VERY bad night for me!

This is petty and selfish but...

I talked to my stepdad today about Wizard World Chicago. I tell him all about it and that Lora and I will need about five grand for the entire cost of the trip. "Fine." He says, just make the arrangements and use my credit card. "GREAT," says I, and "Oh, I'll be going to Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago in April and will probably need a little more than that."

"NO," he meanly and viciously replies. "I'm only going to pay for one. You don't work and sit at home all the time so if you want to go to both you'll have to come to the resturant and work till the end of the year to pay for it."

"WTF! WORK! I tried working once and it didn't agree with me."

But he remains stubborn and says he'll only pay for one. So I get mad and walk out of his house and start walking angerly down the main road to town. Drunk Jacob pulls up. Offers me a ride. I go to reach for the door and he pulls up about ten feet and stops. Then backs up and when I reach for the door HE DOES IT AGAIN!

So I say fuck you and start walking toward town again. I get nearly to the gas station at the edge of town and this semi zooms past me and splashes water all over me!

I'm standing there dripping with nasty muddy water and Jacob pulls up LAUGHING! "Shoulda took the ride," he says. So I pick up a rock and throw it at his windshield and it cracks. He gets out of the car yelling at me and calling me stupid!

I stick my middle finger at him and walk down the road to Fifth St Apartments where Lora's mom lives to get cleaned up. I walk into the hallway and these to guys I've never seen before start with the childish, "Hey baby, whats your name" and "Damn, baby, you look hot" crap. I knock on Ruthann's door, all the while these guys are ragging me like I'm a piece of fucking meat!

No one is home. So I leave the building and start walking back toward the gas station. I walk around the corner and this HUGE dog that I didn't see coming jumps up on the fence of the yard he's in and scares the crap outta me. So I'm standing there argueing with it and his owner comes out yelling at me! "It's your damn dog's fault," I tell him but he's like, "Oh, he's just a dog and doesn't know better."

I walk away from him and start heading back down the road to the community. I decide to take the shortcut thru the woods. By now it's dark and I can't see and get fucking lost! Plus I had to squeeze thru weeds and get covered with burrs.

I FINALLY make it back home and my stepdad and drunk Jacob are standing on my front porch. My stepdad starts bitching at me about cracking Jacob's windshield and tells me that I have to pay for it! OR ELSE i CAN'T GO TO WW CHICAGO!


So I go into the house and Lora starts on me about losing my temper and walking to town so late. "GO TO HELL," I say in anger. So she LEAVES! Not telling me where she's going or anything!

So fuck the world and everybody that lives on it!


administrator said...

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, most be rough to have $5,000 to go to WW Chicago with, and not even have to work for it. Boy, you got a lot of growing up to do.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Thankx, Kent. I love you.

Hey anon, why do I have a lot of growing up to do? Because I was born into money? Y'know, I respect people that have to work for a living but not those that put people down that don't have to work. Just because my family has money doesn't mean I'm less of a person.

I would say that YOU have a lot of growing up to do because only children are afraid to post their names with their comments.



'Thought & Humor' said...

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'Thought & Humor'
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Sara's Stuff! said...

Hi Howdy. I actually did all the html work on the blog myself. I can't tell if the rest of what you wrote is a compliment(Only read it once.) but I'm checking out your blogs now. :)


Anonymous said...

I am 100% with Billy on this, sorry.

You've known a long while that Jacob will behave like a jerk towards you, and towards females in general from what you've said. What mileage is there in proving yourself a bigger jerk? That is what you did.

I managed to spend almost a month in Chicago and wandering around Illinois etc, including flights from UK, car hire, about a week in hotels, for about $2500. Maybe your budget is a bit overboard?

So, there you have it: Billy, Lora, I, think you have been silly and at least part in the wrong. Do you honestly think all three of us have it wrong? Accept it, apologise, get over it, move on, avoid repeating the mistakes. I won't say 'grow up' since that is vastly overrated as well as offensive, but I have some sympathy with that sentiment.

I hope Lora returns soon. I noe how much she loves you but you are testing her in ways you don't really understand atm methinks. Be careful, Treasure, she is close to walking away. It is time for you two to talk very straight, and for you, in particular, to be very sure you listen and hear what she says BEFORE you say the wrong thing to her.

It might be wise for you to talk straight with Billy and Annalara and maybe another one or two you respect, and give them permission to be rudely honest. You have lost some perspective about what is important is my feeling.

Sorry this is a sober and probably not too welcome post. Meant to pen a semi-amusing piece in response to your arrest but time has not been kind to me this week. What was your sentence btw?

I had to reply to this as soon as I saw it, it risks turning ill. Please tread wisely and try your hardest to see things from others' perspectives. I care, they do too, trust and hear those who love you.

Love always, hugs & blessedbe, to Billy and Lora too, please hug them for me


Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, Billy is my step-dad and the above post is from his/my friend Argic in Endland.

Agric, Lora came back not too long after she left. She read what I wrote here and made me understand the error in my thinking. We're good. The only reason she left was so we didn't fight. We didn't.

My sentence was a fine. Plus probation for some amount of time that I'm not too sure of right now because I wasn't really paying attention. Lora knows the full details and will make sure I don't do anything I'm not supposed to.

I have decided, by the way, to go to work starting in July till the end of the year.

Or maybe not.


kubiak said...


Sorry you had a rough time. Things always look better with a little distance.

Still, it was a fun story to read. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Moonspider said...

hey dear

sorry tah hear this happened to yeh....and I realy would'nt blame you or anything for wanting to go to the con

hell, if wizard ever had a NY con, i would be beggin' my mom for money
i understand where yer coming from in this....hey it happens....dunno why others seem to be putting their fingers in shame at yeh for asking....hey, it just happens..sheesh people ease up.

hey, you know I have much love fer yeh dear...so any of those nay sayers who apparently keep their thoughts on the negative side, hre's two words for yeh

SUCK IT!!!!!