Last night's adventure!!

YAY! I got soaking wet:) my little sister and her make-out partner drank the last of the soda in the house and i wanted one really bad so i asked Lora to run me to the gas station at the edge of town to get some. we've been argueing all day cause of stupid stuff(stupid stuff=me being online all the time.) and she said she wouldn't take me. I'm scared to drive and have no bike. my moped rusted to death in the driveway last fall because i refused to put it in the stable near my horse Wyldwynd because the gas fumes upset her.
so Sara, brave little toaster that she is, grabbed her jacket and headed out the door, ignoring Lora's yells of "don't go out there or you'll get wet." (duh) so i walked out the driveway, past Annalara's house. past the community center, and straight up Harrison Drive to the main road to town. towm being only about a mile away so i didn't think i'd get too wet since its not raining that hard.
my luck. i get pertnear there and BOOM, its starts to pour:) i ran into the gas station where Molly was working and hanging out with her b/f. she said, "Sara you're insane." which i already knew but like when people remind me. i grabbed a 12 pack of cans since it wouldn't be too heavy to carry back and sit there for a few talking to Molly and her b/f hoping the rain would slow down some. my luck isn't usually on the good side.
so i got tired of waiting and said i was walking home. Molly's b/f offered me a ride and, him being a man, i asked, "are you gonna ask me if its okay to hit a woman under any circumstance?" :) after staring at me with a confused look on his face for a second i walked out the door knowing that my ride would be pulling up veeeeery soon:)
i walked about 50 yards and stepped into the grass to let this HUGE semi-truck whoosh past me(soaking me even moreso than i already was) and after it passed i saw the headlights of a car coming from the direction of home. i know my baby sooooooo well:) it was, of course, LORA!
me, playing BitchSara to the max, refused to get in the car:p she drove along side me with the passenger window down begging me to get in. she got mad when i didn't and took off towards home. the car only got so far and stopped, turned around, and headed back towards me. so i ducked into the woods to take the long way home and to piss her off even more.
the path was easy to find cause it leads straight to the duck pond behind my house and i've taken it since i was eight. Lora knows this and started driving really slow honking the horn and yelling my name. i got to the duck pond and saw headlights thru the trees at the end of the path.
trying to outsmart her, i walked the long way around the pond and was intending to come in behind the stables and sneak in the back way. rocks along a pond in the rain are veeeeerrry slippery:( i slipped and fell in the shallow part of the water. i got up, picked up the 12 pack, and the damn thing ripped open cause it was so wet from the rain and the pond water:( all but three cans of soda fell into the pond. i managed to find six cans (its dark out there) so i still had nine cans of soda to take home. (tomorrow i'll go get the other three.)
as i was getting out of the water i heard Lora scream at the top of her lungs, "FUCK! YOU! TOO! SARA POE!!!) :) i know just what buttons to push with her. anyways, smiling at my triumph, i headed back to the path, but its been awhile since i was down at the pond and i couldn't find the damn thing:( so i started treking thru the woods. now, Illinois woods aren't too bad and usually they're pretty easy to navagate thru, but it was really dark and raining pretty hard so i kinda got turned around and found myself almost right back on the main road where i started at in the first place.
so i'm walking down the road, hands full of ice cold soda, raining like hell, Lora thinking i was nearly home, and this car pulls up. it was Molly's b/f from the gas station. he pulled up next to me, rolled down the window, and said, "no, its never ok to hit a woman.":) (not trying to drag that arguement up again but it was REALLY funny when he said it.)
the car pulls up in front of my house and Lora is standing on the porch looking for me. i was tempted to tell Jake(thats his name, i found out) to keep going but figured it best not to ag it on anymore. i walked up the steps, held out one of the cans to Lora and asked, "want a soda?":) i SO wish i had a camera at that moment cause her look was PRICELESS!
although now she'll be mad at me all night and will probably sleep downstairs in the spare bedroom i think it was worth it cause i had fun outside for the first time in a WAY long time:)
that is all.

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Princess of darness:

You made me laugh so hard with your little adventure, you are completely crazy, but then who isn't? I am looking forward too read more of your histories.