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Sad, Sad Thing:(

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"But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb, they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do, and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God." ~Secret Mark Gospel

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Emily's three year old cousin was killed in a horrible accident. We're heading to Alabama. Life isn't fair. :(

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Something for the new group of conservative buttheads that have been recently emailing me.Image hosting by Photobucket
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"Since God has spoken to us it is no longer necessary for us to think." ~St Augustine
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Blogger Agric said...

I'm real sorry to hear that, Treasure. I hope Emily and you all are doing OK and your trip down to Alabama goes alright.

Hugs, L&BB

6:53 AM  
Blogger Jon_dye said...

Oh Sara honey

I'm so sorry


5:53 PM  
Blogger kubiak said...

So sorry to hear about your loss, Sara. My condolences to you and your extended family.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Sara's Stuff! said...

Thankx guys. It was a very difficult situation. Emily is devistated but strong. Plus she has us to lean on.


11:33 PM  
Blogger Moonspider said...

sorry to hear that deary
i can do nothing but send you a hug and hope that all is well

9:50 AM  

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