New World

"Tell them I don't have any enemies." ~Adrian Veidt

Brier Rose Court

The dark brown carpet is new and thick and my feet sink into it and it feels like walking on marshmallows. No shoes allowed in the master bedroom.

The two big windows overlooking what will become Blackchapel Place are 110 inches long and 60 inches wide each. The drapes are thick and match the carpet and are quiet capable of keeping every single inch of that dreaded sunlight out.

The walls are beige, (Actually the paint color has some fancy name to do with moco-something but it's really just beige.) and the woodwork is all natural with a dark varnish cover.

With the BIG BED, a dresser, two 'chests of drawers,' a desk set, Lora's chess area and the stereo system, the room is about 70% full. We still have room for decor.

"It's gonna be dark in here," Lora said that day we painted it.

I just smiled. "We can have lots of lamps." (We do.)

There are three doors. One that leads to Sara's Darkness. One that leads to the bathroom, and another that leads out into the family room.

The family room is partially furnished. It has your standard couch, arm chair, loveseat with endtables, along with a coffee station and mini fridge, the flatscreen and several bookcases. The family room is our official 'morning central' since we can grab coffee and a quick breakfast right outside where all five of us sleep.

We haven't really used the downstairs much since moving in. We ate in the breakfast nook for Sunday brunch, but don't really use the kitchen a whole lot because we usually eat at the community center. Although we will DEFINITELY be using it this weekend because we're having a HUGE party to thank everyone that helped build the house.

With the community apartments being just a stone throw away, we've actually had a few visits from some of the people that live there. My arch nemesis, Erika St Croix, stopped by with her brother Victor and stayed for awhile. It was kind of nice, too. :) (But since they didn't help build the house they aren't invited to the party, nah, nah!)

Jesca's sister, Wendy, stopped by one night and hung with us. Plus, I've watched David and his cousin Beth Raye, (The girl in the strappy sandles.) come and go from the Raye House.

Beth is SO fuckin' hot!

I can see their house from Sara's Darkness on the third floor. If I walk down, (Three DAMN flights!) the stairs to my scooter garage I can go out the exit and see their backyard pretty well.

The red brick path leads from my scooter garage back to Blackchapel Place then straight back to the storage shed. Behind that is a small patch of woods. On the other side of the woods is the pumpkin patch. (Which will now be even CLOSER for me to go out into on Halloween Night to wait for the Great Pumpkin!)

If I walk through the pumpkin patch I'll eventually reach the street that leads to the community store about a city block distance. Right around the corner from there is the community center. So we're all still close enough to our jobs that we can walk in the dead of winter and not freeze.

The house is starting to feel like home already.


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DungeonMasterJim said...

WHA...? Noshoes in the master bedroom?! No stilettoes? No thigh high boots?

BAH! I say, BAH!

And Lora plays chess, huh? Maybe some day she and I can play. I don't much chess but enjoy the game.