Heh, the British are funny:p

My bestest friend, Leglas, who is a mystery man on the Net because while he has a private place that some visit, there's really no way to give him a shout out publically, anyways, he told me to "take my knickers off the internet!" To which I will have to answer with...
My Before and After pics from the Belly button piercing,

Blessing the good ole' USofA!

And a trashy back shot from last year.

I do loves ya, Leglas!:)

Woo and Hoo!!!

Kent Hollie(Capt Chaos at the Bendis Board.) Has started updating his strip P.U.C.K again after time away from the net. Also featured is TBC by Jordan Mizell.
This is a character named Sara Poe! :)

Sara's wrestling Newz! Now With Pics!

You can read the full post here,


Massive Destruction!!

For all you comic books fans, if you haven't seen the latest issue of The Avengers get your ass to the book store and pick this up.

Ant-Man = DEAD!
The Vision = DEAD!

Bendis promises MANY more deaths to come and...**SPOILER ALERT**...and I have it on VERY good authority that the BIGGEST and final death will be...drum roll...the Mighty THOR!! Yeppers, Thor bites the BIG one in Brian Bendis' "Avengers Disassembled" story arc!

Comicy Goodness!

My comic strip "The DarkSouls" now has 10 official episodes:) I won't be publishing them till I have twenty four done so I can stay ahead but here's a preview and the message board I made for them. http://pub84.ezboard.com/bdarksouls

New Undies!

Lora went sexy shopping last night :p

I never did like pink but these look soooo good on me.



If anyone has a gmail invite they want to send me I'll gladly accept:)

No Means No!!

I'm not going to make a big deal out of this but I have to address what happened over the weekend. To sum it up quickly, I am a member in proud standing of the Bendis Board, http://www.imagecomics.com/messageboard/viewforum.php?f=3 , which is right now the most famous and controversial message board online. Why? Over this past weekend another member sent me a private message with some very disturbing news. There were some male members of the board talking about raping female members of the board. They gathered at a private board, http://s88033843.onlinehome.us/forum/index.php , that has invisible forums which you must be a member to view. (Register and look in the General News forum.) These little boys who pretended to be our friends were talking about us women of the board as if we were animals.

In August, Wizard the Guide to Comics is sponcering the largest comic and entertainment convention in the world. 60 members of the board planned to attend, including myself since Chicago is only a short drive away. These little boys (not in age but in mentality.) were describing how they were going to sleep with the women members or rape them.

When I found this out I contacted the other women of the board and we took action. I won't bore you with all the details but in the end they were exposed on dozens of message boards and news sites across the internet. The controvercy was too much and the Bendis board was closed down. But only for two days and then it was returned to us minus the little boys that were mentioned earlier.

The only good thing about all of this is when Wizard the Guide to Comics heard about this they offered all of us girls free tickets and extra security.

You can read Bendis' statement here, http://www.imagecomics.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=47381

And if you really want to get into the details, you can go to our temporary back up board here, http://www.auroranetwork.net/bendisboard/ or you can just type certain words into google and get a few dozens results. As for us board members, we're finished with the subject. And the little boys have deleted all the posts from their board about us girls.

My First Time!

Blogs are all the rage in today's cyber society. This is my first official attempt at one and if I'm able to keep it updated you'll get a deep look into my mind. I'll post mainly things involving pop culture, but also will address politics, lifestyles, jokes, videos, website links and anything else I find of interest. I also like to rant a lot. Sometimes the rants will be insightful and other times they'll show you that Sara Poe is just a little crazy and hella weird at times.

You're more than welcome to leave comments or view my profile and e-mail me. I might not answer, but I'll for sure read everything you have to say. A quick shout out to Brian Michael Bendis and all my fellow Bendis Board members. You guys ROCK and I'm proud to know you.