Still alive!

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No matter what the little floatie things may have whispered into your ear, it's just not true. I'm still alive, sane(mostly) and well.
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I've been in some kind of new writing zone where I'm working on several different projects at once. The third part of my "History of the WWE" is nearly finished and will be posted at the Benbo next month.
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The first draft of my Buffy story, "Unto Every Generation..." is TOTALLY FINISHED and it's the longest thing I've ever written. Now it gets put away for two weeks then I can look at it with a fresh perspective.
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I'm fully stocked on dolls and backgrounds for the 0ddities comic strip I plan to start writing after I'm finished with the WWE thing.
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But for the next few days I'm going to stay away from all that and relax. Plus wait for the December 14th release of...KING KONG!!! I am SO geeked for this. The 1970's Kong was the only movie to EVER give me nightmares (I saw it when I was nine.)and this one looks SPECTACULAR!!!
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I'm more ready to see this then I was to see Batman Begins. Which I LOVED, by the way.
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So for the next few days I'm here, at my comp, online, pushing wallgnomes off my desk and listening to dead grandma sing "My Bonnie Flys Over The Ocean..." in my ear.
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Moonspider said...

Hey you.....i love those sprites
yer very handy with those , you kick arse....cant wait for the wwe thing and that.


you got yerself a hug

Agric said...

How did you cook the kitten afterwards? I've always found it a bit tough.

I left some replies to the last post here, btw.

Now, to the point... you really must read this series of 3 articles - they are magnificent. A couple of examples from the first:

- "The ultimate cause of Soviet Union's spontaneous collapse remains shrouded in mystery. Was it Ronald Reagan's Star Wars? Or was it Raisa Gorbachev's American Express card?"

- "I went back a year later, and found a place I did not quite recognize. First of all, it smelled different: the smog was gone. The factories had largely shut down, there was very little traffic, and the fresh air smelled wonderful! The stores were largely empty and often closed. There were very few gas stations open, and the ones that were open had lines that stretched for many blocks. There was a ten-liter limit on gasoline purchases.

Since there was nothing better for us to do, my friends and I decided to take a road trip, to visit the ancient Russian cities of Pskov and Novgorod, taking in the surrounding countryside along the way. For this, we had to obtain fuel. It was hard to come by. It was available on the black market, but no one felt particularly inclined to let go of something so valuable in exchange for something so useless as money."

Here are direct links to the three parts in sequence:


Anonymous said...

Smackdown's taping at Springfield, MA this Tuesday (my town borders Springfield) but I won't be at the show - unless my friends and I decide to go instead of to see Narnia.

DM Jim