I posted this pic last year. Me kissing this girl named Karen at a party. She had never kissed a girl before and was curious, so...

Anywayz, the pic has made its way around the Net. I saw it at a couple of girlskissingdotcom type of sites within the last month. So I downloaded a water marker to copyright my pics. My name will be stretched across the front in transparent letters:)


Johnny said...

So did she slip you the tongue?

lol -- just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Cool babe~~ i wish i could kiss u as well :P

--someone who read your blog

Anonymous said...

huh. another picture where we can't see your face. what a fuckin' coincidence.

oh yeah, i've also seen this picture posted by the boyfriend of the REAL CHICK (i.e. NOT YOU) in this pic. So stop being a fraud. Lets see some real pics of you. Straight on face shot. Come on. What've you got to lose?

btw, any fucking moron with half a brain and photoshop can watermark a pic.