Never Fuck A Girl On The First Date

There is a way to do things and there is a way NOT to do things. The main side effect of the terrible disease known to the world as "Lesbianism," is the uncontrollable, unrelenting, unsomethinging urge to have sex, move in with one another, break out the turkey baster and start dropping kids before you actually bring up the subject of shaving her pussy. (Yeah, explicit, but that's why you read my blog, right?)

That is why Lora and I, mostly Lora, when deciding that we wanted to bring Emily into our relationship, took it veeeeeeery slow. She actually lived with us for two months before moving into our room. It was a long and thought-out process that even till today none of us has EVER had one shred of regret.


That brings me to the story of one Miss Elizabeth Sarah Raye.

Beth for short.

Let me start by saying that Lora and I are NOT seductress'. So the tale you're about to read, although it may sound like it, is NOT a tale of two EVIL Lesbians trying to take advantage of some poor defenseless STRAIGHT girl, okay!

Or maybe it is. Feh, who cares.

I'll quickly summarize the beginning then move onto the good stuff.

In order to celebrate the OFFICIAL opening of a FULLY FURNISHED L-Xtreme, described in detail below, and to thank all of the people who helped to build Brier Rose Court, we five threw a HUGE party. People that were invited to eat arrived about 6:pm and we broke bread together. then around 8:pm the party-goers started to arrive.

L-Xtreme is a WONDROUS sight to behold. The room measures 30'x 60' and has a polished wood dance floor that's 15'x20' right in the center surrounded by a shallow burgundy carpet. We've got our own DJ booth with a wide screen Blue Ray TV set up for movie channels and music channels.

Theres a short 8' long bar and eight small drink tables that each seat four people.There is also a steamtable for h'orderves. and an entrance to the main bathroom. (We had two stalls put in so there wouldn't be so long a wait for people that had to pee.) There's also two exits; one that leads into the Riley House and another that leads out to Blackchaple Place.

We don't have a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, as they suck and none of us would have it, but we did set up a set of strobe lights that can be activated at the DJ booth.

We also tried our best to make it feel more like someone's home, rather than a club or a bar, and added a couple sofas and a coffee station at one end plus some pretty edgy wall art that got LOTS of raves at the party.

We also got to put our new vanity room upstairs into full use as all six of us, (Jimmy Mann takes up a lot of fucking room.) piled in all at once and whored ourselves up real good.

The story starts at around 9:30pm, when SHE walked into the door. Yes, SHE, as you may have guessed, is Elizabeth Sarah Raye.

As soon as I saw her and David I headed straight for where Lora was at.

"You invited them?" I whispered into her ear.

"Did you think I wouldn't?" Came her reply with an EVIL Lesbian grin. "Go talk to her." She followed.

"Are you serious?" I asked after a brief pause.

She stepped close and put her face right up to mine, "Go...talk to her."

"Okay," was all I could say then I turned and walked away, kinda feeling like she had just sent me, her advance scout, out on a seduction mission.

Okay, I'm not shy at talking to girls, but I was feeling a wee bit leary here at what we were doing, truth to tell. After all, this was a woman that came to the community because she had had her heart broken. Was this REALLY an okay thing to do?

I made my way around behind her just to get close enough to smell her. I wanted to know if she wore perfume and what kind before I could approach her. As soon as I got close I could smell that she had just showered and didn't use anything except bath powders. (BONUS!)

I tapped her on the shoulder.

To be continued...


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Diana Hold said...

Dammit! All these new characters! I've got some catching up to do!!!

Miss you, girl! *hugs*