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This time of year is usually bad for me. December 5th is the anniversary of my mom's death and it usually hits me hard. I cope with it till January normally and then my mind can't deal anymore and it's a quick visit to the nut house for Sara.
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This year I thought things might be different. Whatwith my new nine year old daughter Ashley(She's calling me and Lora both MOM!)But her presence hasn't had too much effect on my downward spiral this year.

This morning I was home alone, feeling crappy, when a package came in the mail.

Being a comic book fReAk, the package brought a smile to my face. Looking inside the comic and SEEING MY NAME IN PRINT made me veryberry happy!
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The school has a dark history to it. At least five students have died on school grounds under suspicious circumstances. Welcome to Rochester Academy. Try not to get caught up in the darkness!
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Didn't get your copy of The Necropolis Chronicles? Go here for info, http://thenecropolischronicles.blogspot.com/


I recieved my copies of the Necropolis Chronicles today and the book looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Thankx, Jim! (Jim AKA DMJim who comments on my blog, is James Roberts, the creator of the Necropolis Chronicles.)

You can also read about "Sara Poe, The Twenty-Something Witch" in the online comic Image hosted by Photobucket.com created by my friend Kent Holle! http://www.theflamingcat.com/
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(Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT ride a broom...anymore.)
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Leon County, FL to Dump Diebold After Undetectable Hack Reverses Test Election!

Results Completely Flipped Despite 800 Documented Officials Told by Diebold That It Couldn't be Done!

Election Supervisor Requests Funds to Replace Diebold in County, Says 'We will never use Diebold in an election again'
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The bad news keeps rolling in for Diebold. But that is hopefully good news for democracy and America! And it doesn't get any plainer than this stunning report from election...

The bad news keeps rolling in for Diebold. But that is hopefully good news for democracy and America! And it doesn't get any plainer than this stunning report from election watchdogs at BlackBoxVoting.org

Even as the beleaguered American Voting Machine company smarts from yesterday's filing of a securities fraud class action suit a test election was carried out on Diebold voting machinery in Leon County, Florida. Diebold's security measures failed miserably and were easily defeated by a hack performed by a computer security professional on a Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machine and Central Tabulator.

In a post yesterday about the test and its remarkable results, BBV's Jim March gave this stunning summary of what happened:

Due to security design issues and contractual non-performance, Leon County supervisor of elections Ion Sancho told Black Box Voting that he will never use Diebold in an election again. He has requested funds to replace the Diebold system from the county. He will issue a formal announcement to this effect shortly.

Finnish security expert Harri Hursti proved that Diebold lied to Secretaries of State across the nation when Diebold claimed votes could not be changed on the memory card.

A test election was run in Leon County today with a total of eight ballots - six ballots voted "no" on a ballot question as to whether Diebold voting machines can be hacked or not. Two ballots, cast by Dr. Herbert Thomson and by Harri Hursti voted "yes" indicating a belief that the Diebold machines could be hacked.

At the beginning of the test election the memory card programmed by Harri Hursti was inserted into an Optical Scan Diebold voting machine. A "zero report" was run indicating zero votes on the memory card. In fact, however, Hursti had pre-loaded the memory card with plus and minus votes.

The eight ballots were run through the optical scan machine. The standard Diebold-supplied "ender card" was run through as is normal procedure ending the election. A results tape was run from the voting machine.

Correct results should have been: Yes:2 No:6

However the results tape read: Yes:7 No:1

The results were then uploaded from the optical scan voting machine into the GEMS central tabulator. The central tabulator is the "mothership" that pulls in all votes from voting machines. The results in the central tabulator read: Yes:7 No:1

This proves that the votes themselves were changed in a one-step process that would not be detected in any normal canvassing procedure - using only a credit-card sized memory card.

Diebold Elections Systems head of research and development Pat Green specifically told the Cuyahoga County [OH] board of elections that votes could not be changed on the memory card.

According to Public Records responses obtained by Black Box Voting in response to our requests shows that Diebold promulgated this misrepresentation to as many as 800 state and local elections officials.

March added later, "this was all done without getting any passwords for any system. All we had was the same degree of physical access that any mid-to-high level elections staffer or official would have."

Case closed? One would think so! But remarkably, states and counties around the country are still entering into contracts with this company to count your votes in upcoming elections!

Be sure to let California's Sec. of State know about this latest knews, as well as your local Elections Board! Otherwise, these machines may well be coming to a hacked election near you!
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UPDATE: John Cole points out that Leon County is one of "those" counties from FL 2000!

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DungeonMasterJim said...

Hey Sara!

Thanks for the promo and I'm glad I could make you feel at least a little bit better! It makes me feel pretty good too!

I love what you did with the comic on your blog. I hope it's okay if I can link or maybe steal some of the images for my own blog! LOL!

And Happy Solstice!

DM Jim

kubiak said...

It's so awesome that you've got comic stuff out there, Sara! I'm going to look into getting a copy, I can't wait!

My first comic work comes out next year. I inked some of the next Hero Happy Hour (I did 22 of the 64 pages so far, with maybe more to come). It's inks, but it's going to be a published comic!

Glad youl ike King Kong, too! I saw it Sunday and had a lot of fun at it.

Happy Solstice!

DungeonMasterJim said...

Hi Sara,

I can't help but look at this post again and again. I love it!

Just a note because almost everybody has missed it. Inside the letters of the logo are tons of skulls. It's pretty tough to see unless you look closely.

administrator said...

Woohooo! PLUG CITY!

Congrats on the publishing. Sorry I've been out of the loop lately. Glad to hear of your good holiday season and I hope you have a new year worth celebrating.

Love ya,

Sara's Stuff! said...

WooHOO!!! We'rre all in the comic book business here, guys!!! I feel like I belong!!!