Tales From The Bluffs

For those who wish to know...

We three have changed our lifes somewhat over the past few weeks. Instead of early mornings we have opted to do afternoons. We usually sleep till 11am and show up at our respective work assignments around noonish. At the community center, Jacob, Sabastian, Laura and Jesca handle breakfast as it's usually slow this time of year.

When Lora and I arrive I'm off to the second floor to play librarian. (Yes, DM Jim, I wear the glasses. ^_^) Lora assigned me the library because she knows I like the quiet time. There are usually only a few people that use the library in the afternoons, and mostly to get online. Rarely do books get checked out, although the older peeps in the community do come by to read.

Emily takes over for Annalara at the community store around noonish, also. Laura and Jesca then leave the community center and go help Emily till around 6pm then my cousins Gabe and Danny take over.

Emily then comes to the community center and the two of us either hang out there helping Lora or go home for a while. Depends on how tired we are.

At night we sit on our front porch and wait for people to gather. Gabe and Danny are usually first to arrive. Jacob comes after he cleans up the community center kitchen. My step-dad sometimes joins us and often a couple members of the Lesbo Brigade, usually Tammy and Christy, stop by.

Sometimes the porch gets pretty crowded, sometimes not. When people start to leave I hop on my bike and ride around the community to see what's going on. I haven't pulled my scooter out of the shed yet, as riding the bike is quieter and a "night thing" to do.

Two BIG things; First, Elder Malcolm asked me to take over running the community store. Annalara is busy with the community gardens, we have three now, and Emily isn't really up to it and doesn't want the responcibility anyways. I do most of the ordering at the community center and that's mainly what is needed at the store. The ordering of goods and supplies.

Elder Malcolm HIMSELF asked me to do this, which, here in our little community on the bluffs, is a pretty special thing. Plus, mostly when Elder Malcolm has asked to talk to me in the past it's meant that I've either toilet papered his house or done some other such thing that requires I have a "talking to."

I was kinda scared about taking the position but after thinking about how much respect Lora gets for the AMAZING job she's done running the community center, I think maybe I want a little of that, too.

The second thing; Lora wants to build us a house. The McCullough House, the one we currently live in, is a hundred years old and moreso lately than not, things have needed repairs. The community has plenty of extra funds to restore the house, and it is my family's HOUSE, but there's a small couple of acres just next to the pumpkin patch that has sat empty since a fire burned down the house that sat there in the 1950s.

The new house would have a beautiful view overlooking the bluffs and have every modern conveinance. Plus Dead Grandma and the wallgnomes would be left behind for whomever takes over the old house. (Most likely my sister, Analie, and her son would move in there.)

Lora has promised that IF we decide to build a new house I'll have my very own personal attic to put my comic books and computer stuff in. No windows and an air conditioner that runs all year long, plus my own private entrance with a scooter/bike garage.

Emily, too, will have her own space to do with as she will. She currently doesn't really have any hobbies, but has always expressed an interest in aquariums so she might have an aquatic room. Lora of course wants a home office. Not a den or a place she can relax, but an actual office copied precicely after her office at the community center.

More as it happens...