The Long Road Home

September. When the world begins to decay.

A storm came to the little community on the bluffs. Major destruction and total loss of power was the result. Two houses burned, crops were lost, and worst of all...everything was dark. No electricity, no phones, (Except our cellys of course.) and no Internet.

With Samhain approaching in just a month's time, there was despair in the hearts of the people. Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, is our New Year celebration AND the biggest and most IMPORTANT time of year for We The People. HUGE events had already been planned (Some by yours truly.) and HUGE amounts of money already spent.

This year we decided to do a salad bar type deal in Adams Field where we hold the main festivities. More about that later

Me, Lora, and Emily stayed in our Dark House for as long as we could bear it, but with school, work and basic life necessities needing attending, we three decided that it would be best to spend our nights at our friend Tammy Keppner's house.

My sister Laura, for reasons I'll tell about in a minute, wanted to stay at home. So we left her behind and she missed out on one of THE coolest adventures EVA wherein we three seduced a straight girl, invaded a skinhead club called The Twilight Zone, and were stalked through the woods by...


But that's another story.

Anyways, power was restored last week. We three had been staying at Tammy's whilst commuting to school in the mornings, to the community afterwards, then back to Tammy's house. (A grand old house indeed which has been in her family since before our little community was here.)

It wasn't really a long commute. Tammy lives just on the other side of Quincy on Brier Rose Lane and North Twelfth Street, the university is on North Eighteenth near Broadway, and the community is just a hop, skip and a jump from there. Most of the stress we were feeling was because we weren't at home 24/7 so we could help out.

Oh, and the WEREWOLF was pretty stressful. (Did I mention the WEREWOLF?)

Laura and Jesca had taken over our house while we were away. They slept in our bed, sat in our chairs and ate all our fuckin' porridge. The offenses were forgivable with a PROMISE to COMPETE in an evening of our favorite SPORT. Lesbian Oil Wrestling!!!

That, also, will be another story.

October. The smell of dead leaves in the air make it all the more beautiful.

When power came back on we all were MORE than ready to come home. The first thing I checked? Yep, the Net was still out, and it seemed like it was the last thing on the list of priorities that the community needed to get back on track. The festival was taking a lot of resources.

Last year Lora was in near total charge of the planning of the festival. She made a HUGE profit for the community and has since had a lot of say in the decision process here. Her opinion is always asked and no one... NO. ONE. has authority over her at the community center. She always gives everything she has and never tries to shirk her responsibilities.

Mine and Emily's lazy asses have been sneaking off into the woods around Adam's Field for JOINT and LESBIAN SEX breaks as often as possible. Both have been proven to relieve stress.

And YES, we have been stressed! We've cleaned enough chicken pieces and catfish to feed, are you ready for this, THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE! Over the last two weeks we've been BUM RUSHED by townsfolk. The Haunted Walk goes on continiously from dusk till midnight. The bonfire pit in the middle of Adam's Field has burned for days without the embers turning black. There is always, ALWAYS, someone awake and at the community center or in Adam's Field. I've never seen this much ongoings here.


Didja know that when you wash a chicken thigh that there's this little chunk of slimy guts you have to dig out from a bone thats been chopped in half? yeah, it's cool at first, but after a few thousand pieces it gets STRESSFUL.

We've set up steam tables in the pool area, the pool being covered with flooring now so you'd never know it was even there, and have served chicken, catfish, baked beans, and an assortment of slaws and salads to anyone that pays $5.95 for the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Laura and Jesca, surprisingly they're still a couple, have taken mine and Emily's job of last year. They hide in the woods and walk along with the Haunted Tours just barely out of site of the crowds dressed in old white gowns and pretending to be spooky. They're not quite as good as we were though.

We haven't had any free time to enjoy the festival ourselves due to so many people coming this year and plus, like I said before, some of our resources are tied up in the rebuilding of the community. No free time till tonight that is.

As we have every year for the last four years, Lora and I took the night before Samhain (Tonight.) off to do nothing but sit at home and enjoy each other. Emily asked if we would mind terribly if she partook in the festivities. She thought we might be offended that she didn't want to hang with us but it's totally understandable because she's still new here and wants to enjoy her personal free time since none of us have had any of late. And the festival really RAWKS so neither of us blame her.

Emily has become a very loved member of our little community. Her bright and bubbly personality has won over everyone and she's made to feel like part of the family here.

The day started out with we two being pretty reclusive. We even put the "STAY THE FUCK AWAY" sign on our front door. But then Lora's cell phone rang. Ms Responcible saw the community center's phone number on her caller ID and couldn't resist answering it.

I was pissed at first but since she used her influence yesterday to get my Internet back on, we've agreed that we can do our OWN THING tonight and yet still stay home to be with each other. She's since put her ear piece on and has been in constant communication with the center and I have opted to sit and type up this blog post.


Tomorrow it will all be over and when November comes so will the clean up. This year we're expected to make such an EXTREME profit that we're hiring a cleaning crew to come to the community and do all the hard work for us. November 1st is the Day of the Dead.

In Quincy, a Starbucks is FINALLY being built out near the Mall. Skater BOIZ still hang out in Washington Park uptown. A new Japanese restaurant is opening on the corner of South Fifth Street and Hampshire. On the other side of the park is my step-dad's restaurant. Hopefully they will start networking the way most restaurants in Quincy do so we three can get easy reservations when we want Japanese food.

Indian Summer has came and went and the air is starting to get cold. The smell of decay is almost gone. Soon it will be replaced by that smell that only freezing cold air can bring.

Thursday I will go out into the community and run through every pile of dead leaves I see, screaming with joy as they crunch beneath my feet, before the snow comes and they fade away into the earth till next year. It will be cold soon.

But since Sara loves the cold of winter nearly as much as she loves the decay of autumn it's all gonna be good.

Happy Halloween to all my friends!


Sexiest Thing In The World Currently? Tegan and Sara's new "Twin" look! Yeah, they're really twins, (Sexy LESBIAN twins from Canada at that!) but these two have ALWAYS strayed from looking alike. Till their new album The Con.

Here's a very cool interview with them sporting their new look.

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And here's them singing at a RECENT live sit down sining a few songs.

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DungeonMasterJim said...

Welcome back, Sara.

: )

Jonathan said...

Next time you run out of power I'm going to hook up my bike to a generator and bike you to the internet :D

anyway, yeah, I'm moving so soon I'm damn giddy.

I hope you have a good Samhain

XSaraXPoeX said...

Thank you, Sir Jim. :)

Jon, you're moving and Wrestlemania 24 is going to be in Orlando...

Bummer :(


Jonathan said...

they have so many radio promotions for free mania tickets.

it's mocking me

but of course I'd only be going for Jericho

Moonspider said...

wow, it's felt like ages since you've been back online babe..

missed you lots, thought i'd never hear from you, and apparently ive evolved...lol, shorter hair and whatnot

like my myspace piccies, especially my halloween outfit?

Sabs said...

welcome back, doll
it's been lonely around here without you


Jon said...

Y'know Sara, the whole point of returning is that you RETURN ^__^

Still I was listening to Giant Drag's Cover of Wicked Game (Seen on commercials for Nip/Tuck this year) and I've decided it is your new theme song.

you should go get some of their music and tell me if it's good. I could but I'm lazy.

I'm going to a con today. It's small but fun. Just thought you should know.

Now go get some wormwood for me when I move up there.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Thankx for the welcome back messages, guys. :) Jon, I have returned. You can find me at the Benbo late at night, at myspace daily, and I'm working on my veoh site. I just haven't been blogging yet.

I'll have something soon. :)


And you can always email me.

*walks over and HUGS Sabs then squeezes her butt.*


Jon said...

I hope you had a good winter solstice. I miss you sweet'ums.

month and a half and I'll be up chicago way.