The Witch, Alone, Gets VERY Boring!

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WitchSara aka The Witch
Lora Belle aka The Belle
Emily Graves aka The Grave

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The Witch woke alone today. After a late night of talking to her friends the DungeonMaster, the Angelle, and Cap'n Chaos,(They all eventually just stopped responding to her emails and PMs.) she decided to sleep for a while. But as she was getting undressed the Grave woke and had an eViL look on her face.

"Let's molest Lora in her sleep," she suggested with a giggle. To which the Witch was all GUNG-HO for especially since the Belle sleeps without panties.

The two giggling lesbians crept up on the Belle's side of the bed and slowly...quietly...slid the covers down her oh so sexy body. Mmmmmm, clean shaven! And her scent was INTOXICATING to say the least. Two tongues went quickly to work.
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The Belle's eyes opened and she looked down. With a back stretch and an, "Oh god, I love waking up like this," the HEAT was on!

By sunrise the three had showered and were getting ready for a trip to Normal, IL. The Grave wanted to visit her parents so she could tell them in person about her plans to attend QU next semester. That plus talk of how much financial aid they could afford so the Witch's family wouldn't have to foot the entire bill.

The Grave has kept in contact with her parents since their last visit to Normal. Her parents still aren't THRILLED with her living arrangement but they haven't disowned their daughter either. She and the Belle would be making the trip alone. The Witch was staying home. (No need to rub a threesome in the Grave's parents' faces after all.) That's how she woke alone today. After her lovers left she crawled into bed and slept till nearly 2pm.

After brushing her teeth and swigging down two cups of coffee, the Witch went into the backyard to feed the squirrels peanut butter on crackers. A thing she loves to do because the squirrels crawl all around her and brush her with their fuzzy tails.

After that she fed her horse, Wyldwynd, and convinced him that they would DEFINATELY go riding tomorrow afternoon before the others got home. (Note to self; go riding tomorrow afternoon before Lora and Emily get home.)
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Walking around the side of her house, kicking her FUCKING bicycle as she passed it, she saw that the center was pretty much as busy as it usually is on a Saturday afternoon. Deciding against going there she then went back into the house and turned on her computer, intending to post a blog post she wrote last night after checking for emails and messages.

Something happened that made her scrap that LOUSY post in favor of the one you're reading now.

She messaged her favorite writer at myspace, Mr Brian Michael Bendis of Ultimate Spider-man and Powers fame, http://www.myspace.com/brianmichaelbendis and he left her the MOST FANTASTIC MESSAGE SHE'S EVER GOTTEN! *See pic below!*
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After having an immediate ORGASM at the thought of Brian reading her blog, (YES! HE READS MY FUCKIN' BLOG! RAH, BITCHES!!!) the Witch knew she needed something very special to write about. "What to do?" she thought. "What to do, what to do, what to do?"

So she put on the movie "Ed Wood" for insperation and started going thru her MAGIC TRUNK. She's had the old trunk since childhood and keeps all her costumes tucked away in it. She rarely opens it anymore. Only when she and her lovers decide to play dress up for sex games, which happens no where near as often as she'd like.

The Witch finds just what she's looking for. Her straight Jacket. Her fake mustache. Her black lipstick. Her sparklie fairie wings. Her bunny ears. And bestest of them all...her witch doctor's skull-on-a-stick! So she dolls herself up and heads across the street to see what's going on at the center.
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She walked into the front door, where there were abut 15-20 people gathered eating, talking, playing cards, making plans for the festival upcoming and other such things they do at the center, and all heads turn in her direction. Then...


They all went about their business like the Witch wasn't even there.

"FUCK," she thinks, "nothing I do surprises these people anymore!"
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After about twenty minutes of sitting quietly while picking food off Annalara's plate, with no one saying a word to her, she decides to just go home and get online. As she's leaving she hears laughing behind her and Annalara say something like, "Lora's not home something something something." The Witch can't make out the last part due to the laughter.

She sat at home and stared at her blank computer screen for the longest time. Once, during younger days, she would have had the entire community center whispering about her craziness. Now it's just a normal site to see her acting up.

"She does it on purpose," they're probably tinking. She does. But not for the reason they think. She does it to make thinks more interesting in life, not just for the attention. She couldn't stand going thru life BORING day after BORING day with nothing special happening the way they do.

It would drive her TRULY crazy. Then...then they would have something to talk about. Ooooooooh, yes, they would SURELY have something to talk about.
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The Witch, still dressed to the MAX, wrote for awhile. Her friend RODGER from Drako Productions, has asked her to write a script for a short film he wants to produce. "Lesbian witches," he specified. http://www.drakoproductions.com

By the time she tired of writing it was getting late and the Witch was getting hungry. A quick call to Rick at the pizza place, pepperoni with extra cheese and an order of wing dings, then it was on to the Bendis Board where she talked with old friends about times gone by.
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By 7am she was sleeping with her head on her desk. The phone woke her at 9am. It was the Belle reminding her to take her pills lest she go crazy again. "Crazy," she thinks, "would at least give her something to write about other than this boring crap she was about to post."

Now it's late again and the Witch's lovers are home so she's going to spend time with them before getting ready for bed. Sorry she had to bore you with this. She should have kept the other post.
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Sabs said...

that's hot, Sara!

Kent said...

Next time you want to mess with people's expectations, dress up in Abercrombie crap and talk about the raging kegger you went to and how awesome it is that you woke up without your underwear.

Then people will be worried about you. ;)

DungeonMasterJim said...

Doesn't tooth paste and coffee make for a nasty tasting combo?

Just wondering since I don't drink coffee.

Sara, BORING?! Nev-errrrrrrrrrr, um, well maybe just a wee little bit this time.


Dougy said...

Holy fuck, Bendis reads your blog? That is AMAZING! I don't think anyone reads mine - lol. Well done Sara, that rocks!


Agric said...

"Hogs Firm As Shorts Cover; Bellies Mixed"

Further revelations in this short piece: "amid aggressive hog slaughters", "a few people thought they'd try to pick a bottom", "which again could lend to overall bearish hog pit psychology".


No, not so boring, Sara. What is a "raging kegger" Kent? Are you a commie, Jim?

Dougy, I did, I understand, you watch too much TV (you could make your Sara link better in both spelling and destination, too). But your comments on gods show some wisdom, perhaps pursue further understanding in that direction. You may well be less of a dork than you believe.

Dougy said...

I don’t see how I can be accused of watching too much TV as I’ve commented on, what, two or thee individual shows on the entire blog. At most I watch two hours of telly a day, I really can’t see how that is too much. If I do too much of anything it’s read comics, but anyone who thinks you can ever read too many comics is a person I don’t much care to talk to.

I’m glad you feel I have “some wisdom”; it’s good to know I don’t come across as a complete idiot. The thought about the Gods was simple a conclusion I came to after reading Neil’s book and, no I probably won’t study more on it. Rather I’ll continue my art studies, the study of illustration and the comic book mediums.

I must say that I feel there is nothing wrong with being a “dork” or a “geek.” Geek is a title I carry proudly, and it’s who I am. If we didn’t have dorks we’d have no Monty Python, no Goodies, no Fawlty Towers, no Dads Army. The world would be a sad place without the brilliance of British comedy.

With out geeks there would be no sci-fi, no fantasy. Neil Gaiman is a self confessed geek, and if it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me!

And thanks for the heads up about the link to Sara’s blog. It’s all fixed now.

DungeonMasterJim said...


Maybe I should become a commie. They seem less hated across the world than us Americans.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Sabs; *wink*

Kent; I think you may have something there.

Jim; You don't drink coffee??? Are you a commie?

Dougy; I read it. And for the record, there's NO SUCH THING as watching too much tv.

Agric; You pissed Emily ff with your email, but I explained things so she's good now.

Agric & Dougy; Friendly disagreements are ALWAYS welcome here. Thankx for not insuling each other...too much. :\