"We're Coming Momma!"

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This is the nursing home, where all the senior citizens perished. This is the place that President Aaron Broussard, of Jefferson Parish (comparable to a county commissioner), spoke of, on Meet the Press, Sept 4-2005. This is the nursing home, where trapped seniors in wheelchairs and the bedridden waited for Homeland Defense - Waited for Brown of FEMA - waited for local - state - federal officials - waited for the President and died waiting.

No employees were found with the patients. They DIED in Super Power USA. They died alone in the dark, as the waters kept rising - and, by God, I can't, I just can't understand why this whole damn country isn't sobbing. Just like Mr. Broussard did (yes, thankfully some men still cry) when he heard the man who ran the Emergency Center tell his mother (a resident of this nursing home) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - over and over - when she called: "We're coming Momma - we'll be there Momma - we're on our way Momma!"

And then, on Friday, there were no more calls because they'd all drowned.
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What the hell is wrong with people - listening to this bullshit of back to school - Mandy found her mother - dogs being rescued - and the Press Secretary...that lap dog dufus, brainless cretin McCleland saying: "We're not going to play the blame game."

Chertoff (an attorney - no experience in disaster) of Homeland Defense said on Sept 4 on Meet the Press with Broussard: "Time is of the essence, they'll be plenty of time to chop heads off afterwards."

Really - well, not for these seniors, the most vulnerable in our society, who COULDN'T walk out or drive out of New Orleans to a distant Hilton! Bush was delivering a cake to McCain - golfing - doing the VJ day gig - and looking down, from Air Force One, as these folks drowned.

"We're coming Moma - we're coming." Sometimes I have to stop writing and just cry.

Condi was playing tennis, shopping for $1000 footwear, and attending a Monty Python comedy about the Holy Grail. Cheney went fishing in Jackson Hole - lounged around his trophy home, while Lynn - shopped for a 10 acre estate on Chesapeake Bay. Nobody heard the seniors crying - nor the depraved - criminal - negligence. "We're coming Momma." Nobody came. But the President is going to find out what went right and what went wrong.

The Black Shepherds and Black Caucus are as useless as the rest of them. Rested up from vacation, they're now going to start their race-baiting game, which is all the hell they're good for. Well, it's too late. These seniors, those in Charity hospitals, in group homes, in hospice care are all dead.

Thousands and thousands of people are dead, jobless, and homeless. Meanwhile, our 'leaders' with their obscene salaries, multiple homes and secure pensions are going to see, one again, how they can learn from their mistakes. Right, sure, and we're going to rebuild Iraq? We can't even maintain a levee - or rescue some old folks. What a joke.
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kubiak said...

I've been so depressed about this stuff too Sara. I've been appalled by the horrors I've seen on my TV, the stories I've read regarding all of this, and my concern for a few friends in the area. (One of whom being Amy, Perfect Despair, from the Bendis Board. She's okay, btw.)

Yesterday I went to NC Metalfest in Wilson, NC and the coolest thing happened. Practically every band there was donating their proceeds from merch and CD sales to disaster relief. The Carolina Rollergirls (A local Roller Derby team!) was there and accepting donations for the Red Cross. The entire metal community pulled togetherfor this all day event, and just knowledge of the fact that so many people cared about what was going on really made me feel better.

Where before I felt isolated, now I realize I'm not alone. It doesn't make things better, but at least I know other people feel the same way I do. Other people feel like more should have been, and should be, done. People out there are trying to make a difference.

I have hope now, where two days ago I was losing it. Things are bad Sara, but you're not alone. I promise you that.

Moonspider said...

Yeah this day...fuck this entire week has been to shit

but there are good people in the world
things will be bad in life sweetie....but there are those that do what they can to make those horrid times somewhat better

there are those that bring light to where darkness i usualy around

friends, loved ones, strangers with hearts that would do something amazing to show that it's not all bad, that there's a shed of hope in humanity still


you have nothing to fear or ever be affraid of...not when you got people that care and love you darling

hey, those hugs are meant for truly amazing and unique peopel with big hearts....and you are just one of the many that i have in my life that truly stand above all the rest.

you are loved
everyone loves...



:-) mark said...

Really well written post, Sara.

I think the conservative, political ideology is truly to blame. It's all about survival of the fittest (ie. richest and well connected), and why should the wealthy support the unfortunate with their taxes when they don't get anything in return. The people in N.O. didn't die because of their religion, race, or politics, but because they were poor. Though if they were evangelist or Zionist white republicans, they probably wouldn't be there.

Watching the events from Scotland, I can't help feel that the the concept of the UNITED States of America has been tested and found wanting.

Or maybe it's a human problem? After all, empathy is rarer than selfishness.

The flood was a disaster, environmental and human, and hasn't been handled well. But what will really matter will be what happens afterwards. I would think that many Americans are very upset about the deaths, but if they don't demand that the federal government raise taxes to invest in measures to counter the effects future disasters, I'm sorry but I think they are hypocrites. You can't get something for nothing, and to prevent something like this happening again will require a financial sacrifice. Are Americans willing to make it? I hope so.