My Space! Your Space?

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Myspace.com is all the rage. All the cool kids are at myspace. I've had a profile there for some time (
http://www.myspace.com/xsaraxpoex ) but never used it till recently.

Quick shout out to some of my myspace friends that have contacted me to let me know they're on, too.

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My beautiful and sexy Scottish cousin, Jessica. I think she's the one that got me to register. I love this pic of her standing on the spot where Joan of Arc was burned to death.

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MOONSPIDER! I think that if I were EVER have sex with a GUY it would probably be...No, wait. Penis is icky so nevermind.

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The "Mind of Steel" Warren Ellis. Warren is a genius when it comes to his writing. Also a very extreme soul. Check out his webste and some of his work and you will NOT be disappointed. http://www.warrenellis.com/

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And my newest, Eyeliner_Junkie Jo. I first met Jo a year or so ago and we lost contact. I don't know much about her YET, except she's a raven haired DOLL (I LOVE dark haired girls!) and her girlfriend is a singer with an amazing voice.

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Check out Jo's girlfriend, Claire Toomey, and listen to her music. She's really got a sweet voice. http://www.clairetoomey.com/

I don't spend a lot of time at myspace but since it could help me hide the fact that I'm a HUGE nerdy geek I'll probably be there more often.
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I made this little pic showing the basic design of the community I live in. This isn't to scale and is lacking realism but it's the best I could do with limited art skills.
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1. The McCullough House; My family home and where I currently live.
2. Annalara Bishop's house and garden.
3. The Poe House; Where my step-dad, baby brother and two sisters live.
4. Horse Stables
5. Elder Malcom and his wife Vivian's house.
6. neighbor
7. The Montclair House; Where my best friend Kayte's family lives.
8. My enemy, Erica St Croix and the dog I poisoned lives here.
9. The Community Center
10. Drunk Jacob's house

The rest of the houses shown are other neighbors I don't associate with much. (Except number 18, which is a roadside market the community owns.) There are a few dozen other houses but not in this part of the community. Plus there are farms and corn fields we own to the north of us.
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My Latest "Wrestling With Sara" Post, http://www.606studios.com/bendisboard/showthread.php?p=1034812#post1034812


Question: What is a sonofabitch, exactly?
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Quite often we ask ourselves hard to answer questions, like, "What is a sonofabitch?" The only true thing is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this photo, the guy on the right is a member of a bomb squad in midst of a deactivation. The guy behing him, well, he's a sonofabitch.

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Moonspider said...

awww, sweetie
that's the best compliment i could ever get....

glad tah have a such a kick arse friend like you here, there, and everywhere

yeah, there are times i wish i was born a girl...lol, or at least buy myself a skirt when i get my first check from my job...heheheh

yes, im that weird...
but that's when im feeling happy


kubiak said...

I've got a MySpace thingy too, but I can't do crap with it. It keeps locking up on me whenever I try to add my personal info or even log into the account.

Awesome post, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'm at MySpace also - as - big surprise here - DungeonmasterJim!.

Make me your friend Sara!

Jim - who's still down a computer :(