Depressed tonight. I want a real doll. ( http://realdoll.com ) But Lora doesn't want me to get one. It's NOT for sexual purposes cause, ew, but just so I have someone here with me while Lora is gone all day. But she says that I'll get crazy and start treating it like its real. (Remember the monster head in my "13 Days" post?) She said she'd come home one night and and I'd say something like, "Well, realdoll told me..." or something to that effect. I probably would tho. My brain doesn't seem to accept that such things aren't alive. Plus there are my crazy days when I seem to get reality blurred in with my imagination. That happens more often than I'd like.

They cost $5,000 for the cheap ones. Which isn't too bad when you consider that you'll have a friend for life! So when Lora finally gets tired of my insanity and leaves me I'd still have her, my realdoll. :) Plus, although I've never been into plastic, I'd REALLY like to examine her pussy just to see if it's really really real like.

Oh, well. If I get one I'll post nudies of her. :)

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