Happy Halloweekend!

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Samhain Festival time. I'm currently taking a break from the crowd. Later, after Ashley is asleep, I plan on getting plastered and dancing naked in the forest with all the other nuts.

Joking. Lora doesn't go for the nudity outdoors stuff.
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I dreamt my friend Agric was living in my celler. Unchained and unmolested, just...living there.
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Since giving birth to my little nine year old daughter, I have tried true and hard to maintain sanity and NOT do what people consider to be "strange things" around her. I felt that I was succeeding in this. Till today.
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See, for the festival I use to get all gothed up and go out to join the fun. As I've gotten older, and not wanting to embarris Lora, I've usually gone out wearing my Circle Gown and leaving my face plain.
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THIS Halloween since we have Ashley, and kids like to dress up and sometimes when kids do it their parents can do it with them and not look stupid (Right?Image hosted by Photobucket.com) I decided to get BOTH of us gothed up. (Ashley looks like a little dead doll! SOOOOOO cute!)

Everyone thought she looked adorable. Elder Malcolm commented that I didn't start dressing that way till I was in my teens then asked if I was getting Ashley started early. He then talked to Ashley about the EVILS of toilet papering people's houses and made her promise she would NEVER do it. Especially HIS!
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So that made me feel kind of childish. I started thinking about how silly it is to do such a thing at my age and how, for Ashley's sake, I should REALLY stop so as not to set a bad example.

Then just a few minutes ago on my way upstairs I noticed that we have a FULL 24 pack of toilet paper and revenge for saying that to Ashley sounds SO much better a fate for Elder Malcolm.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Can't just quit cold-turkey after all.
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So...about that H5N1 virus that's heading our way...

Since it's massivively effecting game birds are any of you turkey day celebrators worried that it should be here right around Thanksgiving? And that there's a theory that the H5N1 virus is destructive to other forms of flu virus and it's hitting the U.S. right at the time that everyone is getting their yearly flu shots? (Think about what the Joker did in Batman. "Lipstick alone can't hurt you, but lipstick combined with hairspray can be deadly.")
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And on a side note; Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrams in the new world where they helped to spread smallpox and other virus' that wiped out millions of Native Americans. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okay, I'm going back outside to join the fun. I might post more later unless I'm either too drunk or too sober.
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DungeonMasterJim said...

My Wiccan friend gets very upset when I crack that he dances nude in the woods around a bonfire. LOL!

Are those Angelina Joley lips? Wow!

DM Jim - who hopes his house won't be egged by brats because he'll be at work and won't be handing out candy!

kubiak said...

Awesome update, Sara. It's so good to hear from you. I miss seeing you on the Bendis Board, we're on opposite schedules or something.

I unintentionaly scared a couple kids with my impromptu Jason costume yesterday. That was fun!

Moonspider said...

hey sweetie..happy belated halloween

and i once was studying to be wicca....but my mom went all psycho about it, plus never had time for it as i entered college

i wish to be a full wicca though

administrator said...

Happy Halloween... and you look good in a tie. ;)


DungeonMasterJim said...

No more Sara?


Agric said...

I capitulated! But the world will not like my blog if I ever bother to write it.

So, 4% of this new year gone and you are still hiding under your stone, not good.

The news on peak oil is 'good' in the sense that data is now saying it's probably here. That's 'bad' for the most populous monkeys cos it means lots of them will probably die soon-ish. Sorry about that, monkeys, you should have listened to the wiser lemmings.