Memories Of Those Days

"I am a writer. When interesting events happen in my life I write them down as best as I can remember. I read them over and over and add my thoughts and feelings and sometimes humor to them. The stories you are about to read are mostly true. I am a writer." ~Sara Poe

I tapped her on the shoulder...

That's where I left off, right? Yeah, but unfortunately too much has happened since then to pick up where I left off so I'll summarize then move on to the story of lust, betrayal, anger, loss and shame that followed.

For the longest time I've debated on whether to tell this story. After all, it doesn't paint the heroines of this blog in a very good light. Lora and I, without Emily's knowledge or consent, tried to seduce Beth Raye. It began the very night I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she wanted to dance with me. She replied with a laugh and a, "Um...Sure?"

I truly felt like the suave and dashing seductress then, getting into the roll I had chosen to play with all my heart. Beth was as receptive as a straight girl still suffering from a broken heart could be, I suppose. By night's end I had invited her horseback riding the next day, (She's afraid to ride.) and we spent the next evening on her front porch talking till dark.

Nearly every day for the next several months she came to the community center or the store. I was almost always there to greet her. We talked about the community, her break-up back in Cali, Lora and Emily, other things and daily going-ons. She was very open with me and seemed to want to be around me a lot. Lora, too, got in on the game eventually and started talking, and flirting, she was the first to flirt surprisingly, and our evil plot seemed to be moving right along. Emily, who is mostly in her own little world, began to take notice, but kept silent and watched without acknowledging that she was suspect of any wrong-doings.

But I won't kid you about this matter. We, both Lora and I, were looking at Beth as only a conquest. Something to take home one day and experiment on as if we had the right to do such a thing. She was nothing more than a piece of flesh to us that we whispered and exchanged sly smiles about when something seemed to be going in the direction we were aiming for.

In October she asked me why I preferred girls and I explained in detail. In December she spent Yule at our place and slept in the guest bedroom for two nights. She was with me so often that I could smell her after-scent when she wasn't there.

In February, Saint Valentine's Day, we bought her chocolates. We drank wine and as we stood on the bluffs I stepped close to her and kissed her on the cheek right next to her lips. A Valentine's gift. Two days later I gave her a small peck on the lips and she smiled.

We took things very slow but only because, 1) we didn't want to take the chance of scaring her away after we'd worked so hard to get her to certain points, and 2) we weren't ready to let Emily know about it yet. We talked about presenting Beth to Emily as a birthday surprise in March.

The rest of February was the eventful times. I became very touchy-feely with her and would touch her cheek and put my hand on her shoulder or hip and once even came up behind her and gave her a reverse hug with my arms around her waist and chin on her shoulder. Her never acted like she was totally into it though. She was receptive to me but then it would reach a certain point and she would always pull away.

The last day in February was a Friday. Lora and I decided that night was the night when we going to try to take it to the limit. We were such fools. We didn't know nor care about the eventual and terrible loss we would suffer due to our arrogance.

To be continued...

~Sara Poe

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