Why is it that you just can NOT be nice to SOME men?

I checked my email earlier and found something from this guy I talk to a lot at a wrestling message board I visit. In his email he basically tells me that he thinks it's time that we (he and I) confront our "feelings" for each other and see where things take us.

I reply that my only feelings for him is friendship. I'm in a relationship that I value more than life and would NEVER do anything to mess that up.

He replies back that he KNOWS I have feelings for him by the way I talk/flirt/pay attention to him. He says that he understands I can't say anything about it in an email because Lora might read it.

I tell him that NONONONO! I do NOTNOTNOTNOT have any such feelings toward him and he needs to just forget about it. So he emails me back a very angry reply basically telling me that he is ABSOLUTELY sure of how I feel. So I say "fuck it" and email him back a VERY nasty message telling him to fuck off and leave me the fuck alone. Then I blocked him.

This has happened to me before and it really sucks that I have to lose a friend. So I want to make it perfectly clear to anyone reading this; I flirt. I am nice to people that I like as friends. I will continue to be the exact same person that I have always been. I HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR ANYONE ONLINE OTHER THAN FRIENDSHIP! I'm sure that most of the people that read my blog already know this but if you don't or if you're seeing my blog for the first time, understand that there is no way, no shape, no form that anything will EVER develope between myself and ANYONE other than friendship!!!

I won't send you nudies. I won't talk to you on the phone. I will not EVER under ANY conditions meet and/or sleep with you! It's not going to happen. I am EXTREMELY happy with my sweet baby, Lorabelle Tempest Riley, and you could never in a million years even begin to touch what she means to me.

'nuff said!



kubiak said...

Wow. People suck sometimes, huh?

I'm (sort of) lucky that I'm an non-hot dude and don't have to deal with this sort of stuff.

You want I should beat him up for you? I'd be happy to do it. ;)

Moonspider said...

wow....humans suck...thank god i try to be as inhuman as possible

there times that i question why im even alive in this world...sheesh
i mean im bestest friends with my forer ex and we have become bestest friends to each other....

i know this makes no sense
but what im saying is that even when it's a relationship you cant have...you still can have that perosn in a friendship relationship

sheesh, what's wrong with people....i mean, just because a person's nice to you suddenly gives you a feeling that the person might like you as a boyfriend and girlfriend?!?!?

mebbe that person's just a good friend....sheesh, some people.

and sweetie, this type of shit sucks and it sucks more that it had to happen to a sweetheart of a person like you


and for quiak
he sexy baby...wanna 'wrassle'?!?!?
cuz you iss one sexy duck.....yeah baby, i'd lick that taint!

and dont worry about that guy...because all the bad people do get theirs in time...i just know it

and i'll always be yer friend...HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG

Moonspider said...


oop, i meant KUBIAK!!!
and yes, i'd lick that sexy duck taint

Anonymous said...

I'm never a fan of meeting people in person that I've met through the internet because of exactly something like this happening.

I never want to meet my idols either - almost overwhelmingly, they cannot live up to my expectations. I'd rather stick with the illusion of their greatness to me.

DM Jim

Sara's Stuff! said...

I'm glad you guys are understanding and realize that I was upset when I posted that and NEVER meant it to be aimed at you guys.

I told Lora about it and she emailed the guy.

It was NOT a nice email. She's WAY meaner to men than I am. :)


rogerpriebe said...

oooo post lora's email...lol

just so you know. i'm happy with your friendship!!!

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

so sweet how Lora defended you, i agree, post what she wrote :p

*jealous of what you two have...as always*


Matthew said...

Man, I know what you mean. Women are always mailing me their panties and wanting me to impregnate them. I'm just an entertainer, people!

Moonspider said...

yay...you lubb us!!!


*get's the tables*

:evil smirk:

Agric said...

What's the big deal?

He's tried it on, you were clear, story over.

I've met 6 people IRL that I have previously known online. Relationship was only an issue with one, that went good then bad. All the other contacts were unequivocally positive.

I am somewhat disturbed by people (especially US) coming on to me when I feel it inappropriate. But I find it easy enough to cool / squash that behavior.

Capn Chaos said...

Guy: "Search your feelings, you know this to be true!"
Sara: "No! It's not twoo! It's impossibo!"