Happy Halloweekend!

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Samhain Festival time. I'm currently taking a break from the crowd. Later, after Ashley is asleep, I plan on getting plastered and dancing naked in the forest with all the other nuts.

Joking. Lora doesn't go for the nudity outdoors stuff.
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I dreamt my friend Agric was living in my celler. Unchained and unmolested, just...living there.
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Since giving birth to my little nine year old daughter, I have tried true and hard to maintain sanity and NOT do what people consider to be "strange things" around her. I felt that I was succeeding in this. Till today.
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See, for the festival I use to get all gothed up and go out to join the fun. As I've gotten older, and not wanting to embarris Lora, I've usually gone out wearing my Circle Gown and leaving my face plain.
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THIS Halloween since we have Ashley, and kids like to dress up and sometimes when kids do it their parents can do it with them and not look stupid (Right?Image hosted by Photobucket.com) I decided to get BOTH of us gothed up. (Ashley looks like a little dead doll! SOOOOOO cute!)

Everyone thought she looked adorable. Elder Malcolm commented that I didn't start dressing that way till I was in my teens then asked if I was getting Ashley started early. He then talked to Ashley about the EVILS of toilet papering people's houses and made her promise she would NEVER do it. Especially HIS!
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So that made me feel kind of childish. I started thinking about how silly it is to do such a thing at my age and how, for Ashley's sake, I should REALLY stop so as not to set a bad example.

Then just a few minutes ago on my way upstairs I noticed that we have a FULL 24 pack of toilet paper and revenge for saying that to Ashley sounds SO much better a fate for Elder Malcolm.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Can't just quit cold-turkey after all.
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So...about that H5N1 virus that's heading our way...

Since it's massivively effecting game birds are any of you turkey day celebrators worried that it should be here right around Thanksgiving? And that there's a theory that the H5N1 virus is destructive to other forms of flu virus and it's hitting the U.S. right at the time that everyone is getting their yearly flu shots? (Think about what the Joker did in Batman. "Lipstick alone can't hurt you, but lipstick combined with hairspray can be deadly.")
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And on a side note; Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrams in the new world where they helped to spread smallpox and other virus' that wiped out millions of Native Americans. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okay, I'm going back outside to join the fun. I might post more later unless I'm either too drunk or too sober.
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Sorry no updates in a while. Being a new mother of a 9 year old daughter is time consuming.

Ultimate Spider-man Game!
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Password : www.ripgamezz.net

I'll be online later and will post more.



Sara's Birthday

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Well, I'm 20 now. Not a teen anymore. We partied till 6am this morning then slept till Ashley got home from school. First time I've been drunk in a week. Lora turns 20 on January 6th and I'm planning a HUGE party for her. She wanted me to have one but I'm SO against HUGE parties that are all about me.
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The stores stop selling booze here in Illinois at 1am so when we ran out last night before midnight we decided to go get more. So all of us walked to town together. (Too drunk for anyone to drive so...) Kyle, the lone male of our group (Group=me, Lora, Tammy, Christy, Deanna, my sister Analie and Lindsey.)was in Heaven because we treated him as our protector and when we got to the store some of his friends were there so we all pretended that he was going home with all of us to have an orgy. We played it off REALLY well and his buddies looked at him like a hero.

Beer is a horrible drink, but it was all they had so it's what we got. I have, however, found that beer doesn't taste so bad after you've drank several of them. Anyways, I got Lora mad at me when I, as the birthday girl, sat in Kyle's lap, kissed him on the lips, then tried to initiate the orgy we talked about earlier. Lindsey (Kyle's g/f.) wasn't too thrilled about it either but instead of standing there fuming like Lora was, she grabbed Lora's arm and said, "Well, me and Lora will just start making out, too!"
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AND THEY DID! To which I jumped up, grabbed Christy (She likes me.)and started kissing her. Tammy and Deanna, best friends and both straight, teasingly got jealous and started kissing! Kyle let out a loud "AHEM!" That's when we all noticed that all the girls were making out and Kyle was sitting there alone. It was a "ya hadda be there" moment to see how funny it was.

By 6am all three of our extra bedrooms were occupied with sleeping drunks.

My Pressies!!!

I got a ton of presents. My step-dad bought me a ton of horror stuff from Spencers in the Mall. My sisters went to the comic book store and had the owner, Jim, pick out a ton of graphic novels that he thought I would like. They bought me 10 and I only had two of them already so that was VERY cool.

Lora bought me an engagement ring. She said, as she put it on my finger, "Even tho we can't get married, I want to claim you for life." It was so very sweet and made me cry. Plus she gave me REALLY good FACE just the way I LOVE it. (In my step-dad's tool shed with me standing against the wall and her on her knees in front of me. Don't ask why but doing it there is a HUGE thrill for me.)
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I'll be home alone the entire weekend. (Other than my bodyguards next door and behind me.) Lora is taking Ashley to Hannible, Missouri to visit their relatives tomorrow and won't be home till late Sunday. Jacob offered to sleep on my couch tomorrow night but I told him that I needed some "alone time."
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I think I'll do something crazy Saturday night that I haven't in a loooooong time. Put on my whoriest outfit and goth my face up then go out spreading mania all over the community. Maybe I won't takes my meds that day either.

Happy Birthday Sara Poe!


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The Legend Of Sara Jane Road!
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As the story goes, there is an old highway in Southeast Texas which is called Sara Jane Road by local residents, is haunted by the ghost of Sara Jane and her baby. Legend has it that in Civil War times Sara Jane's husband was fighting in the war and it was just herself and her newborn that lived in a house out in the woods on this highway along the Neches River.

Word got to her that Union soldiers were on their way to her house, so she placed her baby in a wicker basket and set the basket under the wooden bridge that was near her house. She then returned to the house and hung herself from a tree out front.

As the story goes if you stand on the bridge at midnight you can see a light flickering out in the woods that looks like a light of an old lantern and you can hear Sara Jane's moans & hollers, as she is looking for her baby that she left under the bridge. Some people say that on certain nights like Halloween or Friday the 13th you can actually see the ghost of Sara Jane wandering the woods with her lantern in search of her baby.

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Lesbian Sex (Or not...)

I was four years old when I first visited the community that would later become my home. My father was born here, went away to college, met my mother, they settled in Chicago where I was born. Certain events made my father decide to take his family away from the big city when I was eight and come back to the place where he grew up.
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During my first visit we all stayed with my grandparents. That would be here, the McCullough house, where I live now. The house my father and my grandfather grew up in. Our neighbor and dearest friend, Annalara Bishop, who's backyard connects to mine, had a cat that had just given birth to kittens under her back steps.

The story my mother told me (and told everyone else that would listen.) is as follows...
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Sara's little four year old brain couldn't grasp the concept "We have to get rid of the kittens." Not understanding that it meant they would be given to good homes, it upset me to crying and my mother had to take me back to grandma's house.
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Later on, when I was let outside to play, my brain started pointing right back to those kittens. AND I KNEW WHERE THEY WERE!!!
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I don't remember it happening, but I guess the plan was to kidnapp the kittens and run away with them. I was found three hours later in the yard next door sleeping under a wagon. Three very dead and very smooshy kittens stuffed in the pockets of my jeans.

There were also pieces of hotdog in my pocket so I guess I tried to feed them.

Changing the subject...
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Three days ago I took the very saddest of the Buffy episodes and put them on one disk. I watched the final episode of season one where Buffy learned she is destined to die. Ep one of season two where Buffy crushes the bones of the Master. Episodes where Angel turns bad and Buffy breaks down in Willows lap and the death of Jenny Calendar.
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The epidode where Angel returns and says Buffy's name for the first time. The prom, where Buffy gets the class protector award then dances with Angel to the song Wild Horses. I watched Oz leave Willow and a robot named April that was built to love Warren run out of power.

I watched "The Body," but could only do so once. First time since my mom died.
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I watched Buffy give her live and then get snatched from Heaven by her friends. I watched her wish she were insane. I watched as Willow DID go insane and how Xander saved the world by talking about yellow crayons.

The final ep in my sad set was "The Killer In Me." It's where Willow lets Tara be dead. Breaks my heart every time I watch it.
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I watched them over and over for the last three days, pausing only to switch it over to RAW on Monday. I litterly burned myself out on sorrow.
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This morning I woke to the sound of clicking. And the sound of a mouse clicking is like and alarm clock to me.

Ashley was sitting at my computer surfin' the www. Lora was in bed next to me watching tv. She got up and got me coffee and we all three snuggled together in bed while watching Power Rangers. It made me very happy.
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Lora then took Ashley to school and came right back home. She got back in bed and we lay there making out for about an hour. Just kissing and touching the way we haven't done in a couple weeks. We half-slept till around 11am then ran around the house half naked for the rest of the afternoon.
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Tonight after dinner we were watching Halloween Town on Disney (Ashley's choice.) Lora and I were snuggled up on one end of the couch while Ashley was sitting in the big chair and out of nowhere she said, "I think I'll get a girlfriend before I get a boyfriend so I can practice kissing."Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Neither of us knew what to say to that but after thinking about it we both agreed that Ashley is subconsciously compairing her parent's male/female/violent relationship with my and Lora's girl/girl/tender relationship.
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Our first thought was to choose somefrom from the family to talk to her about her feelings. I however believe that we should handle this ourselves and not feel that we have to run to "straightie" every time we need hetro advice with our daughter.

And besides...that would be completely against the ideal that all men are EVIL RAT BASTARDS THAT SHOULD BE TORN TO SHREDS SLOWLY BY BABY WALLGNOMES! (HA! Just kidding!)

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The Samhain festival is coming up at the end of the month. I'll try to take pics but maybe not.

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I have NOT forgotten you, my sweety. I'll write you very soon a nice long letter.

Well, It's 5am and I should sleep for a few hours. Lora will be up soon. I'll be updating regularly again now that I feel more sane.
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