School finals.

Working at the store around the corner.

Making arrangements for Ashley's stay.

Hot three-way lesbian sex.

Turning the HUGE vacent lot next to my step-dad's house into a community garden.

That and other stuff have kept me extremely busy but school is almost out and my net time will be MORE!

Agric; My family has been talking about you.

Jim; Yes, I got the books. :)

Angelle; *KISS*

Jon; ^_^

Moonspider; Where have you been?

Everyone else; <3<3<3

p.s. I've kept a short daily journal I'll post near the end of May.



Agric said...

Welcome back, lol. Had I not noen better I might have been worried by your 2 week absence.

Hmmm, might I guess that you are beginning to take my warnings seriously now? or that you have concluded I am seriously disturbed in the 'best locked up' way?

Hope you are making serious progress on the community garden - the growing season is getting on. Do you want me to dump some useful US seed etc suppliers and / or other vegetable production links on you?


DungeonMasterJim said...

Sorry to hijack your blog Sara, but Agric, if you have any links for growing raspberry bushes I'd be appreciative. I just planted 2 and plan for either 2 or 4 more.


And welcome back, Sara!

Jon_dye said...

You know I' overly worry about you sara

good to hear you're doing stuff that's actually productive. I'm very jealous.

Anyway, weasels ripped my face. Later. ^__^

Agric said...

We might have to be careful about US abuse of english, DMJ...

In UK raspberry plants are called 'canes', have red or yellow fruit, are planted about 18"-24" apart in rows about 5'-6' apart and are either summer or autumn ( = 'fall' ) fruiting - this latter is important cos autumn fruiting fruit on this year's canes, summer fruiting on last year's canes, you must know which to prune appropriately.

There are also bush type plants which can produce fruit like raspberries, in UK these are called names like: loganberries, tayberries etc. These are more like brambles / blackberries (the term brambles seems to have a more broad use in USA) and are typically planted about 8' apart - their growing habit is quite different from raspberries.

So, do make sure you know exactly what you are growing!

Some US links:

and UK links:

Do note that you will get zero crop in 2006 from summer cropping raspberries planted in 2006 and very little crop (at best) in 2006 from autumn raspberries planted in 2006.

Now, can I interest you in growing some pole beans, zucchini, squash, beetroot, lettuce, herbs... ?

Agric said...

"p.s. I've kept a short daily journal I'll post near the end of May."

In the northern hemisphere one can only have 'short daily' journals until the spring equinox (about 21st March) because days are long from then till the autumn equinox! You should have been using your long daily journal for 2 months already. Do a hundred lines while standing on your head in penance.

Which May?

If Laura May, why, and which end, and why?

If 2006 May then get on with it cos if near = nearer the end than the beginning then it's late!

Did you ever read the Alice books?

Angelle said...

*Kiss* It's great to know you're okay. ^^

administrator said...

I'll take hearts... :D

Sounds like you're certainly keeping busy.

So I best keep it short, eh?


DungeonMasterJim said...

Thanks for the info, Agric.

I will be planting some cucumbers in addition to the raspberries. The raspberry bushes I bought are Latham raspberries if that clears anything up.

Oh yeah, hi Sara!

Agric said...

Done a burst of posts over on my blog in last day or so 'bout happy stuff like 'flu, hurricanes and overshoot, lol. Read at your peril:

Hey Sara, you gonna tell me what you and your family been saying bout me? Probably better elsewhere,

...my word verification is "pogrele" - the kinda word that oughta mean something. Checked my dictionary and there was only one word beginning pog... - pogrom, which is an organised massacre often with ethnic cleansing tendancies.

Tibbittz said...


I'm glad your life seems to be on a very postive track with lots of cool stuff happening (community garden AND a three-way?). But mostly I'm happy that Ashley's back, I know you guys have missed her (and vice-versa, of course).

Always the best to you and yours.:)

Sara's Stuff! said...

Agric; Billy found a link to my blog on his comp (Thankx to Laura) and followed it to your blog. That's what led us to talking about you. He asked what you were up to and I told him. He said to say HI2U so...

Jim; Hijack away. ^_^

Angelle; Soon...<3<3<3

Jon; Thankx for looking at that guys penis for me. :)

Kent; I see that you're a Bendis Board regular now.

Tibbittz; Heya! Long time no hear from. How you're doing well. You stopped posting on your blog so I don't know what's up with you lately. Are you still on myspace?


Agric said...

Hi and very imminent happy birthday Billy. If he's got time to read my blog he's got time to drop in elsewhere and have his ear bent, lol.

Replied, somewhat dismissively, about your bird flu fears.

Could be about 2 weeks before GW Bush enters terminal troubles, oh glee :D

I'm peeved by UK weather. March and most of April were unseasonably cold, there were a couple of weeks in early May that were warm - even got to 75 F one day - but the last 2+ weeks have been persistently cool (60 F looks good, lol) and wet (May is wettest since 1983). I have some digging to do before I can plant out zucchini and pole beans but the soil has been too wet to let me for 3 weeks!!!

Agric said...

Cloaks of invisibility are not always successful against a helm of true seeing. Please get in touch, I am troubled, L&BB

Sara's Stuff! said...