Gay bash!

Lora and I are going to a party this weekend. It's a gay party. Meaning that only gay guys and lesbians will be there. Plus every body will "dress up" as whatever we want to dress up as. I suggested to Lora that she paint fairie wings on my back and I would go topless.(With my face made up, of coures.) She didn't say no to this. Lora, when sitting around doing nothing, draws fairie wings and has gotten very good at it.

I probably won't be the only girl there topless and all the guys are more or less gay so I don't feel uncomfortable about it at all.

Especially since I'm basically boobless. :( (Lora has nice boobies so I might object to her doing it but...)

I'll try to post a pic so you guys can check out how I look. But it'll be a pic of my back so don''t expect boobies.


I still believe!

I am DESPERATELY in need of a certain song that I can't find online ANYWHERE! It's by Sheryl Crow and it's called either "I still believe" or "I SHALL believe." I heard the song a couple times and haven't heard it sense. If anyone has a link it would make me VERY happy! :)

And just so you know I'm not asking for favors, here are some links to TONS of mp3s for free downloading.

11 albums
4 rap albums



More Buffy and Evil Vamp Willow!

I have about thirty strips of this. I'll be posting them all over the next week or so. Right now Lora and I are going into town(always an adventure)to see some friends. This usually means we're going to see Lindsey and Kyle and we hafta sit at their house for an hour while Kyle gets Lora a bag of weed.
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After that we're going to the Hills to hang out. The "Hills" is Harrison Hills. It's the government housing project where Lora grew up. She knows most everyone there and likes to visit whenever she feels like she's ventured too far away from her white trash upbringing. (And I know the term "white trash" is kinda insulting but that's how Lora refers to it so... I'm guessin' it's kinda like, gays can call each other fags and black people can call each other nigga. White trash can refer to themselves as white trash and it's okay. I guess.)
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If anything interesting or crazy happens I'll post it this evening when we get home.
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Oh, Lora just reminded me that there's a christian holiday tomorrow so HAPPY EASTER, YOU CHRISTIANS! :D
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Crazier every day

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I think I need help staying in focus. Yesterday Lora brought home the doll her mom had bought her when she was eight. She told me how it was the only thing she had that her mother had ever gave her. We were in the kitchen, me sitting at the table and her getting something to drink, and she was telling me all about this doll and how much she loved it. Then she turned and looked at me and yelled, "SARA! What are you doing?"
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It was then I noticed that I had just pulled every string of the doll's hair out. :( I had only meant to pull a few loose strings out but while Lora was talking I started daydreaming or something and went crazy on her poor little doll.

If you've read my earlier posts you'll know that I've already chopped one of Lora's doll's heads off. (That was not, however, an accident.) So this REALLY pissed her off. She just stood there looking at me with a shocked expression on her face.

Now, I could have apologized and explained to her what had happened, then promise to take it to the Doll Hospital(Yep, we have a Doll Hospital in Little Q.)to get it repaired for her. But my mouth usually rushes into action before my brain has had the chance to examine what I'm about to say. I lay the doll on the kitchen table and said, "This surprises you?"
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She replied, "I guess it fuckin' shouldn't." Then walked away. She came back in the kitchen a few minutes later and, ignoring me, started to make a sandwich. Just as I was about to apologize and talk to her about what happened she opened the knife drawer and let out a big sigh.
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She stomped (and I mean STOMPED!) past me asking, "Did you bury them in the same spot or am I gonna have to search the whole fucking backyard?" (In my meger defence, I DID bury the damn things over a WEEK ago.) Lora hardly EVER cusses. Only when she's really pissed about something. So I knew I was going to have to really explain myself and beg her forgiveness.

Okay, I need to describe this next part very carefully.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table thinking of what I'm going to say to make Lora NOT be mad at me. There is an open box of angel hair pasta strings sitting there cause we're having it for dinner. The pasta is SUPER thin, I noticed, and so is the holes in the doll's head where her hair use to be.

A few minutes pass. I hear Lora bitching from time to time in the yard. Finally she finds the kitchen knives and I hear her coming up the steps and onto the back porch. Just as she's opening the door to come back into the house I looked in my hand and there's this doll with about twenty 12 inch long sticks of angel hair pasta sticking out of her head.

When Lora saw it the look on her face was like the face of an eight year old girl that just walked into the room and saw her favorie doll with pasta strings sticking out of her head. And I had absolutely no ideal what to say to her.

So I started crying.

Don't get me wrong here. My tears were unplanned and very real. The look on Lora's face made me feel trapped and lost and helpless in a HUGE dark way. I was just lucky when Lora sat with me, held me, and told me it was okay. That she understood. (I'm kinda insulted now that I realise her "understanding" was that I'm crazy.)

So we're good again. I'm going to get her doll rehaired next week and Lora put a lock on the kitchen knife drawer. (YAY!)
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By the way, whenever you shake the doll now, her head rattles because of the broken pasta strings in it. :)

The Erotic Advenyures of Buffy and Evil Vamp Willow chapter one!
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Chapter two!
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Just so you guys know, the post below this one was NOT a big "goodbye message board. I love you but..." type thing. If you read my second post ever on this blog you'll know what happened last summer and how it screwed up my plans of going to Wizard World Chicago.

The assholes mentioned in my second post have been posting at the new board. They were banned from the Image boards but I guess they've been given a second chance at this one.

Well, their second chance is something I am 100% AGAINST! This is why my time at the Benbo will be VERY limited. I have every intention of going to WWC this year and there's no f'n way I'm taking the chance that those little immature LOSERS will mess it up.

'Nuff said!

Now, if you'll excuse me, Lora and I are going next door to get into the hottub. :)



The same shit is happening at the Benbo that we got rid of last summer. I shall not be posting there often anymore.



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I woke last night to the sound of thunder.

How far off I sat and wondered.

Starting hummin' a song from 1963.
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Ain't it funny how the night moves.

For anyone still looking for the Benbo,
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I feel weird tonight. I don't know why. It's warm(sorta) outside and Lora is asleep. The only noise in the room is her breathing. I even have the window open and still her breathing is the only thing I can hear.
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I think I need sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We're going to the mall and Walmart to spend lots of money. Lora plans our budget out really well. Considering we don't pay rent or utilities and use my step-dad's credit cards for everyday things, it's really not hard for her to do. Her money comes from working with my sister Analie in the resale shop we(my family)owns. Right now she has so much money saved that she decided we could go spend a bunch.
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My only weakness with shopping is Spencers, Midwest Comics and Waldens. I go crazy at only those three places. (Midwest Comics is taken care of by step-daddy's credit card, tho.)And for some reason I get carried away at the Dollar Store. Lora freaked out last month because I spent $100 there and I was like, "But LOOK! 100 things!" I thought it was great till I got home and saw that nearly everything I bought was worthless junk.
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Oh well.

I should sleep now. I feel weird.
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If anyone knows where the other Bendis boarders are meeting please leave me the link. Thankx. :(


Red X

You might notice some red x's if you go back and read older posts here. Some asshole was hotlinking to some of my pics(The nedu wrestlers, I think.) so I've deleted them till I can figure a way around hotlinking.

Sorry I missed you guys last night. At least Matt was checking here regularly. :) Matt, if I had known you'd be here I would have checked back more often.

Kubiak, thankx for the link. I checked that site out and it looked cool but even tho it's free they still wanted a credit card. WHAZUPWITDAT!

I did manage to post my Wrestling With Sara post this morning if anyone is interested.

For those of you that have blogs/live journals; I do read them, but as you can see by how much I post at the BB, it's not often I have something to say.

S'ok, I checked my email today and it looks like I need to start checking it more often. I usually only check a couple times a week but as my blog is getting more popular, I am getting LOTS more emails. I checked it Thursday and emptied the inbox, then when I checked it last night there were twelve emails for me.

Lora is working and I'm going out riding. More laterz...


Well CRAP!

I have no ideal what's wrong with the Bendis Board but the damn thing won't load for me. I keep getting "page cannot be displayed."

So I guess I'm watching wrestling alone tonight and posting my WWS post late. :(


sTrAnGe dAzE FiNaL pOsT

It's very quiet now. 3:30am and not a sound to be heard.

There was a time when Erika's dog would be barking his ass off right about now, but then I killed it. I joke about it now but when it happened it was a serious thing. I was sixteen and admitted my crime then paid for it. So when a time like tonight happens for me, when I'm alone and can reflect, it's okay to think such thoughts, isn't it?

Maybe not.

I'm going out for a few now. To see if my horses are okay. Maybe I'll take the toilet paper with me.

Maybe not.

I was gonna call Lora but decided not to. She has a lot to do tomorrow so I should let her sleep. Plus that way she can surely be up and home early. I'll probably still be up waiting for her.

I'll be back online, unless something unexpected happens, before too long. Maybe and hour.

But maybe not.
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sTrAnGe DaZe p3

I thought I heard something downstairs a minute ago. I went out in the hall to the top of the stairs and listened but there was nothing.

Annalara turned her radio off. I didn't hear her do it but I just realised there was no more music playing so...

This is pretty.
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sTrAnGe DaZe pArT 2

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It's 1:30am and I'm still sitting here.

Annalara's radio is still playing but I think she went inside.

I got a blanket out of the hall closet(Where we keep the toilet paper.Image hosted by Photobucket.com )and put on some pj bottoms so it's not so cold anymore. I don't hear the things crawling around on the floor anymore so I'm thinkin' that maybe they went back inside the walls where they belong. Maybe I'm boring them. :(
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I'm at the Bendis board, http://www.606studios.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=3 reading whats going on there.Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's the NEW and IMPROVED Negative Zone Bendis board! Black is white, and white is black. There is no more gray.

I'll be up all night posting so if anyone is out there...anyone at all, just say hi.

So I'll know I'm not alone.Image hosted by Photobucket.com


sTrAnGe DaZe

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Not a good day today. Lora went to St Louis this morning EARLY. Like, before daylight. She called a little while ago from Hannibal and said she was gonna stay the night there because she was too tired to drive the rest of the way home. So I'm alone.

Alone is not a good thing for me. :(

I buried all the kitchen knives in the backyard and made sure that Monsterhead was locked in his bedroom, so things should be okay till morning. Although there's a whole 24 pack of toilet paper calling my name and teasing me(the way it ALWAYS does) to go out and have some fun.

I think it's cold. I turned off the heat and my window is open so I'm pretty sure it's cold. But the cold helps keep my mind distracted away from the other things crawling around the room. Plus, the other things aren't too fond of the cold cause it makes them move slower and they can't crawl up my legs cause the chillbumps make it harder for them to grip.

Deadgrandma went out for the night. She usually sits next to me with her chin on my right shoulder whenever Lora is away but tonight she had somesuch thing to do. Wouldn't tell me what so I'm a little scared she has bad things planned for me. I won't be opening the door if anyone knocks.
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Tho the last time I didn't open the door when Lora was away it turned out to be my step-dad and he got worried and broke the glass to get in. It scared the crap out of me when he did it and he found me under the bed.

I think he worries about me too much.

Annalara is in her backyard listening to her radio right now. She has a little greenhouse out there and sometimes goes out to do some gardening late at night. (And they call ME weird.) She listens to classical music and right now there's a very haunting song playing. It's making the mood kinda sad, but not sad enough to close the window.

My cat just ran out of the room so I think it's about to start. The only light is coming from the computer screen and the only noise is Annalara's radio. A different song is playing now. Some erie opera music. A fat guy singing loudly and without mercy.

It's cold. Cold and dark and I don't think the things crawling around on the floor are too happy right now.

The music keeps playing.

It's getting darker.
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I'm registered at the backup board. (See url below.)

I want to give a BIG special thank you to...

Kubiak; You're a very special man and helping me get registered meant more to me than you'll ever know.

Moonspider; I heard that you started an entire thread telling everyone I couldn't get registered. When Kubiak told me that I actually felt my eyes tear up a little. Thank you!

Denny; Even tho he hardly ever talks to me, whenever I've needed help he was there with a nice comment on top. I guess all republicans aren't evil twisted warmongers. :)

Just the one in charge of the country. :\


The Bendis Board is down. *cries*

I tried to register at the backup board, http://www.606studios.com/phpBB2/index.php but it denied me. If anyone registers there please tell Bendis or Denny that I'm an outcast, locked away from home. A ronin lost without her family.




10 Christy Hemme Playboy pics!

Oh. and former WWE Dive Gail Kim has posed topless for some chinese company :) http://news.naver.com/news/read.php?mode=LSD&office_id=108&article_id=0000007590



After recieving some VERY CRUDE emails from some VERY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED little boys, I have opted to remove my pics and not post any more.