In case anyone is listening...

I'll be blogging again starting this Summer. Been locked out of my g-mail since January so if anyone wants to say hi just say it here.



Kent said...

HOWDY. (It's in capital letters to make it a "big" hello.)

Hope things have been going smooth. I'm looking forward to finding out what you've been up to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

Good to see google customer service has been "helpful."

A tornado storm's lightning bolt managed to strike down my neighbor's tree, which knocked out my duplex's fence and broke two power lines setting that tree, plus one in front on fire. It reminded me of foreshadowing in one of Shakespeare's plays. Can't remember which one, but there's something about angry horses and a porter who comes to the door, that and a woman who washes her hands obsessively after murder. I think it's Julius Caesar. Thanks to no heat or hot water I managed to get the worst sinus infection I have ever had. Luckily, with the encouragement of students and security, my university has housed me for nearly two weeks now. Oddly, I should be upset, but I'm not. I've had the coolest backyard for two weeks. Mine was the only one with a horizontal tree in it, and it looked really cool at night. The whole thing seemed dreamlike until I felt the tree. The lightning completely dried it out and snapped it. It snapped in two places. One where the lightning hit, and another possibly caused by the landing impact. There were also strange, large marks that look parasitic, but I've never seen parasite scars that big, so I think it may have been the lightning. The tree was removed two days ago. I also found out from security that lightning hasn't struck our area for seven years. It's been kind of cool and yet really... not. It's much better than having a tornado rip through and no one got hurt aside from my sinus infection. It's too bad laughing gas is fatal because chemists could combine the affects of laughing gas with antibiotics, and then you would laugh your way through infections. No one's hurt though and it really only affected my duplex. Bizarre. Duplex mates are complaining about having no power, poor guys. They've been staying with friends and my dad's been renting a room close to work. The state has been real "quick" about fixing the power. It's really a minor thing.

.... Why didn't I take pictures of what the lightning did to the tree? It was fascinating how it made the wood smooth and sharp at the same time.

Do you feel up to a "Hey, what's up," or should I just skip that?


Anonymous said...

Hey YOU!

Miss you. Hope everything is going well ;)