The State of Crisis in the DC Universe!

Which comics do I currently buy, Jim? None. I haven't bought a comic in over a year and have a six month pile to catch up on before deciding if I'm going to buy any more. I was mostly buying Marvel but am not a big fan of Luke Cage, Spider-woman or Bucky and Spider-man became too confusing. After the Fantastic Four was canceled I stopped having the desire to catch up on that, too. I think I got up to issue nine of UC Spider-man then lost interest in that.

However, with what is going on in DC I might just go out and pick up a few of them. Here's why...
Crisis on Infinite Earths was an amazing story that was needed at the time and has spawned twenty-five years of great stories by the best creators in comics. It ushered in a new age for DC and the universe has not been the same since. Unfortunately what it has been is a mess.

Crisis planned poorly for the future and left too many things fucked up. (Hawkman, the Doom Patrol and Aquaman are just three things that have not been fixable.) So it's time to retcon the entire thing out of existence and put the Crisis Universe into a box and on a shelf. I hope that is what they're doing.

Take the ninety year old Flash and Green Lantern and put them in a box, too, along with all that Earth 2 stuff. Retro had it's day, and will again, but now is the time for redesigning everything. I'm a huge fan of the original Superman movie but if I hear that song one more time I'll scream!

Yeah, I said it, Alan Moore did a work for hire and created characters that could not only be a goldmine, but a fantastic creative playground. I hope Geoff Johns and Jim Lee open their eyes and incorporate Rorschach into the fold also. Then Nite-owl, Dr Manhattan and the rest. Rorschach number one released in 1988 would have been a million seller and with the right creative team he could be at Wolverine level now. Alan Moore never wants to work for DC again so fuck him and his crabby old ass.
Of course, that's just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I had $151 a week eliminated from my unemployment take-home check so I haven't bought comics since around October of last year. :(

I'm quickly approaching the end of tech school so I'm hoping to land a job that gets me enough pay to restart collecting comics!

- DM Jim