that it is the policy of the United States not to establish any military installation or base for the purpose of providing a permanent stationing of United States Armed Forces in Iraq. It also states that it is the policy of the United States not to exercise U.S. control of the oil resources of Iraq. The measure bars the use of any funds provided by any law from being used to carry out any policy that contradicts these statements of policy.
More here, http://www.speaker.gov/blog/?p=621
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Sara says; `Bout fuckin' time!

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Video from the BBC; How George Bush Stole The 2000 Election


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Sick or Art? You decide!

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All Your Comic Book News In One Place!

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DungeonMasterJim said...

Wow! Lora's HOTTTT!!!!!! She really looks terrific in those 4 square pic where you state she's 21.

The story of you two makes me want to puke.


It's quite romantic and very fairy tale like in a good way. Does Lora have some shining armor?

There are two links I'm too much of a wuss to look at. The corpse baby thing and the multilated woman thing.

Dnmn it, lots of thunder here. And I want to kick some European ass on Call of Duty 2 for relaxtion since I just got home from work.

Later! Before my computer gets fried again.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Yeah, Lora's hot. Yeah, Lora's a martial artist. Yeah, Lora's never been touched by a man. Yeah, Lora shaves.

Lora, Lora, Lora!

I hear it all the time IRL. :(


Moonspider said...

well, here's something you dont probably hear alot of peopel say (or mabbe you do)
that you and Lora are an amazing couple that show what true love is all about

the kind that all of us wish about and dream of when we are looking out the window in those cold rainny nights when we usualy cry oursleves to sleep.

im glad that you 2 have found each other and that nothing but happyness has happened for you both eversince you entered each other's lives.

you are what love, true love is
somethign we all wish to achieve in our own lives, but find it hard to find or achieve...you guy have it.

im happy for you both
and im glad that you make each other happy

much love to you both

Moonspider said...

and you guys rock, allways

DungeonMasterJim said...

But YOU blog and she doesn't. I'll never know Lora like I know you (which is more than from just blogging as we both know). So Lora's a terrific compliment to you, but you are my friend and Lora is not. Not that I dislike Lora or anything, I just don't know her other than what you have told me.

Jon said...

Yes, Lesbian Soup is tasty.

The story and you and Lora is so sweet. I really wish I'd found someone that perfect for me in high School. IN HIGH SCHOOL. God that just makes my heart weep at how beautiful that is. I want to gay marry you right now.

Of course I hate you for Spiderbabe ;)

I've seen that lesbian tree commercial like 4 times on various places and it has convinced me of one thing: I am that tree.

The lack of lesbian cheerleader for heroes makes me sad. I swear, they keep trying to put gay characters with the cheerleader and something always happens. Remember her guy friend was supposed to be gay but his agent got him fired rather than like cock.

Oh and DMJ totally hates Lora. You should kick him with pointy boots.

Sara, set up a fake LJ so I can have you read my journal. I post everyday, unless I'm having comp problems. You're the only person that I'd want to read it that isn't currently.

XSaraXPoeX said...

I actually have an LJ. Let me see if I can find my log in details.

I love your loooooong comments! :)


XSaraXPoeX said...

AHA! http://xsaraxpoex.livejournal.com/

Jon said...

They are only long comments when I've read the entire post. If I'm just skimming or there is some particular bit of awesomeness that I just have to say something about, I just say something then.

I have added you to my LJ friends so if you log in and check around 11pm or later most days, there should be a new post. I haven't put up today's post yet because I've been tired. Oh and few images will look very familiar to you -__^

Kent said...

Them's some nice pictures of Lora there. She's obviously a lovely girl. Hopefully you'll take some more pictures of yourself someday. *hint hint* I hope Jeffrey got the shit beat out of him in such a fashion as he deserved. Like with big black dildos with nails in them.

And wow, after saying something like that perhaps it's a bad time to point out the dead girls pin-up site is excessively creepy... XD

I'm glad you're writing extensively again.

Moonspider said...


i hate this!
i had written somethign realy beautiful about you and lora, how awesoem you two are and that what you have is true love...realy long and realy beautiful and respectful, but leave it to my fucking fast tiping to result in it getting completely erased...

this sucks, it was so nice and i thought you 2 would totaly love it...

"and you guya rock always"
that was supposed to be the last line of it...FUCK

Moonspider said...

hey, i tried, but fuck my tping sometimes...im sorry
all that heart i wrote into it and it disapeared with the slip of a typing finger....*sigh*

well, here's my contribution to lesbian sex: hope you enjoy it


XSaraXPoeX said...

Jim, Lora says she doesn't like you either. (Just kidding.)

Jon; I hope you know that you can use and repost anything on my blog, sweety.

Kent; You don't like sexy dead girls? :(

Moonspider; Are you spamming me, dude?


Jon said...

Yay Hotlinking

Sara you're the best


Moonspider said...

did'nt mean to "spam"

guess im not doing it right, fucking computer

XSaraXPoeX said...

Sorry about your comment not getting posted, Moonspider. For some reason my blog is making me approve comments. I'm trying to get it fixed.

Thankx for what you siad. :)