Hiya to everyone that still stops by. (My site visit count is waaaaaay down to like, less than 30 visits per day.)

We had a small house fire that led to some MAJOR rewiring. We've been staying in town with a friend (Who not only didn't have Internet access but she DIDN'T EVEN HAVE CABLE TV!!!) but I was told today that we could move back home this weekend.

So next week I'll be online more often. Thankx for all the comments and thankx to DM Jim for getting my snail mail and letting people know I was okay and not in the nut house. :p



DungeonMasterJim said...

Hope to see more of you on-line soon! :)

My cable company gave me expanded cable for awhile (I'm not sure why). They gave me every non-paying channel but USA Network. No RAW!!!!! I was so bummed because I haven't seen RAW in months!

And my friends still swear Mickey James was a porn star before the WWE.

Agric said...

More than a month without cable TV, no internet in evenings, I'm sure it did you no harm whatsoever, lol. Though I dread to think what you all spent your spare time doing, no, just don't go there Agric.

I managed to go the whole of the soccer world cup without even being in the same room as a switched on TV, bliss.


Angelle said...

Glad you're okay.

Moonspider said...

missed you man....life's been boring without you