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Okay, not really. I'm back but leaving again for Chicago soon.

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Where have you been? I've tried emailing you in the past few months but I get no responce. :( I miss you. If you read this send me an email at xsaraxpoex@gmail.com and I'll respond RIGHT AWAY!!!

Sooooo, I had BIG fun with Lora's family in the Quad Cities. She introduced me as her "friend" Sara but a few days later told them we're a couple and they mostly took it well. Her cousin (12 yr old girl) thought it was discusting (12 yr old WHORE!)but she got over it.
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Lora also got some info about her dad, whom she has NEVER even met.

He's in prison. :( Looooong story that I won't even get into now.

We also went skinny dippin' on one of those 115 degree days. WITH GUYS!!! Yes, that's right! Sara Poe saw her FIRST actual real live PENIS MONSTER!!! RRAARRWW!

Actually I saw four of them and when the guys saw me checking them out (blantently!) then asking them why they were so small, they kinda stayed in the water or wrapped in towels after that. Lora wouldn't take her clothes off at first but after sitting on the bank for about twenty minutes in the EXTREME heat he stripped down to her thong and bra and got in with us. (There were five girls and four guys in all.)
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We stayed in a two room apartment above Lora's aunt's garage that had NO air conditioning. It sucked beyond words but I didn't complain. Lora has never met these people and I didn't want to ruin it for her in any way.

Anyways, I'm glad we're home. :)

Here's some cool stuff I got emailed to me while I was gone.

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Buffy season five, six and seven. Full episodes with Angel season five.

Plus some South Park episodes!

That's all for now. No more emails from my Internet stalker. I guess the peeps at the wrestling board took care of it. YAY!
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I closing, I give you...PIE!
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Tibbittz said...

Her 12 year-old cousin doesn't know anything -- being a lesbian is my dream job.:D

Glad you had fun, hope Chicago's a blast.

Peter said...

Welcome back, and have fun in Chicago... hit the quarter bins hard and fast for me.

Agent Desmond

James Michael said...

your pie sickens me :D

also, my friend zach says he could probably turn you, but i think i could turn him first...

Moonspider said...


it's good you and Lora had a great time, you two are so in love it rocks that you have each other

and penis monsters make good things to place into a meat grinder
*evil smirk*

Just to have some pooor little boy lose the thing that matters the most to him...heheheheheheh

again :hugs:

we missed you darling and hope that everytday is a great big 'ol lovefest

so i send you both lotsa love and sharp thing sweeties


Moonspider said...

and pie?!?

why thank you, i was feeling a wee bit hungry

*sits on table with plate in had*

kubiak said...

Hey, Sara! Welcome back.

Thanks for the links too! ;)

Capn Chaos said...

Wekkum back.

Missed ya.


Anonymous said...

'why are they so small?'


But that is SO Sara! LOL!

Bendis Board wasn't too much fun without you.

DM Jim

Anonymous said...

the smaller the better. dont want to have to look at big hairy floppy things (that can move on their own *screams*)

J.L.N. xx

Mermaid Egg said...

Sara always manages to shock & disturb me with either:

a) a personal anecdote


b) a disturbing & grotesque photograph or image

I LOVE IT! Hey, it's Sara's Darkness! lol.

love & light,

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,

You ever coming back or what?

DM Jim