Me and Lora have been fighting for three days now. Not really fighting fighting, to the point that we're mad at each other, but fighting still:\ And its not about me spending too much time online for once. We're fighting because she's getting WAY too involved with this activism crap. I mean, okay, somebody has to save the world, but not ALONE! She acts like she has to be at every single meeting of the lesbo brigade and write every single event down for history's sake.

She tries to get me involved more with it but...it's just SO boring! And I mean reallyreallyREALLY BOOOOOOOORRRIINNGG! Of course making the mistake of telling her how boring it is isn't such a good idea. She yelled at me for it and instead of yelling back I just gave her my blank face stare without saying a word. Which REALLY pisses her off and she stormed out of the room saying something like, "You wonder why it's so hard to be with you sometimes.":( She's never said anything so brutal to me before and it hurt.

On a totally unrelated note, Lora found her old Rainbow Bright doll that her mom bought her when she was ten today. It was stuffed behind some boxes in the hall closet and mysteriously missing it's head:( She walked right up to me, pushed it out in front of me, cotton hanging out of the hole where it's little head once was, and asked, "What happened to my doll?"

I replied in my most innocent and unknowing of voices, "Wallgnomes?"

So she left and I'm home alone. Nothing else to say...:|

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