Tiny Little Lesbians All In A Row

First night of Summer. Though you wouldn't know it from where I sit. My attic at Brier Rose Court has only one window and I've covered it with a black trash bag so no light gets in. The central air is on full blast, so chilly that I've put on a sweater. It's late and we have just finished the second biggest weekend the community has all year. The community center opened it's outdoor cafe for the season and everyone came...and stayed. They're mostly still there actually. The bonfire is lit in Adam's Field and people are still camped out there. Lora, Emily, Bethany, Laura, Jesca and myself are tired and sore and grouchy all. Right now none of can really stand to be in the same room with the others. Right now we just want to be alone. First night of Summer. It's cold tonight.

There are six of us now living at Brier Rose Court. We three, are still together and still strong. Laura and Jesca are closer than ever before, have spoken of marriage when it becomes legal, and mostly stay in their own little world, keeping all others at arms length. My sister has grown in ways that I hadn't expected. She's a young woman now and has a good head on her shoulders.

Bethany has been living with us since January. She was with us for a few months last Summer but as soon as one of the community apartments opened up she moved out. She was lonely there by herself and we asked her to move back in right after Yule. Now, before you all get excited, there's nothing going on with her. At least not in a sexual way. Bethany has become part of our lives but she's not a lesbian. She tries to be. Never talks about guys, girls only, watches lesbian movies, goes to lesbian websites, reads lesbian literature. Yeah, she tries, but stick a pussy in her face and she wouldn't know how to act.
I don't mean to talk down about Bethany. She's important to us and has really devoted herself to the community this last year. She dated my cousin Danny for a minute but they didn't click. (Danny has a lot of growing up to do.) Now she's always with us, bedtime excluded, and we three really enjoy her presence. But she really wants to be a lesbian and part of our relationship and can't.

We still love to watch her try. :)
Life hasn't been very exciting this past year. Elder Malcolm's death left a void that had many of us scared for the future. But this community is strong and for over a century and a half we've fought to stay alive. This was no different and in the end we not only survived but now have a new structure and goals and the community will prosper for a long time. There hasn't been much time for play. I usually work six days a week and sometimes an extra half day if something needs to be done. Lora was on call all the time.

This past weekend there were at least three hundred people in and around the community center. It was a celebration of life and of self and of the future and about the close of a long journey and the beginning of a new one. Until October when we have to get ready for the All Hallow's Eve Festival, Lora, Emily, Bethany, Laura, Jesca and myself are taking two mandatory days off each week. We've chosen Mondays and Tuesdays. The weekends are too busy at the community center and the community store for Lora and I to not be at our respective positions, (Have you ever thought you'd hear that about me?) to be away. Mondays have always been called "Sleepy Mondays" around her anyway.

To; Diana, Haze, Jim, Kent, Jessica, Xander, Moony, and anyone I've left off... missed ya!


Kent said...

Good to see you back, Sara. Things are a bit crazy for me at the moment, but I'm probably asking for it.

Anyway, hope to hear more from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara! What comics do you get these days?

Anonymous said...

That was me, DM Jim Clark asking that question.

XSaraXPoeX said...

Thanks, Kent. Hey, aren't we always asking for it? Hopes things get better soon.

Jim, see new post. :)


xhazeyxbabyx said...

Hello :)