Your Views, Opinions, Suggestions, Requests Wanted!

Well, Sara's Darkness, created and written by me, Sara Jane Poe, is now Three and a half years old. I'd really like to know what everyone thinks about it. I know I take long periods of time off from posting and I'm working to try and change that. Doing this blog is really a big load. Searching for movies and videos for Lesbian Theater. Finding good and interesting stuff for the links section. Keeping up with the latest political, social, and entertainment news. Plus, on top of that, writing the main section (This part.) of the blog itself is a lot of work.

I love doing every aspect of my blog and I know a few of you enjoy reading it, but I'd really like to know what your favorite part is and what you'd like to see in the future. Any specific movies or videos? More tv and movie news, or political stuff? Just tell me and I'll see what I can do.

Also, I noticed that lately I get more emails than comments. That's because, I think, you have to be a member of blogspot (Free membership.) and there's a security code to post. The only reason for this is because of spammers. When I post regularly I get around 3,000 hits per month, which brings out the spam bots to post their crap. So the security stays.

If anyone has good artwork or a cool website to pimp I would like to check them out, too.

So please comment, or email me at xsaraxpoex@gmail.com (Title your email "Your blog.") and let me know what you think.


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Lastly, Sara's Darkness has decided to endorse Barack Obama for president. He's from right here in Illinois, but that isn't the reason. The reason is simply this; he brings hope. His words are full of it and, to me, he seems to be the perfect person to bring hope back to America.




When Night Is Falling
The story of how two women find each other amidst the turmiol of life. Very touching film.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Imagine Me And You
Excellent movie with the AMAZINGLY sexy Piper Perabo and ultra hot Lena Headey. Info and screen caps here, http://www.clublez.com/movies/lesbian_movie_scenes/i/imagine_me_and_you/index.html

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Tegan and Sara "The Con" music video

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Melanie C "Sporty Spice" (Or as I like to call her, Lesbian Spice.) & Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes "Never Be The Same Again"

20 Rockin' Gay Moments
Rock 'n' roll has always been a great way to get girls -- or boys, regardless of your gender. In celebration of Pride Month, here are rock's 20 out-loud-and-proudest moments.


The Buffy the Vampire Slayer REUNION!

The 25th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival will take place March 14 to 27, 2008, at a new location: the historic Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight in Hollywood, CA.
March 20 | Thursday | 7:00 pm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion

Signed so far...
Joss Whedon, Creator
Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Buffy Summers"
Nicholas Brendon, "Xander Harris"
Eliza Dushku, "Faith"
James Marsters, "Spike"
Amber Benson, "Tara Maclay"
Emma Caulfield, "Anya"
Seth Green, "Oz"
Michelle Trachtenberg, "Dawn Summers"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Champions



New Hampshire 'Diebold Voting Machines' Hacked

If you think that the United States is run by a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) elite, think again. The reality is very much otherwise, according to an old-line American magazine that did, indeed, once rank as a voice of the so-called “WASP” establishment.
Vanity Fair—the stylish monthly now owned by the billionaire Zionist Newhouse family—has just published its annual list of the 100 most powerful people in America, what Vanity Fair calls “the New Establishment.”
See the list here, http://www.mikepiperreport.com/Articles_Archive/AmericanFreePress/AFP2007_07-12/Michael_Collins_Piper_AFP20071126_Who_Really_Rules_America.html

The Forged Origins of The New Testament
In the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine united all religious factions under one composite deity, and ordered the compilation of new and old writings into a uniform collection that became the New Testament.

Incredible Comet Bigger than the Sun
A comet that has delighted backyard astronomers in recent weeks after an unexpected eruption has now grown larger than the sun.

The sun remains by far the most massive object in the solar system, with an extended influence of particles that reaches all the planets. But the comparatively tiny Comet Holmes has released so much gas and dust that its extended atmosphere, or coma, is larger than the diameter of the sun. The comparison is clear in a new image.


The ONLY peer to peer file sharing program WITHOUT spyware!

Wanna be a super-hero but don't have a costume?


Celebs kissing videos


Phone numbers that you get an actual HUMAN on the other end.

FREE Online Rhyming Dictionary



Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software ?


BREAKING NEWS! WGA, AMPTP reach tentative deal
The Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

WGA West president Patric Verrone and WGA East president Michael Winship sent out an email to members at 3 a.m. Saturday alerting writers that a deal has been made that "protects a future in which the Internet becomes the primary means of both content creation and delivery."


Diana Hold said...

LOVE that cat picture! :D

OK, I come here mainly to read your personal stories. I love the way you write.

Since I usually read your blog at work I tend to skip over the links and videos etc, since they are a little inappropriate for the work environment! :)

If I had more time at home I'd certainly also be interested in the video and especially your music recommendations!

I also really like reading about religion and politics, though I tend to miss those entries cause they may be mixed in with entertainment bits. That's one thing I'd welcome: Precise headers for each section, dividing politics, religion, visuals (video/photos), sounds and links. And maybe keep the bulk of visuals at the bottom! But that's me being picky. ;)

OH! I also LOVE the artsy pictures you weave into your writing. Especially the black/white/red type. They make me want to draw something like that, though I never get round to it. I will eventually... I have something planned... :)

I also like the more subtle lesbian pictures. The sensual type. Less the very graphic ones of pussy. :P

Hope that helps!

XSaraXPoeX said...

You and I think alike, Diane. I definitely plan on stopping the hardcore pics in order to stop the people that just come here looking for porn. (Plus, I've been contacted and asked if I would be interested in becoming part of a larger online community and the pron would have to go for sure if that happens.)

And I'm currently designing descriptive headers to better separate each section.

I feel very happy to say that of the few emails I've gotten, EVERY ONE of them said the main reason they come to my blog is to read my personal stories. *beams with happiness*


Kent_Holle said...

I come by for pretty much purely "friend" reasons to find out what's going on in your life.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Kent, you're such a doll. <3

Kent_Holle said...

Aw, shucks ma'am. *blush*

You and my friend Holly, always making me feel good with the less than threes. :)