Chapters In The Life Of Sara Poe!

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Chapter One; "October"

At the end of September my truest LOVE came to Emily and me and asked for help. With school, running the community center and dealing with a cRaZy girlfriend, she was falling behind in her planning of the annual Samhain festival. This was Lora's first year doing it and, tho she had some wonderful ideas, she was too busy to put them all into play. So Emily and I buckled up and gave up our personal time to help.
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The festival usually last around two weeks. This mostly consist of the ENTERTAINMENT aspect that we put on for the townsfolk for monetary gain. Unbeknownst to me, the festival is a MAJOR source of fundage for us. This year, thanks to the ordered and well structured mind of one Ms Lorabelle Tempest Riley, it became an even BIGGER source.

Around two weeks before Halloween we start selling pumpkins from the patch. (A most SINCERE patch indeed, tho I have yet to see the Great Pumpkin arrive.) We also have a haunted hay ride. Up till a few years back we had a "Haunted" tour thru the small woods around the community. This would consist of late evening guided tours whilst the guide told tales of the "Burning Times" (Google it!), the Salem Witch Trials, and our own Lady of Shadow Woods.
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The Lady of Shadow Woods; Back in the BEFORE times, before cars and airplanes. Before phones. Before electric lights lit every street in Quincy. Back when pagans were considered devil worshippers, there lived in our community a Pagan Priestess. She was young and beautiful and one summer lost her heart to a man from town.

She admired him secretly, from afar, for fear of the rejection she KNEW would come if she ever told the man her feelings. But eventually passion got the best of her and she began sending him anonymous notes. Teasing him of the great love they could have together. By Autumn she couldn't stand it any longer. She arranged to meet him on the shores of Quincippi Island, just a short boat ride away.

The man was horrified at the sight of her.

These were times of superstition and belief of devils roaming the Earth, bewitching poor innocent Christians into performing their eViL deeds. He spat on the ground at her feet, cursing her very soul. The priestess was shattered.

She came back to the community that night and walked to the edge of the bluffs, a hundred feet above the Mississippi River. There, she stepped off into the darkness.

In Autumn, if you can stand to see the sight of it, walk the banks of the river just after night fall, and you might get lucky enough to look up at the bluffs just as she's stepping off.
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Well, Lora wanted to do the haunted tour again ALONG WITH the hay rides. She asked me to rewrite and spice up the tales told by whomever was giving the tour. (Usually one of the Elders or Drunk Jacob.) And back when we had the tours before, we would something silly and cliche like have people dressed up as vampires and deads hiding in the woods. I thought that idea was best saved for the haunted houses put on in Quincy.

My idea, which worked out VERY well thank youz, was to decorate the trail thru the woods with Blair Witch (Personal thought, "Thanks, Eric. I miss you:(") type decore, and replace the scary stuff with creepy stuff. Nothing that jumps out and SHOCKS you but rather stuff that would have you feeling freaked out for the entire walk.

Side note; Another story I wanted to tell was the story of the Pig Lady. Called the Pig Lady because of her upturned nose and oversized body. When the railroads came thru here her house was cut off from the rest of the city. She was basically alone "on the other side of the tracks" for forty years. After she died her house was being emptied and in the cellar, in an old burlap potato sack on the wall, were seven heads in various stages of decay. The skin was intact. They had been scooped out the way you would scoop out a pumpkin.

I added a part to the story of her doing this with her bare hands and long fingernails. After finishing, she would suck out the raw meat that had been caught under her nails. (I actually consider ALL of this story fiction as I can find no outside reference to it.) Lora decided against using it.
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Back to the festival...

I had whomever was giving the tour (Three people took turns.) wear their Circle (Ritual) Gown. A short way into the woods three people would be having a mock ritual around a small campfire. The tour group would cross paths with the three later walking opposite them on the trail, and near the end of the tour as it would seem almost like they were being stalked.

Also, right about halfway into the forty minute walk, Emily and I would began walking alongside the group, about twenty paces into the woods and wearing hooded robes so they could barely see us save for short glances, just whispering and, Lora's words, "Creepy girly giggling."
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I also changed the route of the tour so it came out of the woods at the pumpkin patch. The Elders were leary about giving away a free pumpkin to whomever took the tour, Lora's idea, but she hiked the price of the tour from $3 to $5 and in the end it made nearly four times what it ever has years past.

Along with the three nights of mock ceremonies we would have in the ceremony field behind the community center, Lora added Wiccan and Pagan themed carnival games and BIG BIG NEWS had them put up the CAROUSAL!!! (YES! I will now ride and ride and spin and spin for hours!)All this along with a night of PRE-Halloween trick or treating (Most kids from Quincy go to the Mall-o-Ween event on Halloween.) made this a very, very profitable festival.

Lora has increased her standing in the community and everyone has MUCH respect for her. She has gotten into this religious stuff WAY more than I ever have and has definitely earned what she gets!
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Clean up was a BITCH!


Chapter Two; "May"
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I am many things, but a sociopath is NOT one of them!

So, the night before Halloween we three took a break and had our annual horror moviefest! It was decided in advance that IFC, the Independent Film Channel ( http://ifctv.com ), would choose our movie selection.
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Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses was followed this wonderful little movie called "May." It's about this girl who has no friends so she decided to build one. Heavy lesbian undertones as a girl May, the title character/crazy girl, works with is a lesbian and has a crush on May and they DO IT. It's also kindasorta a horror flick.
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A few minutes into the movie I hear Lora mutter a few "Oh my god's" and notice that she's got a strange smiley look on her face.

"What?" I ask her.

She looks at me, hesitates, then says, "You don't see it?"

"See what?" I ask again.

"Emily sees it, don't you, baby." Lora finally says.

"It's Sara," Emily says without missing a beat.

"What?" I sat up, asking a THIRD time.

"That girl May is kinda like you." She clarifies without a thought of it. Lora burst out laughing.

Very interested now, I sat there and watched this character intently. "That's Sara!" became the running joke between Lora and Emily every time a "That's Sara" moment happened.
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Okay, yeah, I can somewhat identify with the character. Perhaps if Lora hadn't came into my life just when I needed her I might have eventually decided to cut the best parts off of the few people I know in hopes of building the PERFECT friend. But there's this thing she does with her hands, like she's afraid to bend her fingers, that is just NOT me.

So, I guess if you want to know what it's like being around Sara, just rent the movie. And make sure to catch the part where Polly, the lesbian, whispers into May's ear, "Do you like pussy?" We three both jumped and hollared when that happened, and the very funny part involving a dead cat and disinfectant spray.
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Chapter Three; "You Had Time"
Ani Difranco

how can I go home
with nothing to say
I know you're going to look at me that way
and say what did you do out there
and what did you decide
you said you needed time
and you had time

you are a china shop
and I am a bull
you are really good food
and I am full
I guess everything is timing
I guess everything's been said
so I am coming home with an empty head

you'll say did they love you or what
I'll say they love what I do
the only one who really loves me is you
and you'll say girl did you kick some butt
and I'll say I don't really remember
but my fingers are sore
and my voice is too

you'll say it's really good to see you
you'll say I missed you horribly
you'll say let me carry that
give that to me
and you will take the heavy stuff
and you will drive the car
and I'll look out the window making jokes
about the way things are

how can I go home
with nothing to say
I know you're going to look at me that way
and say what did you do out there
and what did you decide
you said you needed time
and you had time


Chapter Four; "Links"

***Imagine Me And You***
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Starring Piper perabo (From Lost and delirious) and Lena Headey
Watch the entire movie in eleven parts on Utube. (Complete 01 of 11, 02 of 11, 03 of 11, ect...)
p.s. It also stars Tony Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

***Fucking amal ( show me love ) 1/9 - 9/9***
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Alexandra Dahlström & Rebecka Liljeberg
Sweden, 1998
Beautiful story of teenage love. Can't understand a word of as there are no subtitles but Swedish is such a beautiful language anyways.

***LESBIAN music video that's just really cool***

***WWE Home Video - The Monday Night Wars***
This is in BERY good quality.
Part 1 104MB
Part 2 110MB

***Ed Strangler Lewis vs Dick Shikat from 1932***

***Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki for the WWWF title***

***SexyFunny Catwoman***
Check out Abbegirl's other vids, too.



Chapter Five; "A Lolita In Autumn's Fog"
Chapter Six; "Man of the Year!"
Chapter Seven; "Some Excellent Television In October"
Chapter Eight; "At Midnight, All The Agents And Super-human Crew, Go Out And Round Up Everyone That knows More Than They Do"
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Samhain bring forth the new year - Shame it's was hi-jacked by christianity using it for it's own purposes as with every other ritual. I'd see them all burn in hell if there was one

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