See you all laterz!

I just wanted everyone to know that Lora and me are heading up to the Quad Cities to visit some of her relatives that she hasn't seen since forever. I'll probably be gone for a week or so. Tell anyone that asks at te Benbo(Nobody will ask but still...)that I'm on vacation and will eventually return! :D

Be careful with your lives and I'll see y'all when I get home.

~Sara Jane Poe, Insane Moppet!


Moonspider said...

take care sweetie....hope you two have losta fun...

we'll miss you
but know you'll miss us back

take losta piccies



rogerpriebe said...

have fun and looking forward to meeting you in chicago.

hugs and kisses

Capn Chaos said...

Have fun. Rock dat shit, yo. ;)


kubiak said...

Have a good vacation, Sara! See you when you get back.

Tibbittz said...

Aww... I wouldn't have asked, but I would have missed you anyway. Have fun on your trip, I'm sure it'll be cool.

Later, Doll!:)

Laura H said...

sara! it's been some time since we've communicated (ah, the good old days at Faceparty...), but when you get back from your trip let me know if you'd like to get back in touch again. i'm afraid it will only be temporary though, since i'm on my way to France in a few weeks and i'll be there until mid-December. (BOO-ya! FRANCE!!! so fucking cool :) so yeah... hope your trip is good and i look forward to hearing from you again (at long last!) :P

much love - take care!


Anonymous said...

they've asked at the benbo board, i'll let them know. reunions are the best