Welcome to my darkness. If you've come to condemn or are offended by the insanity at this blog then GO AWAY! Your God doesn't live here!
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My First Time!

Blogs are all the rage in today's cyber society. This is my first official attempt at one and if I'm able to keep it updated you'll get a deep look into my mind. I'll post mainly things involving pop culture, but also will address politics, lifestyles, jokes, videos, website links and anything else I find of interest. I also like to rant a lot. Sometimes the rants will be insightful and other times they'll show you that Sara Poe is just a little crazy and hella weird at times.

You're more than welcome to leave comments or view my profile and e-mail me. I might not answer, but I'll for sure read everything you have to say. A quick shout out to Brian Michael Bendis and all my fellow Bendis Board members. You guys ROCK and I'm proud to know you.


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