I Remember That

The bats are dying tonight. Lora and I have been in Maine for the last month or so, more on that in a minute, and have been told that there has been some warm, although stormy, weather in Quincy lately. Tonight however, it's very cold. I imagine that at least some of the poor little little things are caught unprepared by the sudden cold and are struggling to stay warm. Some of them won't succeed.

First night home. It's cold.

As certain friends will attest, I and several others from the little community on the bluffs have been visiting our sister community in Maine. You guys that read my blog know how successful Lora has been running the community center these last two years. Well, her knowledge was needed THERE so we went and built a community center.

I personally have acquired many new carpentry skills. Such as building a wall. Measuring and cutting 2x4s and drywall. And using power tools. (They let me friggin' use POWER TOOLS!!!) It was a very rewarding experience and I got to see family and friends that I haven't seen in about a year.

Lots has happened here during our month long absence. At home, Emily ran up our phone bill calling every morning and every night. She was needed at the community store and stayed behind. My sister Laura and Jesca have decided to live apart whilst still dating. Jesca moved back in with her parents. (Don't know whats up with that yet.)

The BIG thing I guess was a kinda new thing here in the community.


See, we've been here for over a hundred years. (Much longer than the Amish community down the way.) And Quincy is a wonderful city to live near. Back in the 1800s, when Joseph Smith and the Mormons were ostracized everywhere else, the people of Quincy opened their arms and helped them.

The veri first black priest in America was from right here in Quincy. There's a statue of him on Maine street. There's about 42,000 people here and it's a pretty open minded place for the most part.

On North Sixth Street and Hampshire there's a fetish shop next door to "Mary Janes," (Where Lora gets her weed stuff.) next door to a excellent shop called "I Remember That." and they're all just down the street from a church and the Salvation Army.

Quincy is a very accepting city.

But lately there's been talk. Warren Jeffs and his polygamist communities are starting to make the government "take notice" of all religious communities.

Now, as you all know, where I live is open and very much in touch with the surrounding world. Amish are nearly isolationists and rarely speak to anyone when they come into town. WE are NOT that way. We don't believe in polygamy or child brides or any such thing like that.

The kids here go to Quincy public schools and there isn't any abuse of any kind going on.

There was a meeting at the community center tonight to inform Lora and I about certain changes that were being made in the way things are done here. One of those things was the suggestion that anyone that has a myspace, facebook, BLOG, or other Internet profile type thingy, should tone down any details about where we live and who we are.

Now, of course, the real world Sara, the one that takes her meds daily so she doesn't go insane and kill everyone, goes to work everyday, builds walls for community centers, and is just and all around responsible adult says, "Yeah, that's probably is a good idea. Don't wanna ruffle the feathers. Stir the waters. Poison the dog."

I guess you've already figured out that as soon as I got online I said, "Fuck `em! There's not a DAMN thing wrong with where we live and I'm not going to hide out of fear.

If I do...the terrorists will win.

Next month when school is out we'll be having a guest. While in Maine I met this very sweet seventeen year old named Lea. She asked advice on how to come out to her parents and I think I gave her something to think about. ("Don't" Not till you're eighteen.) She'll be coming to stay with us for at least a couple weeks, more if things work out. And NO, we will NOT be sexually abusing her! (She turns eighteen in August so if she's still here we'll abuse her then.)

Okay, that's about all for tonight. It's midnight and we drove most of the night. tomorrow calls for rain so hopefully I can stay home and answer all my emails.