I have returned...

Events have kept me offline for the lasttwo months but those events have been resolved and I will SOON be blogging again on a regular basis.



DungeonMasterJim said...

Welcome back, Sara.

The things 'resolved' sound a little omnius so I hope every has worked out okay.

Look forward to seeing you blog!

Jon said...

damn you Sara

I've missed you so fucking much

I'm moving up to Chicago in January.

Be online more dammit

Sara's Stuff! said...

Hey, "omnius" is my THIRD favorite word. :)

Right after "stab" and "enigmatic."

JON!!! You're moving to Chicago??? That's just practically right down the road.

Moonspider said...

you been gone too long deary..
and thanks for the comment

you rock the hoose!!!!

Moonspider said...

can you believe i got banned from the benbo because i was gonna pm the goddmaned batman a porn link, lol

that's funny

DungeonMasterJim said...


I farted and MAN! does it STINK!

Damaged Mind said...

Welcome back.
In your pursuit of darkness check out the book Fantasmagoriana - it didn't do Shelley, Bryon, poldori any harm

Countless Unblessings

Kent said...

Damn glad you're back, Sara.

Hope you'll get a chance to re-register at our crappy forum. Heyo!

Hope to read an update on you soon, my favorite little witch.

(My favorite word is Tyrannosaurus.)