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Not a good night!

i'm home alone. things feel weird tonight and i don't know why. i keep hearing shit that don't make sence. i feel like someone is in the house watching me. i wish lora would come home because my head is hurting and i don't like this feeling of sadness that's sweeping over me. i keep thinking about how much eric loved Buffy and how glad i am that he got to see every episode of buffy and angel before he died. that makes no sence i know but my head hurts and thinking straight isn't high in the agenda tonight.

i should get offline but i'm afraid if i do then whomever is in the house will show themselves and that would be bad.

my head hurts


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what it's like to loose someone close to your heart. I wish I could say that things will get better and time heals all wonds but that's not really true. It will always hurt just a little. I hope your headache goes away. <3 <3 ~ Amanda ~

2:18 AM  

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