Things To Do In Quincy Illinois After Midnight

I can't tell you just how busy we've been since returning from Maine. Days spent working, getting things at the community center ready for summer. Nights spent mostly partying or somesuch other thing we three do in the way of entertainment. Though we're mostly happy sitting at home cuddled up in the BIG BED watching a flick, since it's been warm all the freaks have begun to venture out into the night.

We, of course, consider ourselves as such, and have much love for the other freaks in Quincy.

Quincy, Illinois. Called the gem of the Midwest. Gem City. Tree City USA several times running. Twice voted THE All-American city. A very pleasant mixture of old world, small town, and modern day chic all blended together.

The city is so friendly and safe that last month an event happened that hadn't happened in twenty years. A cop was unfortunately forced to shoot a man that was supposedly attacking him. The first time in twenty friggin' years that's happened. You'll get a lot of varying opinions about aspects of the city from it's residents, but nobody can deny just how safe it is here.

The nights are especially beautiful here. In the community, surrounded by a small stretch of woods, you can hear the animals as they prowl for food and sex and mischief. In the city people walk the streets of downtown, gather in Washington Park, (Our town square.) go to the Mall or the movies or one of the many fine restaurants. Plus there's always some event going on. Especially on the weekend when it's warm out.

Through the week we three have been doing a lot of partying with friends, although not much drinking. It started out as just catching up, since we hadn't seen them in over a month, but it's turned into a regular nightly thing. And it hasn't been just a few hours a night. The Lesbo Brigade usually all get off of their perspective jobs and gather together and by 10pm we're conjoined completely.

The breakfast crowd at the community center this time of year is usually small so Lora and I have changed our hours away from early mornings. We're there for the lunch crowd and stay till after the dinner mess is cleaned up. Elder Malcolm and Jacob, (Jacob is Elder Malcolm's son, by the way.) cook and clean up for breakfast now, with Laura, Jesca and Sabastian helping out.

At the community store, Emily, who has been there for two years now, has been given a lot of morning time off, too. Annalara can manage things most of the time by her self, so Emily comes in near noon and stays till 6pm. After that Laura and Jesca come and take over. (Actually, they go there, drink soda pop and eat munchies all evening whilst sitting on the porch chattering with whomever will come talk to them.)

All this time rearranging has made it possible to spend more late night hours hangin' wif the hommies. :)

Monday night we were invited to join the apartment people, (yeah, community apartments.) for a BBQ. Sabastian and his wife Jennifer, along with my arch nemesis, (Former?) Erika St Croix and her brother Victor. Herbert, Charles and Jennifer Bishop, and a bunch of others.

We were up, and rather noisy, probably till past 2am. The apartments sit with their center court facing the bluffs and the view is beautiful. There's a waste high wall we sit on running the length or the courtyard. There was lots of ribs and lots of beer and since putting aside our past differences, the Brigade and the apartment people got along pretty well.

Tuesday we helped Christy, URBER-HOT 32 year old blond lesbian who has been MYSTERIOUSLY single for the five years we've known her, move into her new place and she thanked us by treating to Kregers for dinner. Then we went to Tammy's house to watch movies and drank wine.

Wednesday Lora got ahold of "the best pot she's had in years," and of course she had to share it with just about everybody that smokes weed in Quincy. We actually ended the night walking down Maine Street from 30th waaaaaaaaaay down to 6th Street smoking weed all along the way. All seven of us and probably didn't see a soul out that I can remember.

Thursday night was a home night kinda sorta. We had about a dozen people over but it didn't stay contained to the house. We roamed the community talking to whomever we found out, or knocked on doors if we saw lights on, and smoked weed and drank wine coolers, (Ick.) and had a jolly ole' time till about 3am.

On Friday night, Maine Street was closed off between 5th and 6th for the Ally & Co Runway Fashion Show with live music and some very cool lighting. We met and hung out with a few of the models and even made a..."friend" of one of them.

She said she'd come back for the festival in October but we'll see.

Unfortunately, whilst all of our friends partied and had fun, we three had to stay home and go to bed early due to Sunday being Mother's Day and the community center would be overflowing with people and their mothers. We served breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The place was finally empty and cleaned by 10pm and we were so tired that we didn't even shower. We crawled into bed sweaty and stinky and greasy and even a little rank and passed out till daybreak.

Today, Monday, I opted to take the day off work and sit at home to write this post. I've been eating cold pizza and glazed doughnuts and drinking coffee all day. I showered this morning but put my pjs back on and haven't left the house.

Jesca came over after she got off work at the center around noon and crawled into bed with me. I tried to get her to take her jeans off so she would be more comfy but Laura came home and spoiled it.

I almost had those jeans off of her, too.

Lora and Emily should be home soon. I'm going to cook dinner now and hopefully NOT go out tonight.


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