Sara J Poe...CONVICT!!!

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I, Sara Jane Poe, spent 17 1/2 hours in the Adams County Jail.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me, Lora, Tammy, Kyle and Lindsey got busted in Taco Bell parking lot (The hang out spot for peeps around our age.) drinking. We weren't drunk cause we had just started(and had a designated driver in Lindsey.) but the cops pulled up,Image hosted by Photobucket.com caught us with an open bottle of rum, all of us are 19, drinking age is 21, we were arrested, spent the night in section 6(A HORRID, HORRID place that was just a big room with bunks lining the center and metal toilets against the wall that had nothing blocking you when you had to GO, NO clock, NO windows, LOTS of body funk, and was very, VERY LOUD! Nobody seemed to sleep because, I suppose, you couldn't tell whether it was day or night.) We spent 15 hours in that room wearing BLACK AND WHITE STRIPPED CONVICT UNIFORMS and nothing to drink but warm tap water. At six this morning they brought us bran cereal(We gave it away to VERY grateful inmates.)and black sugerless coffee.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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FINALLY at 10am this morning my step-dad paid $200 each to bond us out. I have a court date on the 15th of this month. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm scared. I would rather go back to the nuthouse than jail. Newman Clinic is bad, whatwith the screaming at night and being treated like you're insane, but jail is a horrible, horrible place that I could NOT take for another minute.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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So if they try to lock me up again I'm gonna stop taking my meds and go insane on them so they have to put me in Newman.

Any suggestions? Please. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Anonymous said...

sleepy says:

sorry to hear what happened to you, at least you had someone(people)you knew in the cell with you. while your underage to drink, you are correct in saying that you had a designated driver and that should count for alot. i'd bring that fact up if (and im hoping that it dosent come to it) you have to go in front of a judge. go talk to a lawyer if you really want to fight it, just ask his/her opinion on the matter, you dont have to hire them, just ask if they see any way out of it. Quincy really sounds like a messed up place, the cops are busting kids for underage drinkin, all the while more severe crimes are taking place. messed

p.s.- you should try (and i think you can) get a copy of your mugshot if they took one, just as a memento of sorts, and you can post it

sorry to hear what happened

Anonymous said...

sleepy says:

sorry, forgot to include something in the previous post. You didnt say what you were drinking the rum out of (either straight from the bottle or not) but i learned a trick when i would either drink in public or when i was underage, might come in handy. You said you were in front of a Taco Bell, you go inside and get a large cup, lid and straw and drink it that way (you only have to use the lid and straw if the cops come around) It totally works, used it and still use it today, so something to think of if that whole ordeal hasnt sent you sober.

sorry to bother you, sorry to hear what happened

Mermaid Egg said...

Suggestions? Sure. Next time be a little more circumspect in selecting where you guys party. Isn't there a nice, abandoned stone tower in a wooded area nearby where you are? Or an old witch's hut in the forest? Might be a better place than the *public* parking lot of a major food eatery on the main beat of crusing cops. :-)

I loved your story, sara. Vivid, funny, disturbing. My feeling is they'll let you off with just a slap on the wrist when you appear in court, seeing how the transgression was so trivial & this is your first offense. But seriously, don't be so conspicuous next time about where you party. Silly girls. :-)


Anonymous said...


WOW, that is something to experience in life.
I'm just glad nothing bad happened to you, and that you were with friends , rather than being alone throughout all of it.

And what the fuck do cops drive around a taco bell for?

Again, I'm just glad you are oklay
and that everything is okay.
Quincy siounds like a scary place, and the fact that cops busted you guys up while some more serious crimes were probably being done makes you wonder where their priorities are at...

I never heard anyone going psycho at a taco bell

it's mostly mcdonalds and the big name companies...never a taco bell

*slight smile*
just making a dumb joke there

and the fact that they made you ware those ol' black striped suits kinda sounds like something out of a black and white movie or something...wow

just glad you are alright honey


RonMexico said...

Go to the courthouse and inquire about a PTD (Pre-Trial Diversion). I know our county lets minor consump go through the PTD program. Costs a little extra, but no court or criminal record. If not, most PI or Minor consump will net you a fine, court costs and maybe small probation/community service time. No more jail, probably.

If nothing else, it was a life experience. Don't sweat it and don't go off of your meds for an insanity plea, it's not worth the trouble.

administrator said...

Damn... that sucks donkey ass! You just have to love cops who have nothing better to do than drag someone to jail for an MIP. *rolls eyes*. Of course, if you'd been some kind of a sports hero in high school, they'd have bought it for you...

And I'm with Sleepy. You should get a copy of your mugshot and blow it up into a poster, just like Frank Sinatra's!


kubiak said...

With any luck you'll only get some community service out of this. It'll suck, but it's better than owing a ton of money or jail time.

My brother's friend got around 24 hours for underage drinking.

Goddard said...

tell the judge that if he or she has any concept of self-preservation, they will let you go with time served
because you know Goddard, and punishing you further would make Goddard sad

Anonymous said...

move to the UK. drinking age over here is 18. only down side is everyone is an alcoholic.

much love

Sara's Stuff! said...

Thankx for the advice everyone. My court date(I thought it was the 15th)is tomorrow at 8:45am. I'll post the whatnots here when I get home afterwards. Wish me luck.

Jessica, I emailed you but I think it was your old email addy.

markisdead said...

just part of life's rich tapestry. i agree with jessica; if things get really bad, seek asylum in the UK. you have two friends here already :-)


markisdead said...

oh, and GOOD LUCK with the court case. i'll have to find some highland stone circle to sacrifice a chicken in, or whatever ;-)

take care, and play it cool

jon_dye said...

Sarah, what have I told you about talking to strange cops? They'll always throw you in jail.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had go through that ordeal, but at least it's mostly over with. I doubt you'll get much more than a fine, at least that's what I'm hoping.

Also, I'd comment on your wrestling blog, but I don't have a blog here, and they won't let me. Just wanted to say AAAwwweeeeesome.