The Roar Of The Crowd



I love that word. It completely describes the idiocy of mankind more perfect than any other. The Japanese word, "Baka," comes close but...

I had Beth right where I wanted her. Lora and I were going to add another trophy to our collection. Hot Lesbian Sex was about to happen. A sure thing and it was gonna be GREAT!


More like the total humiliation of four people, a forever lost love, respect and status brought down to zero, and a girl crushed by the actions of two predators. Plus a community brought to silence.

So, it was Friday. The last day of February. It was still cold out but not bone-chilling, stay home in the heat kind of cold. The community center was full of people as is usual. Elder Malcolm and his wife Vivian. Annalara and Jacob and brothers Gabe and Danny. (Gabriel Alan and Daniel Albert Poe, of course.) My friend Kate and Erika and Victor and Mr. and Mrs. Adams and Jesca's mom and dad and Emily and many others.

I was there. Lora was there. Beth was there.

The volital triangle that was about to explode.

I don't know why we decided that Lora would be the one to make "first Contact." I had been doing most of the work and had gotten the closest. But Lora was excited and that Friday night we were all drinking so we said "fuck it," what did WE have to lose!

It was just before eleven o'clock.
It's embarrassing now to remember how we were fawning over her. Not so as everyone could see, but we were making sure that SHE knew. Very flirty, very touchy, and she was pretty receptive to everything. Then Lora invited Beth into her office.

I sat at the table nearest to the office, about ten feet away, alone and staring at the door. Minutes passed. More minutes. Still more...

I remember it happening almost in slow motion. The office door opened. Beth came out with a pained look on her face. Lora was standing at the door with a look of terror on her face. I stood up as Beth passed me and she looked at me for an instant then turned away. I turned and started to walk towards Lora. I then heard Beth scream from behind me.

"Is that what you fucking do to people!"

I turned around to face her. Then things started going very quickly again.

"Is that what you fucking do to people, Sara!?!" She screamed! A few people started to notice.

Beth screamed a whole lot of things those next few minutes. "All you were doing was trying to fuck me!"

I tried to get in a, "Let's go outside," but was cut off.

"Bitch," was used more than once.

By then the place had gotten very quiet. Then the clincher came.

"I thought we were friends." She said, then everyone saw the tears start to roll down her cheeks. And she said a final, "Fuck you!," then walked out. And everyone was looking at us.

Elder Malcolm and his wife Vivian. Jacob and Gabe and Danny. (Gabriel Alan and Daniel Albert Poe.) My friend Kate and Erika and Victor and Mr and Mrs Adams and Jesca's mom and dad...
And Emily.

To be continued...

~Sara Poe


Aeryn Martin said...

YAY! You're back! And wow,... hope I don't have to wait too long for the continuation. *hugs*

Aeryn Martin said...

Any of my blogs is the right one. I see them as one anyway. :)

And I missed you, too!! (I wish blogger had private messaging.)