There's this little patch of woods...

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...just at the edge of the community on the way into town right before you reach Spring Lake Country Club. It's only about two acres square but it's TEEMING with life.

I use to go there LOTS to be alone and push over rotted saplings. (They make such a wonderful sound when they crack at the stump.) Saplings often rot there due to the ground being always damp in that area.
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Well, I walked to the gas station yesterday and there was a sign right in front of the little patch of woodsannouncing that the area would soon be home to a 24 hour gas station/conveniance store to be completed by spring of next year.

I never made it to the gas station. Instead I turned back and cursed all the way home. When I told Lora about this horrible atrocity that was about to occur her reply was...

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"Oh, cool. Now you won't have to walk so far to the store."

It was certainly NOT what I wanted to hear. So I told dead grandma, hoping that we could put aside our fighting because she, too, loved that patch of woods, but instead of helping me think of a way to stop this she's spent the last six hours having a fit up in my attic. (MY attic because that's where I keep all my horror stuff.)

On top of that, you'll never guess who came knock knock KNOCKING at my door this morning; SCOTT AMES!!!
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Scott Ames was my first/last/only boyfriend. I couldn't believe my eyes when I recognized him. First thought; grab a knife and STAB him. But seeing as how that's usually my first thought to every sitch, I went to my second thought.
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Okay, second thought was also to stab him, but it continued with dragging him into the cellar and disembowling him then rolling around in his intestines whilst screaming, " HAHA! FUCK ME THEN BRAG TO YOUR FRIENDS WONTCHA! WHO HAS THE LAST LAUGH NOW, BIOATCH!!!"
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"Sara," said he, snapping me out of my daydream. Third thought; yell for Lora! (I always seem to rely on that lately.) But instead I, for some reason unknown, pretended I didn't recognize him.

To make a long story short, Scott has recently been saved/reborn/whatEVA and felt that he needed to make peace with his past. I let him talk for about ten minutes and he pretty much poured his little Jesus lovin' heart out. Said how sorry he was for what he did and that he hurt me.
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Now, there was a lot of thoughts going thru my mind right then. (The foremost one STILL being to stab him.) I could easily have said things to make him feel bad and reallyreallyREALLY wanted to, but then Lora came down, recognized him immediately (We all went to school together after all.) and said...


I couldn't help myself, I laughed out, "To apologize." and could NOT stop laughing!!!
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I laughed my butt off right there in this poor guys face while he was trying to be an honorable man and nothing he said, and he was saying LOTS, I just couldn't stop.

Lora finally pushed me aside and thanked Scott for being a man and said goodbye and I was still laughing. Very few things have ever been so funny to me.

Okay, speaking of guys; My sister Analie recently hired a guy to work at the resale shop with her and Lora. His name is Mark and he's 19, long brown hair, pretty green eyes, very cute, and smiles ALL THE TIME!
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He's an absolute DOLL and when I wnt to the shop and saw him and Lora working together I noticed that she was very nice and almost flirting with him. (Almost.)

So that night I made a suggestion to Lora that maaaaybe...he could move in with us. And YES, I do mean for SEXUAL purposes. Well, Lora wasn't 100% against the ideal (80% probably.) however, the talk soon turned to moving another girl in with us.
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I'll letcha know what happens with that.

Last thought for tonight; My new counter says that I'm getting 50-75 visits every day yet no one is commenting. :(

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Hey fellow bloggers! Some EXCELLENT tools for you!

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Prominent Conservative Leader: Government in Hands of Psychopaths
May stage terror attacks
Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
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Former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts expressed his dire warning that the US government has fallen into the hands of psychopaths and that the Neo-Cons in the Bush administration may be set to stage another terror attack in the US as part of a black operation to demolish growing dissent and coerce the public to rally behind the government once again.

During an interview with the Alex Jones Show, Roberts cited a Capitol Hill Blue article concerning a leaked memo circulating between top Republican leaders.

The memo outlines potential strategies to bring their agenda back online, including the capture of Osama bin Laden, a drastic turnaround in the economy or a resolution of the war in Iraq.
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The most alarming option includes a terrorist attack that would validate the President's war on terror and "restore his image as leader of he American people."

This document adds to the mountainous pile of smoking gun evidence of government complicity in staged terror attacks and other false flag operations. It has now been declassified, as we already knew, that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened. It was staged to get us into Vietnam. Operation Northwoods was the official US government plan to carry out 9/11 style attacks against the American people and blame it on foreign enemies as a pretext for war.

Publicly published PNAC documents before 9/11 had saliva stains all over them as Dick Cheney and others talked about helpful Pearl Harbor attacks.

Roberts went further than he has ever gone before in stating that the Neo-Cons were worse than Hitler and Stalin because they publicly embrace torture and pre-emptive war, something that past despots at least tried to hide.

As the Senate bill to block torture is blocked by Bush and Cheney, the promotion of torture in official circles continues.
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US National Security advisor Stephen Hadley refused to rule out torture in the case of an imminent attack, telling CNN's Late Edition that there are cases where the Bush administration's empty pledge not to torture would apply.

George Bush' repeated statements of "we do not torture" would certainly ring hollow to the thousands of disappeared individuals, now subject to God knows what in secret ex-Soviet gulag camps all over the Eastern Bloc.

And also to those subject to torture mastermind Donald Rumsfeld's Copper Green program, which manifested itself with arbitrary rape and fatal beatings at Camp X-ray and Abu Ghraib.

Paul Craig Roberts said that the US government is in the hands of dangerous psychopaths who are a disgrace to the human race and who should be arrested as war criminals and turned over the the Hague.

Roberts outlined his conviction that the torture program was not set up to gain any kind of real information from accused detainees because torture is renowned for extracting useless and false information. The real reason for the torture is to make the terrorists implicate themselves and thus create the perception of a real terrorist threat.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is exactly the process in Uzbekistan, where the government was caught torturing innocent people into confession and then using the confessions as evidence that the government needed to crack down on terror.

Roberts said that the CIA was aware that the vast majority of detainees are not terrorists, proven by the fact that Pakistani gangsters admitted to rounding up innocent people in street sweeps and selling them to the US government as terrorists for anything up to $25,000. These people are now at Guantanamo Bay.

Roberts pointed out that only nine so-called terrorists have been brought to trial and none have been convicted. Why do individuals have to be held for four years without trial if there is proof that they can be convicted with? Army interrogators have gone public with their frustrations that these people are obviously not terrorists but they are still ordered to keep them. Images of mass ranks of terrorists are pure lies on the part of the insane Neo-Cons.

People who refuse to torture and blow the whistle on it, like General Janis Karpinsky and Rick Baccus are ejected and replaced with cadres of torture teams willing to do the dirty work. Roberts that these torture teams would be turned loose on US citizens before long.
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Roberts said that America is the most hated nation on earth by design and that the military is completely out of control. The barbarism in Iraq practiced by the US occupational government will live in infamy when it is historically judged by hindsight.

Paul Craig Roberts is part of a crescendo of credible voices stepping forward to blow the whistle on the megalomaniacs in the White House as the insanity of the US government reaches unprecedented levels.


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Outfoxed! The story of how Fox News is destroying journalism and spreading facist propaganda. Watch Outfoxed online here free, http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article7798.htm

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit, Sara, sometimes, you scare me.

But that said, you're still cool.

DM Jim

kubiak said...

I check your blog almost daily but I try to only comment when I feel like I've got something constructive to add. I'm sure you've gotten sick of my "Great post, Sara!" and "Wow, that's really interesting stuff, Sara." responses. That is to say, I mean it genuinely but it starts to sound kind of trite after a while, I'm sure. I'll be reading your blog as long as you have it.

Moonspider said...

I always love reading yer postings dear.....unique, interresting, and fascinating reads always

a breath of fresh air ...

never stop dear...yer a good writer

Matthew said...

I'm a long time fan. I haven't been commenting because the updates are just so darn infrequent. I like the political stuff, but I like the free pron links too. It's my go-to blog.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Heya, guys. :)

I felt bad about leaving that "nobody comments" message. I'm honestly just happy that I get visitors! :)

But thankx for being sweet. ;p It's true that a girl needs reassuring sometimes.

Kubiak, are you still having problems with your myspace? (It can be an evil comp freezing bastard, for sure.)

More porn coming today!

Luv, Sara<3

Moonspider said...

yer too kewl fer skewl

kubiak said...

Hey, Sara! Yeah, I'm still having problems with my MySpace. I found out yesterday that I can't go to a few other MySpace pages too. My computer locks up and I have to reboot to get it to do anything. I even tried going with Firefox 1.5 and it still does it.

(And I'd still come here even without the porn. ;)

Kettle said...

Hi, Pot (no blackening intended)

Best stroll outside, even though you can see out, before chucking that stone ;) Had an odd dream about you, read elsewhere.

Be very afraid, DMJ, if Sara scares you. She sees reality doing what it does but only on a very local scale, shredding, admittedly gorefully, random individuals. I see it acting on a wider scale and crushing billions, impartially. Is what Sara sees and I see coming real or delusion? If you are scared then maybe you know but haven't faced it.

Mechanics, Treasure: the mix of things in one post muddies the water and makes reading and replying less easy. Do shorter separate posts for separate subjects. Do a this week or escapade personal post and do another post ranting about an issue like 'why Cheney is an evil, slimy lizard'.

Also, nicer to quote a sentence or short paragraph then give a link to the whole article rather than paste the whole thing here. That way you can develop your own argument, linking to external articles to substantiate. Sometimes it gets difficult to see what you are saying and what is someone else.


Agric said...

Booger, I nue I had something more to say. Damned senility.

http://www.oilempire.us/graphics/diebold.gif (truth)
http://www.rushholt.com/petition.html (sign it)
http://www.ogrish.com/index.html (grossness, skips warning page))
http://lemmonledge.blogspot.com/ (lemmings know better)
http://deoxy.org/time/sabbats/intro2sab.htm (proper 'holidays')
http://www.longbets.org/predictions (fancy a bet?)
http://www.geology.ucdavis.edu/~cowen/~GEL115/115CH16fertilizer.html (shit...)
http://www.geology.ucdavis.edu/~cowen/~GEL115/index.html (...and more)
http://economics.about.com/od/theoilsupply/a/oil_futures.htm (ERROR!)
http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=1188656 (indigestion)

Agric said...

There I go again. Sorry my links above are just text, not hot, copy and paste, sorry.

On the men: burn it (the fundie one) get strapons and other toys instead (the cutie one).

Female fire extinguisher (porn) change the number for more:

Angric said...

Sometimes I wonder why I bother