My new nine year old girlfriend...

..hates niggers and fags.

Or should I say, she has been brought up to FREELY use the words "nigger" and Fag." But I've looked into her heart and there's no hatred there.

To clearify; Lora's nine year old cousin Ashley has come to live with us for a short time. Till Yule (December 21) at least and possibly beyond. Her redneck bastard of a father used the two aforementioned words pretty freely himself in front of his daughter and when she first got here I'm guessing she thought we did too.

Her first day here when we were showing her around the house, we got to my and Lora's bedroom and Ashley commented, "Wow, you guys must be best friends for REAL, cause you share the same bedroom."

We've explained that to her since then and she's even slept with us twice knowing that we're lovers. (NO! You dirty-minded fReEk! It was very innocent and you should be ASHAMED for thinking otherwise!!!)

She wanted to be close to us so we emptied the bedroom next to ours (It was full of old junk that use to belong to my dead grandma and we didn't want to use any of it.) and my step-dad is having some guys put in a door to connect our rooms. I originally wanted to put her down the hall in monster-head's room but accidently mentioned to her that monster-head would talk to her at night and keep her company and she slightly freeked out.

Lora has forbid me mentioning dead grandma, wallgnomes, metalic fly-things or any other "creature from my imagination" that happens to pop up. She also has been spending a lot of time with Ashley and to me it seems that she might be keeping her away from me. Not wanting the craziness to rub off, I guess.

After long talks about hatred and acceptence, Ashley is learning that "niggers" and "fags" are ugly words that are only used by the ignorant. She doesn't seem to be nor does she want to be...ignorant.

More as it developes. Tomorrow is a holiday so Ashley is staying next door with my little sister and me and Lora are partying!!! WOOHOO!


rogerpriebe said...

it's odd to think of sara as the positive role model....lol

love ya


kubiak said...

That's awesome, Sara. She's a lucky kid to have the two you to take care of her and love her.

Matthew said...

That sounds...complicated. BTW did you read the new "Astonishing X-men"? Puts a new spin on Prof. X don't you think?

Agric said...

There is definitely not enough craziness (of your kind and my kind, at least) in this world so I hope some does rub off on Ashley, sorry Lora, heheh.

Sounds like things have gone well so far :)

Less so in NOLA which has developed much as I said 12 hours before Katrina hit. Unfortunately it took the Bush regime 3 more days to wake up. Next big question is when will the port re-open (it's the biggest in the US and 5th biggest - on tonnage - globally)

[ sp. clearify freek metalic developes-> clarify freak metallic develops ]

Moonspider said...

that little kid's got the best rolemodels anyone could ever hope for

you and lora are gonna teach that kid to be a great person when she grows up

you are being great rolemodels and im happy to know that she's in good hand with you too


and tell little Ashley that moonspider
send her a hug aswell


Lauren Sands said...

Thats deep!

Jon_Dye said...

SARAAAAAAAAH you're awesomeness increases by the day. That kid is going to be the coolest kid ever, if it follows in your footsteps.

go to my LJ and see some pics from Dragon Con. There was a hot lesbian in my bed dressed like Black Canary, so I know you gonna dig it.