The Annual Bendis Board Award Voting Has Begun!

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First let me say that I wasn't nominated for anything this year. I intentionally stated that I did NOT want to be nominated because it was WAY too much pressure last year (I won Best Female Poster and Best Noob.) and I didn't want to experiance that again this year.
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Now that I see what's going on I'm EXTREMELY happy I wasn't nominated. The awards this year are being done in a very unprofessional way.

First, we're being asked to vote for best avatar, given five choices, yet only two avatar pics are posted in the voting thread. This is completely biased and not fair to the remaining three.

Second, there is only a Best Poster Award, not Best Male and Best Female. The males on the board FAR out number the females so this too is unfair.

Third, in the Best Picture Thread(Whatever the hell that means.) a choice is "Any picture of Goddard." WHAT!? There have been a dozen or so pics of Goddard and it's not fair to the other nominees that his pics get so wide a voting range. (Sorry, Goddard, but it's true.)

Fourth, a certain poster is nominated in every thread. This is favoritism in it's purest form. This poster possibly deserved to be nominated in one or two, but every one? Friends get special attention I guess.
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I imagine that the guy putting this together did a lot of work in doing so but (Sorry Craig)it was done wrong to start with and it's being carried out wrong in every respect. No disrespect to anyone nominated, but I refuse to cast ANY votes in this years awards and know that it will be looked on as a joke in the future.

Last year the awards recieved hundreds of votes and wrer announced at three major comic boards. They had dignity and respect. This year that isn't happening.
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I won't be posting this at the board because it would cause too much of a stir. Enough people from there read my blog so I know my feelings will be heard.

That is all.

~Sara Poe
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Erotic Buffy!

HUGE Thanks for all the welcome backs! :) You guys make me feel special! :)

Here is the link to my other blog with the full 30 episode of the Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vamp Willow. I've tried to contact the artist for more of them but she's disappeared. :(



After careful consideration...

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...I've decided that I'm not going to let one ASSHOLE dictate my Internet life.

So, ASSHOLE, if you're reading this, and I know you are, you're a worthless little NOBODY and if you come to my house again YOU WILL BE SHOT! From this moment on you don't exist to me.

Now, on to the FUN stuff I've been waiting to post!
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These is a collection of 10 small games. No installation needed!

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The Best Of Chappelle Show
Chappelle's is a hell of a show. And when folks talk about host Dave Chappelle's unique take on the world, words like "street-smart," "thought-provoking" and "outrageous" start getting dropped. This sketch comedy show is hailed by the critics and has become a social phenomenon unto itself -- plus it's got a theme song that repeats Dave's name over and over.

French teen Maria porn FULL porn movie split into a bunch of 8mb files. EXCELLENT QUALITY! 5 pages; http://www.younglolita.com/maria/index.html

Old Movie Archieve! TONS of old black & white films for FREE downloading!

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Fahrenheit 911 In wmv AND avi format! (The wmv file is smallest.)

622 music videos

BIG list of mp3s


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Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
and here:

Things you might not want to know! less that 1/2 a megabyte, pdf file.

EXCELLENT Book! 6mb, pdf file.

Occult ether physics pdf file, 1.5mb

Pentagon Aliens pdf file, 9.2mb

H. E. Retic's powerful book The Einstein Hoax pdf file,
The Disastrous Intellectual War On Common Sense (1997) which exposes the unbelievable absurdities in the Theory of relativity. The author takes a common sense route and proves beyond a doubt that the theory which propelled Einstein to a god-like status is simply wrong and cannot stand the test of time and the everincreasing numbers of experiments which disprove its foundations. Intended for a layman, Retic uses simple and often humorous language to show how this completely false dogma has prevailed all of physics. After all "Ein stein" simply means "half of a brain", an old description of an idiot. 110 pages and many diagrams. http://www.qfile.de/dl/168583/H.Retic-The_Einstein_Hoax1997.pdf.html

I have more to say and more to post later tonight. WooHOO, Sara's pullin' an ALL-NIGHTER!!!

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Shit happens!

I will no longer be posting on ANY message boards on a regular basis. If you're one of the people I've given my new @bloodmail addy you can email me and I'll tell you why. Because of certain people I will also no longer be updating this blog regularly and have abandoned my old email addys.

That is all.