The Riley House

Lora is shy when it comes to certain things. Not that you would believe it if you knew her. She's a natural born leader and when it comes to her job she isn't afraid to speak her mind. But we were together for four years before I heard her use the word 'pussy.'

She rarely initiates sex, and I can't remember one single time where she initiated it with Emily. Although when Emily or I, or both, come on to Lora she jumps in with GUSTO.

She's very reserved, very calm and sure about herself outwardly, and carries herself to a certain standard because she feels that her HIGH place in the community dictates that she be 'above' certain things.

A lot of people here, especially the younger girls, look up to her.

She's witty, charming, intelligent, fun to be with, always has something to add to the conversation. She has gorgeous black hair and dark brown eyes and the face of an angel.

In seven years I can count the times she has broken down on one hand. She's very strong, you see.

Last Wednesday afternoon just before the Pasta Night crowd started to gather, when she was sitting in the dining area by herself going over the next week's menu items, a group of us including me, Elder Malcolm and his wife Vivian, Annalara and her brother Raymond, Emily, my step-dad, and both my sisters, approached her with the bronze plaque we had made for Brier Rose Court.

It read simply...

The Riley House
Founded by Lorabelle Tempest Riley
September 21, 2008

Lora broke down. She covered her mouth with both hands and couldn't stop crying. It got so bad that me and Emily had to take her to the bathroom to compose herself and stayed in there for fifteen minutes.

She still has the plaque on her side of the bed. It's supposed to go outside next to the front door, and Lora says it will eventually, but for now she just wants to stare at it.

After she had composed herself and gave heartfelt thanks to everyone that was there, and EVERYONE that came into the community center for the next two days, she gave me a BIG hug and whispered in my ear, "We should seduce Beth."


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