Night's Quiet Came Again In Night's Quiet Way.

Lots has happened.

Wrestlemania, the EVENT, was SPECTACULAR! My Ric Flair prediction didn't come true and HHH didn't win the WWE title but at least he came out of Wrestlemania looking better than when he went in.

It was a heckuvalot of fun.

A bigger event happened in Normal, IL when Emily, with Lora at her side, told her parents that she's gay. It did NOT go as planned. They were very unaccepting and have tried since to talk Emily into coming home whenever they call her or she them.

Emily has been depressed, and naturally Lora and I feel it, too, but she's trying her best to stay confident that things will eventually work out.

Other thing; Lora put down her first man. (I was SO proud of her.) If you remember the fight she got into with Erika (October 2004.) and lost, plus I got punched in the ka-nose, well she's been taking Tai Kwon Do every Wens uptown and has not missed more than a class or two.

One Saturday just past she was at a gas station in West Quincy late at night and these guys were hitting on her. They seemed drunk and since it was just after bar closing time...

Anyways, they followed her outside, my sister Laura was in the car waiting, and when she ignored them one of them PUT HIS HAND ON HER! In Lora's words...

"I hit him in the solar plexus with a thrust punch, then a side elbow to his head, then I grabbed him by his hair and kneed him right in the nose."

Then she hopped in the car and came home CHEERING as she walked through the door.

The last time she fought it was her and Erika rolling around throwing girly punches. I was there for that one. I just wish I'd been with her that Saturday night.

Something new; I won't ramble on too much about this but if you remember me telling about the community in Wisconsin merging with the one in Maine, well we're also getting about ten new people here. For the last couple weeks we've been turning an empty house right around the corner, across the street from drunk Jacob's house, into a little conveniance store. The community has also built a small apartment complex for new arrivals coming this summer.

Plus the carisol has arrived and will be operational SOON!

Emily loves coming home after school and going straight to the store to help out. She's been painting, unloading, setting up, among other things and trying to make herself a helpful part of the community.

At first she seemed content to do nothing but Lora's ways are rubbing off on her and she wants to feel like she's "earning her keep." It makes me proud that I'm with two such strong women and don't think I would want them to be any other way!

I'm also glad they don't have the same high moral standerds that I do. :(

I also got my very first Easter basket! Emily, bless her, pulled them out of where she had been hiding them this morning. (Sunday.) I actually didn't know what the heck it was at first. (YES, I know what an Easter basket is but never having one it didn't register right away.)

Not being a Jesus worshipper, I felt kinda funny about accepting this UGLY pastel plastic covered, yet WONDERFUL SMELLING, piece of religious falsehood till the three of us simply agreed to make up our own NEW holiday we officially call BUNNY SUNDAY!

Hey, if the Christians can do it SO CAN WE!

Sister stuff; My little sister won't go home. :( I'm serious! SHE WON'T GO HOME AND EVEN SAT IN MY ATTIC WITH ME T'OTHER NIGHT!

I've been helping her to stretch her limited imagination by explaining how sound DOES NOT EXIST in that form till it hits your eardrums and is converted. Before that it's just pulsing invisible waves.

She's having trouble grasping this concept. The world would be silent if life didn't exist to hear it and if a tree falls in the forest with no one around it makes no sound.

Except on BunnySunday.

More tomorrow...



DungeonMasterJim said...

Hey Sara! Glad to see your alive and well! :)

Check this out!


It's the comic for sale! For other readers of your blog, Sara helped me out with this and has 3 poems in it.

I'll be sending you some freebies Sara as soon as I get my copies which should be tomorrow as of this writing.

Um,....errr,... I may have a new crush on that karate kicking Lora. LOL! Mickey James - look out!

BTW - have you heard anything about Mickey James having previously been a porn star? Or is my friend full of shit?

He also said Flair was suppose to win the ladder match until he got hurt. And when he came back to the ring he didn't know that they had changed the winner. Once he heard - against Fit Finley on the ladder, Flair fell off the ladder and didn't participate in the rest of the match. You know anything about that?


Agric said...

Glad to see you are free of the tar baby (or have dragged it into your attic, lol).

Sad Emily's parents are so fucking anal, but they have a reputation to live down to (location, location, location).

Guess I'd best not hug Lora when and if I ever meet her :-(

I'd like you to ramble on elsewhere more privately.

All rational humans know that Xtian and capitalist holidays are hijackings / corruptions of more fundamental and less sicko ones.

Time to introduce Laura to Schroedinger's cat?

I'm not in total agreement with your expression of the strong anthropocentric principle, btw. What constitutes observation? I find your definition too narrow.


Angelle said...

I don't even comprehend you...I like you because of your opinions but I have no fucking idea what goes on in your life even if you describe it. What is this community thing? I'm confused...

I've never really believed in that "tree falls down, no sound thing"....

But rock on Lora! Ah, what stupid things intoxicants do to people...I suppose the poor bastard deserved it..

Glad you're healthy...and even though I can't sympathize with Emily, I know what it's like for just any one to disapprove...it's nice that I don't give a flying finger fuck though..>>;...I hope she feels better.

It's nice to see you posting again anywho...you must be really busy 'cuz you didn't even post any pictures...wow.


administrator said...

Well, I'll dry posting again...

Good on Lora! Wish I could have seen her beat some Cro-Mag ass.

Sounds like you had a busy week. I myself ended up at a barbeque Sunday as nothing says "Jesus is risen" like a mouthful of bratwurst.


Sara's Stuff! said...

Jim; I pmed you at the Benbo. No, never heard a thing about Mickie being a porn star. But from what I've heard since chyna made her porn flick I think the WWE would definately be against putting her on air if she had. They're doing Playboy stuff but that's TAME by comparison.

All I know about the Wrestlemania stuff is that Vince change a lot of stuff at the last minute.

Agric; I knew when I posted info on the community's recent doings you'd be interested. Sorry I haven't stopped by your place in a while but with such limited net time...

I'll make up for it soon.

Angelle; I'm working on a long email for you. ^_^

Kent; I'm glad to see you're back online. :) Didja get to chase easter bunny eggs?


administrator said...

Well, I went out of my way to get some Cadbury Caramel eggs. ;)

Actually I spent a few hours doing my taxes at the last minute. Should be getting a few hundred dollars back. (WOOOOO!)

If you don't mind, you should e-mail me and let me know what address you're currently using.



xHazex said...

Glad to see you back blogging sweetie, Your such a celeb it's so cute! Where's my long email? I miss those =( Did yah read my blog? If not I'll tell yah now that I have been a non smoker for a month now, how great is that! =D
Take care lovely,
<3 Haze xx