Leaving America?

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"The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion." ~George Washington, wrote these words when the Treaty of Tripoli was negotiated. (The treaty took effect under John Adams.)
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With all that's going on in this country lately and the level of intolerance and seperatism, my family is now SERIOUSLY talking about packing up and moving to some place with a little more freedom to be who we are.
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When the president says that "maybe Americans have too much freedom," after men a WHOLE HELLUVALOT BETTER THAN HIS CORRUPT, LYING ASS died so that we could have this freedom, we're all thinking that maybe it's time to go.

Lora and I have talked of this several times past but now my step-dad and several other prominate members of the community are seriously talking about starting a community (Or something resembling one.) somewhere else in the world.
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Canada has been mentioned. So has Scotland and Switzerland. Russia, too, although the Russian mafia might make that undesirable.
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Emily, my sister Laura, the Bishop family, the Raye family, along with me, Lora, my step-dad, baby brother and a couple others just might be coming to a country near YOU!

Just to show you all how ABSOLUTELY FED UP with the current sitch we are, we got the video shown below in the mail today.
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We never sent for this and didn't ask nor want it but nearly everyone in the community got one. So in a fit of RAGE we three went around the community collecting these things, gathered them all up in the ceremonial field behind the community center, and began JUMPING UP AND DOWN JUST STOMPNG THE FUCK OUT OF THEM!!!

We kicked and cursed and eventually piled up all the pieces and set them afire!

Praise Jesus.

Lastly, on a totally unrelated note, The Necropolis Chronicles Book One can now be bought from here, http://www.indyplanet.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=67
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This is the book I pimped here, http://sarasdarkness.blogspot.com/2005/12/necropolis-chronicles.html but with a new cover.



In Genesis 19:8 After the people of Sodom demand that Lot bring out the two angels so they may "know them," Lots says, "Look, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please."

Wanna know what we'd have if I had been Lot?

Raped angels.
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http://www.godhatesfags.com/main/index.htmlPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Agric said...

Hmmm. Despite recent sad changes the US state is less controlling and intrusive than most developed societies. The Swiss like things quiet - stories about not mowing lawns on Sunday or not flushing toilets after 10pm are not completely apocryphal.

Ultimately it depends how far things sink and how different countries, or their residue if disintegration occurs, behave in response. You are actually well located now, it would be difficult to find significantly better elsewhere, even from a freedom perspective.

Sara's Stuff! said...

"Despite recent sad changes the US state is less controlling and intrusive than most developed societies."

Are you serious? I never hear stories about such things coming from the UK. Are they just NOT reported?

Yes, where we live right now is a good area. But you'd be surprised how much the people here in the midwest look down on people thats not like themselves.

I always thought most European countries were more "evolved" socialy than the U.S. Especially where you're at. Am I wrong?


Agric said...

European countries are more social welfare states than is the USA. Thus taxes are higher and the state provides more infrastructure like public transport, healthcare, unemployment benefits, pensions. So, the state is more involved in peoples' lives.

It varies from country to country. In Germany you must register a change of address within a month of moving, in UK you cannot watch TV unless you pay about $220 per year for a license, etc.

The UK government has been spying on transatlantic phone calls for years, recently its powers to access electronic communications have been widened. Anyone who is arrested (note: not charged or brought to trial or convicted) has a DNA sample taken and put on a national DNA database, it has over 3 million people on it in less than a handful of years (of 60 million population). Now people can be arrested and held for up to 28 days without being charged - the government wanted to increase it to 90 days but Parliament voted against, if they are suspected of anything related to terrorism they don't even have to be told what they are suspected of.

The UK government has wide powers to declare a state of emergency and martial law, it doesn't even need to consult Parliament. Most regular police are not armed in UK, but there are plenty of police who are armed when they need to be. Did you hear about the innocent brazilian student who was shot 7 times in the head by UK police on a tube train - when he was already immobilised and pinned down by two police officers on the floor of the train?

In some ways european countries are both more and less socially tolerant than the US, it varies from place to place and person to person, lol. Religion is certainly less pervasive in UK politics and government than in US. Bigots exist just about everywhere, it's a human failing.

Almost no foreign news is reported on US MSM (main stream media). Correction: almost no real news, including foreign, is reported on US MSM.

:-) mark said...

seriously, the UK is so liberal compared to the US you wouldn't believe it!

the state *is* more involved in people's lives, because like most European countries, we're a social democracy. it's primarily there to support people, not to constrain them.

the recent 'anti-terrorism' laws that agric mentioned *are* disturbing (straight off the pages of Kafka's 'the trial'!), but our government is much less powerful than yours, because of a decent opposition, the house of lord's, and a totally irreverent press.

as far as religious tolerance is concerned, i can't imagine it being better. here in Scotland, we even have Celtic festivals, such as this weekend's Beltaine:


the only downside you might find to living in europe is the anti-americanism. but that's just about politics, so if you say that you hate GWB too, you'll be fine. in fact, if you said that you moved here because you disliked where the US was heading, you'd be especially respected!

that said, i hear that canada is nice too!

Moonspider said...

this world is going to hell...all we can do is hope that our end is going to be quick and painless

but in my head, i know it to be not...that within every waking day, like a knife entering the flesh, pain will run amock as the blood rains from those wounds and gives our skin a new tone, a color that reminded us of how we looked when we were born, thus it is justified that we also leave the world the way we came, crying...screaming....covered in blood/

DungeonMasterJim said...

On a lsightly different note - the comic shown on Sara's post has the 2nd part of the story and a new poem by Sara. :) It's also a 48 page book while the original comic is 24 pages.

Massachusetts can be a real pain in the ass of a state. But it also has some things people like. Gay marriage is legal. The city of Northampton is a pretty big refuge for gays and lesbians (was even shown to be this several years ago on 20/20), the state government is trying to pass a bill so that everyone in the state is covered by health insurance.

For the Haliburton stuff, while I'm not fan of Haliburton, it only makes sense that their stock go up. I know all about Haliburton and it's connections to the government. But they are not the only company making oodles of money in Iraq. I was watching a thing on Frontline (PBS) and there are a bunch of companies making BIG bucks in Iraq. Security companies make a lot of money there. Some either approach or make billions. I think the Frontline show said security in Iraq is a $5 billion business.

And if you watch BBC World News America, you'll find a lot of shithole countries that really blow. Nepal and Sri Tanaka (spelling?) are places you do not want to be right now.

Stay safe Sara.

Jon_dye said...

sara, honestly, running away from america wont' fix shit. Then you'll just be subjected to our foreign policy. If you do, just don't live in countries with oil or that are predominantly brown, and you should be okay.

If you do move, I'd love to move with you and the girls, if you'll have me. I don't know what I'll do, but I'll be willing to try anything new.

Of course Kube and I have always been planning to make a little bendis board community in the remains of New Orleans. Of course since I got suspended for a couple of days, I says fuck it I'm going to cuba. Er something.

Anyway, Hugs and love dear. Keep in touch.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Agric; I like Mark's version of Eirope better tahn yours. :p

Mark; Believe it or not, we have anti-Americans here, too. Coming from Americans at that.

Moonspider; :( I'm heading to your LJ to see why you're so depressed after I post this.

Jim; *sniff* Is that CONSERVATIVE I smell?

Jon; WOOHOO! Sounds like you're willing to get a SEX CHANGE! RAH!

Jon_dye said...

gotta have sex to change it dearie ;)

Moonspider said...

im just....well, dunno

Angelle said...

Isn't this a little extreme? I would loooove to move away from Georgia man....I'm dying here. But not out of this country....I know something is bound to happen...and I realize our president is a complete and uttter disaster upon our country? But would you rather run-away than stand for what our Country has always been fought for? I'm staying here...not in Georgia, but in the U.S.A.

Damn....I gotta get out of this place. Everyday it's just another bunch of glares on the bus...I only a have a couple friends who let me sit with them...people are so vicious...I feel for Emily..

...oh..and I hate my Emily-crush now...it turns out that she's a homo-phobe..and she called me disgusting...I'm so sad..

Sara's Stuff! said...

ANGELLE! I've SO missed you.

You're right about the extreme part. But extreme times sometimes call for extreme protests. And since our current government won't listen to anyone or anything that doesn't fit into their agenda and since it seems like they have the electorial process rigged fighting could mean *PATRIOT ACT* imprisonment.

Plus, my step-dad has financial reasons for wanting to convert to the Euro.


Nothing is set in stone yet. :\

Glad to hear from you tho. :)


TiaxMarie said...

I know this is like a political post and all, but Sara sweetie, I wanted you to be the first to know, I'm pregnant!!! I'm so excited.... I'll email you!