I have email from most of you that I haven't gotten around to answering. Sorry, I've been working on my Buffy story and that History of the WWE.

Agric; Thankx for the IQ links, but online IQ tests stink. The other community isn't really a community anymore. Just a few people sitting around doing nothing. Sad but true. :(

DigiEmmissary; We were near a town called Brownstown. Or maybe it's BrownsVILLE. Not too sure, but I doubt if we'll be going back.

Goddard; WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO GET BANNED FOR 6 MONTHS??? And is there any way I can help get you unbanned?

Roger, DMJ, Kubiak,Moonspider; Part one of the History thing I'm doing is FINALLY finished and it's HUGE! I have to size up the pics then it will be posted.

About that witch burning comment I made. History is written by those in charge. Burning witches was illegal so you won't find any record of it. But the word "burning" is actually a referance to a time when witches were hounded and killed without mercy. It was called "The Burning Times." The word burning is used sometimes to decribe that. I should have made that clear.

Okay, taking a break from writing tonight. I'm at the Benbo!>>>>>


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Moonspider said...

take as much time as you need sweety......we just miss you so much in the board......just do what you do best...and that be yerself..YAY!!!