I took an IQ test not too long ago. Got the results in the mail today.

My IQ is 143.

Which, I'm thinking HAS to be a mistake. I'm in NO WAY that smart. So tomorrow I'm calling to see what went wrong.

Crazy people aren't the high IQ type.


rogerpriebe said...

my, look at the big brain on sara....

quick....whats 4563461435143 times 45437856478563???


Anonymous said...

Like I said, there HAS to be a mistake. I'm just not that smart:(


goddard said...

thank you for talking to and helping Sarah

i worry about her often, but I'm ashamed to say i gave up on trying to help her on that part of her life. it was like beating my head against a wall and it felt like a personal defeat every time she struggled

i wish i knew how to help her with this, but i'm glad that there are those who might be able to

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I know how much it helps to have someone thats going thru the same things to talk to.

People have a hard time understanding that, like an addict, we can't just STOP being the way we are. It never stops.



rogerpriebe said...

well, i think your smarter then you think. i love read all your stories and i can't wait to read the full buffy story.

love ya

administrator said...

Anyone that can memorize that much about Wrestling has to have a big brain on her. ;)

You're just like me Sara; we're both bright, we just use it the wrong way. :P Heh heh


Agric said...

It sounds about right to me, I'd guess you between 130 and 150, I'm not bad at guessing peoples' IQ. Somewhere I have a couple of online IQ tests that seem to give fairly realistic results, mine is exactly in your range so if they get me accurately they should get you likewise.

But note that IQ is a moveable feast - you can score quite a bit differently on one test vs another, that doesn't mean that either test is inaccurate just that the interaction between you and the two tests has a different result. Though I'd say any IQ test that says your IQ is lower than 120 or higher than 150 is suspect IMO.

Will post those IQ tests here once I recheck them, but I must be off to Nod now

Sleep well

Moonspider said...

never look down at yerself dear

yer a very smart cookie

it's not a mistake.....yer a visionary
and exceptional individual who can do anything and everything.

Yer quite gifted dear...never forget that

special and amazing....so i dont think it's a mistake at all
it's the truth

hell yeah baby


Agric said...

Test 1:
Do the practice test (second screen) to get a feel. Note that time is important (the faster you finish the higher your score) but it is more important that you get as many as you can correct within 15 minutes or less. It tries to get you tio buy more complete results but YOU DO NOT NEED TO, however, you do need to supply an email addy to get your result :(. I scored 140 but it was gone midnight, after half a bottle of wine, and I went for a pee in the middle. That's my excuse for my poor score, anyhow.

Test 2:
This takes a long time you should allow 40+ minutes, but it is not time dependent so you don't have to rush. I got bored and skipped a few questions that I might have worked out had I not been nearing the bottom of my wine bottle and 01:30 am. Hence my atrocious score of 134.

Here's a list of IQ test links for your amusement:

Note that you should not expect to score well if you are: tired, distracted, interrupted, drunk, stoned, bored, etc. Any scores should be taken as indicative only, and you will probably get more reliable scores by completing a properly standardised test in a formal setting. Or maybe not.

IQ is maybe not as valid a concept as it might seem at first glance, especially when cultural / racial etc factors interact. There is some raw ability that reflects the competence of a person's brain to think effectively IMO, but I'm not convinced that IQ tests really measure that too accurately and consistently.

That said, IQ tests do tend to be surprisingly consistent for most people, so do a few, average the results and you will probably have a close approximation of your IQ. Whatever that might be. One safe definition is: IQ is what IQ tests measure ;)

Goddard said...

i got banned

markisdead said...

"the only difference between a 'genius' and a 'mad person' is success. "

i cant remember where that quote is from, but i do think it has a lot of truth in it.

at the end of the day, people love you for who you are, and that's more important than everything else.

Anonymous said...

sleepy said....

ya know, i seem to remember reading somewhere that Einstein didnt think he was all that smart, nor Oppenheimer, and they were the geniuses of the 20th century. Guess the saying is true....the really smart ones never think they're that smart. Dont be so hard on yourself.

Matthew said...

Dude, I used to check this site ALL THE TIME for updates, but now there's bupkiss.

Agric said...

In the hope that you get notified of posts here...

Three weeks is much too long, I have never vanished so long from you nor have you from me without something awry. So I presume that. Maybe I can fix it to some extent, I dunno, yet, let's find out, many things can be strangely fixed.

Love to you and yours, Treasure, speak soon, please, Blessedbe